Rachel Rofe – The Low Hanging System – NO AD COSTS, NO INVENTORY

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Rachel Rofe – The Low Hanging System – NO AD COSTS, NO INVENTORY

Price:  $297
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Hey there, Don here.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching my beautiful girlfriend sell thousands
of dollars worth of GearBubble products in a way that almost nobody else is doing.

She put’s them up on Amazon and other giant searchable marketplaces, runs no ads
to them, and they sell.

It’s pretty crazy really.

She even uses an APP to create 9 out of 10 of the designs that she sells. So she
has zero design costs.

And the coolest part is she has barely spent any time on this. Maybe like 10 hours.
She did most of it in her spare time and just outsourced it all to VA now so it all
runs passively.

This is something anyone can do and I’ve been watching it work right in front of
me every day for a while. I even started trying it myself, I’m already getting sales
with no ad costs on things I already had laying around. Even some of my designs that
flopped with PPC still work with this. So if you have a bunch of designs laying around,
you’re sitting on a goldmine with this. If you don’t, that app and Rachel’s strategies
are going to make your life a whole lot better because you won’t have design costs and
her top sellers were actually made with an app. Crazy.

Watch the review video on this page, then check out my GIANT bonus below. The course
will work for you if you implement it, no doubt. And my bonus package is worth WAY more
than the price of admission on it’s own.

I’d HIGHLY recommend getting this while my bonus package is available for it.


At the core of the system taught in this course is the GearBubble dropship
program. It’s what is used to fulfill all of the orders on every platform.
To get the unlimited license you’d be paying $97/mo or $997/yr to do so.
And it’s worth every single penny at that price. Just today you have a chance
to get it as a bonus.With this license you can put UNLIMITED products on Amazon and run all of your
Shopify stores and brands all from the same dashboard. No per order fees and
no limits on the amount of products you can fulfill. This is an insane value
and worth several times the price of admission for this course by itself. It
would be wise to buy this package for this bonus alone.

Our development team is already in the process of working on our Amazon
integration and those that buy this offer will be the FIRST to have access
to this. We are going to automate everything that is possible from putting
the campaigns up on Amazon to fulfilling them in bulk and completely
automated. We are putting well over $100K into this and we will continue
to update it constantly as we do with everything at GearBubble. We haven’t
decided what we are going to charge for this integration once we release
it publicly but you will be grandfathered into it as part of this bonus.
We are going to manually add $50.00 in credits into your dropship account.
If you’re selling mugs that means the material costs of your first 10 products
are on us. You can use these to get your first initial reviews & sales for your
products to start ranking them.With this bonus and product you have all the tech you’ll ever need, a system
that is proven to work with no ad costs or design costs, and you’ve got the
material credits for your first orders are all on us.You are completely setup in every way possible to succeed with this offeR
Offer Closed

The system works, I see the sales every day.

Some of the bonuses by themselves cost more than the course, you
should definitely take this offer while it is here.


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