PTRE – LLC Master Machine & Renaissance Goldmine Combo 2021

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LLC Master Machine and
Renaissance Goldmine Combined:

The LLC & Trust Asset Protection System Includes..


The operating agreement (OA) is the nuclear LLC document. It is the ‘heart & soul’ of the LLC. The OA Extraordinaire that we prepare for you is the most powerful OA ever. Adaptable in all 50 states, it is specifically designed for your real estate business so that the LLC’s specific business purpose* is clearly defined.

*Importance of Having a Specific Business Purpose – Most OA’s do not state a specific business purpose. To the contrary, the specific business purpose should be explicitly stated to make it legally clear to the members, and if necessary to third parties. Our OA (and other LLC documents) are specifically for real estate. Not only does this aid to successfully accomplish the LLC’s intended business purpose, but also has other advantages such as avoiding the costly tax status of being a dealer.

Complete legal protection. At 121 pages in length, our OA contains over 240 legal provisions that cover every legal facet of your real estate investment operations so the LLC is an entity separate and apart from you. That is, the affairs of the LLC are not yours personally. Consequently, these provisions will give its members (you) limited liability protection, therefore making it very difficult for any court to pierce its entity veil. As a result your personal assets are protected.

Avoid disputes. Included are special provisions to help prevent legal disputes with partners and others. You avoid expensive trial lawyers and the courts.

Comprehensive tax-saving provisions. Like no other LLC documents, there are 11 Tax Elections* to give you favorable tax results that save you money.

*Tax Elections are special tax law provisions that are usually favorable to the taxpayer, but which generally have to be made within a certain time period and in a certain manner. By having them in the OA, you have a reminder checklist so you don’t forget them; or in case you do forget, you have excellent support in that by having the election already contained in the OA (a legal document), the election is timely and properly made. Also included here are certain tax elections you should avoid in order to audit proof yourself against the IRS. What protection!

The OA also contains 35 Tax Matters all backed up by an arsenal of complete tax law cites authorizing 35 powerful tax-reduction strategies* specifically targeted for real estate.

*Included are special tax provisions that authorize & support fully deducting real estate home-study courses and live seminars along with related travel, even if you do not own any properties. This is often a troublesome area with IRS…now resolved with our authoritative LLC documents.

Business planning tool. Our OA also acts as an operating guide to enable you to effectively operate your real estate business.

You may be asking “I am only a small operation, do I really need all of this?”The answer is ABSOLUTELY!Even more than that because there is this basic rule of entity protection: The smaller the entity, the more the need for such complete documentation! By having LLC legal provisions that may not pertain to you (at least for now), shows your meticulous attention to formality and gives your LLC the definite presence as an entity apart and distinct from its members operating as a separate legal entity, with a life of its own, difficult for any court to pierce its veil. The bottom-line benefits > you protect yourself against ‘Demons’ such as money-lust lawyers, wrongful creditors, IRS and the like saving you from having your valuable assets attached!

Don’t be intimidated by a 121 page OA! It’s what is necessary to give you these great benefits of an LLC. Despite the length of the OA Extraordinaire, it is simple to complete with only about 7 or 8 entries to insert.

PLUS a special OA for a C-corporation as a minority member of the real estate LLC partnership …where you can reap even more tax-saving deductions with no extra money going out, plus IRS audit proofing and asset protection.

“Wow that is a great LLC operating agreement!! Great program!!!” – Paul F. Spann, CPA

Complete explanation and instructions to operating agreement

This comprehensive explanation introduces you to the OA; tells you how to use the OA; gives you the important reasons* so you can better understand and appreciate the powerful provisions in the OA. (*Knowing the ‘why’ is as important as knowing the ‘how’.)

“Thanks. Got the LLC operating agreement and other documents WOW great stuff!!!” – Bruce Mack, National Speaker
“The Operating Agreement alone is worth $10,000!” – Lee Parker, Entrepreneur

21 PROACTIVE* ENTITY FORMALITIES – To prevent piercing of the veil so your personal assets are protected.

While they are extremely important in protecting you, once set up, these formalities are easy to follow and not time-consuming.

In a lawsuit involving a small LLC, an attack on the non-use of entity formalities is often the single most powerful weapon of the opposition. Despite the fact that the LLC has been accepted by the state as a legal entity, without such formalities, claimants would find it considerably easier to prove that the LLC entity legally does not exist. Consequently claimants, along with their sue-happy lawyers, can seize your personal valuables.

*Proactive means “preparing for, or controlling an unexpected occurrence”. You will hear so called “experts” say LLC’s do not have to keep minutes, or to hold annual meetings is not required. Even state statutes may allude to this. But by adhering to such formalities, even if apparently not required, shows your meticulous attention to formality, above and beyond what is generally thought to be required. This ensures, even further, that the LLC gives you limited liability protection like a gigantic shield.

IRS > Another Demon! Without such formality, in the event of an audit, IRS may try to collapse the LLC entity in order to disallow member deductions such as travel, entertainment, meals, auto, education, etc. Other deductions could also be adversely affected. Negative Result: You lose tax $$$!


This newly revised edition now includes audio training where Al will personally get you started to protect you and your family.

Lawsuits Are Hell!

The results can be devastating. The loss of personal assets and the loss of LLC legal status for tax purposes could lead to a complete financial wipe-out and even bankruptcy, along with the emotional drain & strain on you and your family.

The LLC Asset Protection System will prevent this from happening as it also includes…

MINUTES OF MEETINGS: One of the most vital of the proactive entity formalities, includes…

  1. Minutes of members’ first meeting
  2. Special minutes of meetings for important business matters and
  3. Annual minutes of meetings

All specially targeted for real estate operations with important real estate related matters; filled-in and ready to go.

RESOLUTIONS: Resolutions are entity records of the official acts of the members of the LLC. They can be used instead of formal meetings, simplify entity management and save even more time. Resolutions authorize many important legal, tax and other financial matters. Ours are filled in for 20 important real estate related matters.

LLC CERTIFICATES FOR EASE OF ISSUE AND TRANSFER – Includes both sides of certificate in plain language and readable print, not Martian script! Includes easy-to-understand explanation of both sides; step-by-step instructions to complete; sample-filled in formats for both sides. No more typing or hand printing difficult-to-read certificates. They can be completed in minute’s right on the computer. Included clear meaning of certificate terminology such as ‘sale’, ‘assignment ‘, ‘transfer’, along with income tax, gift tax, and estate tax impact of certificate transfers.

LLC Certificate Register to record the issues of certificates (units) to the members and later transfers. Blank format with easy-to-follow instructions and a filled-in sample. Again, no more typing or hand printing; can be completed in minutes right on the computer. No need to pay for an awkward corporate kit.

IMPORTANT! Issuing complete certificates and recording them in the certificate register is an important (yet rarely done) entity formality to help prevent the piercing of the veil and protect the personal assets of the members. Plus, it is indisputable evidence of your LLC membership, essential in the event of: Disputes with partners; divorce; incapacitation; IRS audits, death (estate planning); asset protection (transferring the LLC membership units to a trust).

Sample articles of organization with techniques to keep the members off the public record. Blank and filled-in formats.

LLC documents are user-friendly and automatically generated…

  • Larger print you can easily see and read
  • Plain language (yet still very effective)
  • Easy-to-understand format
  • Operating agreement has complete table of contents for easy reference

The Renaissance Goldmine of Brilliant Tax Strategies For Real Estate Investors

William Noll, Esq, Cpa 

Dramatically Increase Your Cash Flow By:

v Saving Taxes Every Single Year

v Preventing Expensive IRS Audits

v Avoiding Bad Costly Advice From Inept CPA’s Socking You with Big Fees.

This Is How You CONTROL Your Money!

With a comprehensive manual, 15 audio CD’s and forms disk, all online 

the Goldmine includes  tax-saving strategies for every type of  real estate investor: Beginner, veteran, full time, part time and for every type of  real estate investing: Landlording, rental property, commercial property, lease-options, wholesaling, retailing, rehabbing, seller financing, paper, self-directed IRA’s, 1031 exchanges, and more. The Goldmine shows you how to implement these money-saving strategies with step-by-step instructions using special Tax-Reduction & Audit-Proofing forms  and strategies as follows:

  • Forms And Strategies To Substantially Increase Non-Cash Depreciation Deductions Via Cost Segregation Analysis: Double and triple your depreciation deductions with detailed forms that include over 70 documented personal property items that can be depreciated over 5 years, accelerated, rather than 27-1/2 or 39 years, straight-line. 20 more items than can be depreciated over 15 years, using accelerated methods. Other special forms will enable you to fully write-off the building much faster than 27-1/2 or 39 years.

Save $1,000’s in Consulting Fees! With these forms you do NOT need to hire a cost segregation consultant who would charge $5,000 to $10,000 or more and still not be as thorough as AL’s system!

  • Forms And Strategies To Maximize Repair Deductions: Put huge savings in your pocket by legally writing-off large capital improvements as fully deductible repairswith special forms that include over 70 documented deductible repairs, with tax law citations for eachitem. Includes a case study with filled-in forms and instructions.
  • Forms And Strategies To Bypass Passive Loss Limits So You Can Fully Deduct Unlimited Property Tax Losses Against Your Other Income: Documents over 90 activities to prove your business & management activities so you are no longer subject to passive loss limits and will be able to deduct any amount of rental losses (over $25,000), no matter how large, regardless of the size of your income (evenover $150,000).
  • Forms And Strategies To Reduce Or Eliminate Your Chances Of An IRS Audit: These special forms will keep you out of the audit pileand save you taxes, penalties, interest, legal fees, plus the time and aggravation of an IRS audit.
  • Forms And Strategies To Avoid Being A Dealer
  • Forms And Strategies To Eliminate Taxes On The Sale of Property
  • Forms And Strategies For 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges
  • Forms And Strategies For Installment Sale Reporting/Seller Financing

The Hundreds of Strategies in This System Are Completely Updated, Fully Backed-Up by an Arsenal of Tax Law Cites and Decades of Precedent In Understandable Language 

More Tax-Saving Strategies CPA’s Simply Do Not Know:

Discover rehab tax credits for improving historic or older properties, with such credits reducing your tax liabilities dollar-for-dollar in your wallet, while increasing the value of the property. (Most are clueless about this bonanza)

Moredollar-for-dollar low income housing credits to offset cash flow= tax-free income (also little known tax credits)

Handicap accesstax credits for special property expenditures to accommodate the handicap and elderly (plus a nice thing to do)

Avoid IRS disallowing interest deductionson your rental properties (esp. subject-to’s and cash out refis). These are little-known, costly traps for the investor…without the RenaGoldmine

Tax-saving strategies for investing in “Paper”

If you need assistance with implementation, you have at your disposal…

You do not have to do it yourself!

You may share the system with your CPA; 

· Highly competent – real PRO’s!

· Give excellent customer support and service

· Very ethical – not rip-off

· National – All over the country

· EXTREMELY difficult to find (took Al many years).

More Overlooked Strategies In AdditionTo The Goldmine…Reap another $10,000 to $20,0000 of overlooked deductions on how to maximize deductions for your auto, travel (vacations), meals, entertainment, home-office, family expenses, fringe benefits, retirement plans, many overlooked deductions. Convert non-deductible expenses into valuable powerful business deductions; much more. 

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