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Peter Sandeen – Targeted Marketing Message


Peter Sandeen – Targeted Marketing Message

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What’s the Dream that Your Business hasn’t Enabled Yet?
What if all your marketing made people want to buy… How quickly would your life change?
How long have you been working on your business? Most people have been trying for months or even several years without reaching the results they wanted when they started their business.
And it’s not about a lack of effort.
You spend a lot of time, money, and energy on marketing. But your results don’t match the effort. You know you should get more customers. You know you and your products could help a lot more people. But they don’t seem to understand it.
How long will you continue before you decide to make things change? You can choose to do that right now. Even if you already make 6 or 7 figures, you can improve your results drastically by changing your marketing message.
Steve Horsmon, men’s relationship coach

“I was feeling very scattered in my marketing approach for about 18 months. I was avoiding focusing my message…Within 2 weeks of changing my homepage and focusing my email messages on my value proposition, I got more call requests, more email opens, and more clients paying for my high end program than I did in the previous 6 months.It feels like a light has been turned on. Instead of feeling like I wasted time, I’m moving forward…to build a steady stream of clients I can depend on.”

When you know what exactly makes people want to buy what you sell, you can quickly change your and your family’s life.
No more guessing and hoping that you’re saying the right things with your marketing.No more feeling overwhelmed because nothing seems to work.

Marketing doesn’t make anyone buy anything. Only the message you communicate with your marketing can make people want to buy.Yet, most marketing advice, blogs, programs, books, courses, and even formal education focus on marketing tactics, tools, and strategies—not on how to figure out the exact marketing message that would make people want to buy.For example, you could probably find a course that teaches how to use Facebook advertising. But unless you already know what ideas make people want to buy from you, it doesn’t matter how well you use Facebook ads since your results rely primarily on the message you communicate—not how well you use a tactic.

No matter what you do or how many hours you put in, as long as your marketing doesn’t communicate a stronger message, your results won’t change significantly. They can’t.

But you can choose to change your business’s future. You can follow practical steps to find the exact marketing message that makes people want to buy from you.

What Makes People Want to Buy

You can easily find lots of general advice around this topic, but it’s not enough to know “what keeps your customers up at night” or “what are their most frustrating problems.”

Sure, those are good questions. But if creating a strong marketing message would be that easy, every business owner would already be a millionaire.

So, what really makes people want to buy?

Simply put, ideas that make them understand and believe that your product or service gives them what they want.
I know that sounds simple. But seriously, what more would it take?

People aren’t all that complicated. Of course, we’re all unique, we all have different desires, we all want different things.

But we still buy things based on a very simple decision making process. If we understand that a product gives us what we want with a reasonable investment, we buy it.

And when you know how to make people understand what your products and services can give them, there’s no reason left for you to not reach the dreams you have.


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