Penny Clicks 4 Profit – The Pay $0.001 And Get 1000% ROI System


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I am not hyping this up or throw in a bunch of crazy promises just to sell you something. Enough people will buy from me because

Penny Clicks 4 Profit – The Pay $0.001 And Get 1000% ROI System

Price:  $204
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SECTION 1: Testing Phase

This is where everything starts…

PART 1. How to set it all up and put all the parts together.

PART 2. Create your first campaign +++
PART 3. Monitor and analyze data
PART 4. Timetable, so you know what to do when on a daily schedule
SECTION 2: Optimization Phase

This is where you build your profit phase…

PART 1. Talk´in Data…!

PART 2. Pattern Will Form…
PART 3. Optimize/Analyze
PART 4. Ad Spend Adjustment
SECTION 3: Profit Phase

This is where the fun beginns…

PART 1. Kill The Losses

PART 2. Expand Your Winners

This is where your dreams come true…

If you run this system profitable I can help you getting it to the next level!

all you gotta do is contact me and we will setup a personal action plan for you!
Yes, you heard me, I will take you by the hand and show you exactly what you can do to scale based on your current situation!
THATS NOT ALL:  My Personal Contact & Support

You are covered by all the Coaching that is within

YES: FREE 30 Minute personal orientation call so we get to know each other in order to give you the BEST tips and tricks I have 4 you within your current situation.
YES: 30 Day Q&A support on VOXER, Skype you name it.
YES: Facebook chat support for 30 days

YES: 30 Days of free access to the awesome Facebook mastermind group where I spill the beans for you and take care of each and every one of you individually!

YES: Meet other rockstars just like you and team up to set this system up together!

YES: Q&A I will record videos and answer each question individually
YES: Discount to my hourly 101 coaching offer
YES: Discount to my Intense CPA BOOTCAMP High Ticket Coaching Offer
YES: You can get approved to my “Tobistribe CPA Rockstars” Group, you must indeed ROCK as well to be part in this, paying only will not do the trick! You must apply and we decide individually if you are a good fit!

Now you too can create long-term profitable campaigns quickly. I´ll supply training, resources and even coaching!

Trade $0.10 visits for $0.001 and by going thru basically the same steps anyway, why not make THOUSAND TIMES more money?

Think about that for just a moment and let it sink in.

Anyone who wouldn´t want to earn over 1000% more from the same basic steps is, wait for it….INSANE! 

I am not going to do the “marketing thing” and share a big list of 40-50 “bullet points” that oversell every single part of the product.

Nope, not gonna happen.

What I will do is tell you ten things that I feel like will be a great benefit to you as you make your way through Penny Clicks 4 Profit. Here we go…

1. What exactly needs to be done in order for you to earn positive ROI daily.

2. A three-step process for creating a “looooooooong” profit period.

3. How to organize BIG DATA and actually get the converting information just by taking a look at it.

4. Lots of examples to make sure you “get it” as you go through the steps with me.

5. How to easily setup profit pulling campaigns like a “crazy monkey” on a daily basis.

6. Helpful things I have personally learned through trial and error for what works best.

7. Handouts, worksheets resources and ckecklists including timetables so you never get lost in the process.

8.The #1 thing that almost always gets campaigns unprofitable and how to avoid it.

9. Effective ways to instantly take educated and proven action based on data you receive.

10. How to scale it all up.

                 THAT´S THE ESSENCE

I am going to teach you how to create


with this one system. And I´m going to teach you how to do it


That´s the deal in a nutshell.

I am not hyping this up or throw in a bunch of crazy promises just to sell you something. Enough people will buy from me because of my integrity and reputation.

And then those who do buy usually buy something else. To be honest with you, I actually don´t have to sell anything to anybody…all cool, just being upfront with you (:

You either see the value in this product or you don´t.

One thing I KNOW you see the value in is paying only $0.001 per visitor instead of $0.10 or more. That much I´m confident we agree upon. There are just too many reasons why it´s important for you to make the switch…

You need 100X of $0.001 campaigns to spend as much as with one single $0.10 campaign.

You obviously increase earnings potential with 100 campaigns as with just one that has a higher cost per click. Reach your return of investment faster it is folks…!

A lower pricepoint per visitor will automatically skyrocket your earnings. Your commissions are higher if your traffic is this cheap.

Your offers become more valuable to you. You work hard to attract good ROI on a daily basis, now you can drive the same amount of traffic that is 100x cheaper and you still produce the same CPA commission per action for one offer. Same traffic, different result…d´uh!

You actually do not need to research campaigns or keywords, targets or websites you want to drive traffic from, it´s all automated and done for you. You might as well increase revenue by actually doing less work…just sayin´.

I could give you a lot more reasons, but I won´t. You get it.


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