Paul Scheele – Classic PhotoReading Whole Mind System Self-Study Course

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Classic PhotoReading Whole Mind System Self-Study Course

You can now learn PhotoReading on your own time, at your own pace

This is not just a recorded seminar. Rather, Paul Scheele redeveloped PhotoReading to present it in a way that is ideal for self-study. In just a few afternoons, you will be well on your way to mastering printed information with speeds and comprehensions that may astonish you.

The Classic Course Contains:

CD 1 – Preview the PhotoReading system and PhotoRead the dictionary!

gives you vital background material on PhotoReading, as well as a preview of its six steps. You can PhotoRead your first book on Side B of the first session!

CD 2 – Play the mind-bending Star of Wonder to see how the mind blocks learning and how you can succeed. You review the different types of reading.

After looking at the different types of reading on Session Two, the Star of Wonder exercise shows you how the mind blocks learning and how easily we create emotional barriers to success. You also learn about Previewing, Super Reading, and Dipping.

CD 3 – Explore the core of PhotoReading

gives you the core of PhotoReading: PhotoFocus, maintaining a steady state, page turning, and finishing.

CD 4 – PhotoRead a book

Guides you in applying the techniques to a book and in learning Activation techniques and Mind Probing.

CD 5 – Quickly understand a book

Explores the PhotoReading process in greater depth, working with another book, Super Reading, Dipping, and Rapid Reading.

CD 6 – Discover the power of “Mind Mapping” and “Dreaming” as valuable tools for PhotoReading

Introduces you to Mind Mapping, as a valuable tool for PhotoReading, and more Activation techniques, including the use of dreams.

CD 7 – PhotoRead another book

Guides you through PhotoReading a book of your choice—this is the best session of the program!

CD 8 – How to use PhotoReading on any written material – business, school, technical, email, home-improvement, finances, memory enhancement, and mind development.

You have learned all of the techniques. Now you see how to adapt the PhotoReading philosophy to any written material—business, school, home-improvement, finances, and memory enhancement. You close with a look at goal setting, creating an action plan, and generating new behaviors.

You also receive:

68-Page Course Manual – You will get a wealth of support material, summaries, and quick reference pages.

PhotoReading book – You receive Paul Scheele’s completely updated Third Edition, FREE.

Seven Day Speed Reading And Learning Program Book

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