Pam Magnuson – How To Avoid FDA Red Flags

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How To Avoid FDA Red Flags

Natural Health Marketers:
Are YOU a Target
For the FDA?

Increasingly, companies just like yours are going out of business
as the FDA and the FTC clamp down on
“false and misleading claims.”

If you’re a natural product supplier, manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, they’re looking at you.

If you sell medical devices, or are a CAM practitioner, such as a chiropractor or acupuncturist, you’re at risk!

If you sell functional foods and beverages, you are in danger.

If you’re an agency or freelance copywriter for the health market who produces advertising for natural health companies, you could be held responsible for illegal claims!

Unbeknownst to most marketers who sell supplements and other natural health solutions, the FDA and the FTC have been quietly and methodically stalking the Internet in search of sites that make illegal claims for their products.

Every week, every month and every year companies just like yours get Warning Letters from the FDA – or suddenly disappear from the Internet altogether. One week they’re there . . . the next they’re gone, as if some mysterious entity plucked them from the face of the Earth!

But this entity is not mysterious. It is our own government that is, on the one hand, protecting its citizens from false claims, and on the other hand, destroying legitimate businesses that have unwittingly stepped over “the line.” Business owners lose their livelihoods and employees lose their jobs, just like that.

You Have a Right to Free Speech
—UNLESS You’re a Supplements
or Natural Health Marketer

You might find the above statement shocking. You might even think it’s not true.

Oh, but it is true. VERY true. There are so many things you can’t legally say about your natural supplement that it’s difficult to write effective sell copy.

How did we come to this place? Look no further than powerful mainstream medical concerns and — especially — Big Pharma.

Conventional medicine has waged a longstanding war with natural health practitioners over (you guessed it) money. The fat cats would like full and legal control of the natural health industry — most especially the natural supplements industry — to make their monopoly complete.

This has led to the suppression of free speech. If Big Pharma lobbyists can convince lawmakers to limit what can be said about natural remedies, then the growth of the natural supplements industry will be compromised, to the substantial benefit of Big Pharma.

So this is where we are today, as natural health marketers. The successes of the lobbyists and Medical Bigwigs have made it nearly impossible for you to say anything about your product that is considered “legal.”
Every month of every year, innocent marketers just like you receive ominous “Warning Letters” from the FDA and FTC. And every month of every year, the businesses of legitimate natural product marketers are hurt or destroyed, right along with the minority of charlatans who deserve harsh FDA crackdowns.

Unless you know how to protect yourself from FDA and FTC scrutiny, your business could be next.

The Federal Government is Watching You

From August 2007 to July 2008 the FDA issued at least 360 warning letters to companies across the U.S., warning them of illegal advertising practices. Some letters were directed to meat and fish packing companies; others to Medical Device manufacturers.

A few were even sent to dairies and bakeries.

About 35% of the letters were directed solely at dietary supplement and nutraceutical companies, accusing them of false advertising.

As you read this, the FDA is in the process of hiring thousands of new agents to increase its “oversight” capability in policing the natural products industry.

They even send undercover agents to the industry trade shows. These ordinary-looking people quietly walk from booth to booth, picking up literature to scrutinize for Red Flag claims in your marketing.

The confusion and frustration in the natural products industry is rampant, and reaching an all-time high.

A Frantic Supplement Marketer
Calls Copywriter Pam Magnuson for Help

Not long ago, on a cold, dark and snowy morning here in the Pacific Northwest, I got a phone call.

It was from the CEO of a dietary supplement company in the Midwest. He introduced himself, “My name’s LG.” By the tone of his voice, I could tell he was very nervous.

“I have to know… what can you say, when you can’t say anything? I got a Warning Letter from the FDA a few days ago saying I was selling illegal drugs!

How can that be?” he said. “The letter said I couldn’t say what I’d said on my website!” I could hear the desperation in his voice.

“I had to take all of the sell copy off the website! What’ll I do now? How can I sell my products if I can’t tell people about what they do?”

I’d heard it all before, from other company execs who were pulling their hair out, trying to save their companies from going under.

“LG, listen to me,” I said. “All is not lost. There are ways of marketing your products that don’t raise the ire of the FDA or FTC, and that are highly successful and effective. So, relax, and know that everything’s going to be alright.”

“But,” he began to stammer. “But, if I can’t tell people about what the products do, how will they know what the products are good for?”

“Oh, there’s lots of ways to do that, legally.” I wanted to reassure him.

“I just don’t understand.” LG’s voice hardened in anger. “I see lots of other websites that say the same sorts of things. How come it’s okay for them, but not for me? Why are they getting away with it, when I can’t?” His temper was starting to boil.

“LG,” I said, “understand this: those sites are still up simply because the FDA and FTC haven’t gotten around to them, yet. We’ll work together, and I’ll show you how to market your products legally, and successfully. Okay?” I heard a sigh float over the phone line.

“Okay. Show me what to do.” So, I began to show him, and today he has a website that not only positions his products above those of his competitors, but has powerful sell copy that is virtually untouchable by the FDA and the FTC.

Now – for the First Time – You Can
Protect Yourself and Your Company from FDA and FTC Scrutiny!

Natural products companies have been stalked by the FDA and the FTC for years. Many have been forced out of business. But that doesn’t have to happen to you!

Finally there’s a Natural Products Marketing Training Manual that reveals exactly what the government looks for and what you must get rid of in your online and offline marketing right now, starting today.

Who knows. . . with the thousands of new FDA Agents in training you may already be on someone’s short list for a Warning Letter. After all, if your customers can easily find you, so can the FDA and the FTC!

That’s why I’ve written this 156-page Natural Products Marketing Training Manual. I want my clients, like LG in my story, to stay in business. And I want my copywriting colleagues to stay out of trouble. Because new policies indicate that FTC lawsuits will soon begin targeting copywriters, too.

It’s in the best interest for all – clients, copywriters, and customers – that we know what we can say, and what we can’t.

What Can You Say,
When You Can’t Say Anything?
How To Avoid FDA Red Flag Claims
and Sell Your Natural Products Legally

For the first time, a 156-page Health Marketing Training Manual has been written exclusively for the Natural Products industry!

After years of research, a manual has finally been published which will give you the how and why of natural products marketing.

It’s written by a marketing expert who fully understands the industry and is giving you her insight and expertise about this incredibly confusing problem.

No one has ever done it, before.

There has never been a comprehensive resource for marketers to protect themselves from FDA and FTC scrutiny. We’ve all had to learn by ourselves, or spend big bucks for advice from an attorney.
This training book is extremely critical to the health and well being of the natural products industry
. But, because the government language of the law is so convoluted and confusing, not even the “above-average” person can fully understand the meaning.

Sure, attorneys who specialize in FDA/FTC laws can, for the most part, interpret the law for you. But, at $500 an hour, they can’t write marketing copy that makes your product or service shine, as it truly should.

A Knowledge-Based Training Manual
Each information-packed chapter is followed by a self-test series of questions, which will solidify your comprehension, and firmly anchor your knowledge. You’ll find numerous samples of actual FDA Warning Letters, as well as problem-solving language solutions.

This training manual, by marketing expert Pam Magnuson, reveals what’s going on with FDA and the FTC laws and regulations and will guide you to a safer and more profitable future.

It shows how you, and thousands of companies like yours, may be innocently raising red flags and breaking the law by selling unapproved “drugs,” as defined by an antiquated law over 70 years old, but still vigilantly enforced by the FDA and the FTC.

This is a manual that could save your company millions of dollars — possibility even its future.

Discover the answers to these questions

What is an FDA Red Flag? Page 7

What is considered a “disease?” Page 38

What’s the best thing to do if you’re worried about the FDA reading your web site? Page 63

What is the FDA responsible for? Page 17

Does the FDA have the right to inspect my facilities or my products? Page 59

What four Anchor Words legally help make structure/function claims? Page 92

What are the consequences of creating a “sanitized” version
of my website? Page 64

What’s a USP? Page 88

When can I use “Traditional Use” claims? Page 35

What’s the FDA Disclaimer for? Page 106

Why should I provide warnings? Page 118

How do I prove that my product works? Page 97

Who needs this book?

You do, if you are:

Natural Products Marketers

Growers, Formulators or Manufacturers

Distributors or Retailers

Marketing Companies

Advertising Agencies

Natural Products Associations

CAM Practitioners or Educators

Marketing Students


Or, anyone who provides products and services for CAM

This training system will NOT substitute for the advice of an attorney, but it WILL save you a great deal of money and attorney time.

It will also save you from worry, anxiety and fear, and will give YOU control over your marketing projects.

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