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Origin World Labs - Data Science for Finance and Accounting Pros

Origin World Labs – Data Science for Finance and Accounting Pros

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The Analytics Talent Drought is Here. Profit from it!

Data analytics is now the exclusive domain of a handful of elite corporate statisticians, an even smaller set of software companies, and a tiny number of consultants. With the looming shortage of analytical talent across all industries and the unstoppable accumulation of massive amounts of data, businesses will not be able to find enough data science professionals with enough business acumen to tackle their increasingly complex competitive challenges. The only solution is to empower today’s finance and accounting professionals with the practical skills they need to become Data Analysts.

What can this course do for you?

Finance and Accounting professsionals are uniquely positioned to be the top data analysts.
Whether you work for a company or have clients, having data science skills will allow you to create new opportunities for yourself.
This certificate will confirm that you are among the Elite Finance and Accounting Professionals.

High Demand Skills This Course Will Add to Your Set in 16 Hours of Short Lessons

Relational Databases
& Schemas

Data Mining/
SQL Queries





This course is for those who learn by doing, not just reading.

Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analysis Covered in Detail
Short, One-topic, On-demand, Pre-recorded videos | Self-Paced
Real Raw Transaction Data Files | Downloadable Excel Templates | No Time Limit | No Exams | Certificate of Completion
You get Lifetime access to the course. Allowing you to come back to review the material at any time.

Single Case Study Approach

Analytics training courses usually have disconnected examples from topic to topic. This course is built on one continuous case study – The Sub-Optimal Hotel (SOHO). While the name is fake, the data is very real. You will learn how to go from raw, transaction level data to automated decision model from beginning to end, as if you were in an actual consulting assignment.

No programming or mathematics background required.

Who should take this course?

Financial Analysts | Accountants | Auditors | Business Analysts | Revenue Planners
Budget Managers | Financial Planners | Tax Preparers

Regardless of your function, this course will take your career to the next level.

Financial/Business Analyst

Forecasting, Budgeting, and Analysis are being transformed by the need to explain trends using bottom-up, multi-dimensional reasoning. This course will teach you how to build models that incorporate real-time transactions data so that you can go from a simplified representation of the business cycle to a robust, algorithmic view of profit flows that will impress the most cynical stakeholder.


While pro-forma statements are still the report of record for external financial audits, they have all but been completely discarded as a source of internal business insights in this predictive analytics age. The accounting and auditing profession is now requiring a quantum leap in analytics skills. Mastering the process of rolling up raw, transaction data into G/L level summaries and digging through the data in the opposite direction to find patterns is the focus of this course.

Tax Accounting/Bookkeeper

You, better than anyone, know how to work with detailed data. This course will help you leverage that knowledge by applying it to analytics, allowing you to open up a world of opportunity with new and existing clients. By 2018, the shortage of people with analytic and data interpretation skills will reach almost a million. The global business market is hungry for your background combined with a solid analytics skill set. Be the Exception!

No-nonsense, Immediate-Impact Training

Taught by a real, Business Optimization Expert,
not a university professor or corporate trainer.

Unlike university-based courses, the focus of this certificate
is on the application instead of the theory of data analytics.

In this unique course you will learn by watching the instructor actually
perform every operation step-by-step using real business data for every topic.

When was the last time your mind was transformed by a training course?

Over 150 Short Lessons Will Make You An Elite Analytics Talent

Part 1: You Will Be Able To Extract Raw Transaction Data from Any System.

Knowledge that will make you an Elite Talent All concepts explored using our raw data set – Databases – Schemas – POS Tables – RoomMaster Tables – Relational Databases – Facts, Dimensions, Granularity – ODBC – SQL Language – Joins – Group by – SQL Functions – Real-Time Reports

Part 2: You Will Understand How to Find Demand Patterns using Probability and Statistics

Knowledge that will make you an Elite Talent All concepts explored using our raw data set – Counting Random Events – Frequency Tables – Frequency Distribution – Cumulative Distribution – Inverse Distribution Function – Expected Value – The Normal Distribution- Standard Deviation – Outliers

Part 3: You Will Know How to Make Better Decisions using Data and Math.

Knowledge that will make you an Elite Talent All concepts explored using our raw data set- Types of Optimization Models – Modeling Best Practices – Cumulative Demand – Estimating Line Functions – Demand Functions – Elasticity – Revenue Functions – Price Functions – Dynamic Pricing – Revenue Optimization – Dynamic Programming

Part 4: You Will Build Automated Revenue Models in Excel.

Knowledge that will make you an Elite Talent All concepts explored using our PMS data set- Excel Tables – Excel Table Tools – Date Formulas – Text Formulas – Nested Functions – IF Function – Lookup Functions – Criteria Functions – Array Functions – OLAP – Pivot Table – Pivot Chart – The Excel Solver

Join the Elite! Arm Yourself with Data Science Techniques for creating Profit.

This bundle consists of four modules and a verifiable electronic certificate upon completion of all courses.

Why Spend Your Training Dollars on This Course?

This course focuses on the application of smart Data Science techniques to real transaction data. This approach is not offered anywhere else. The entire analytic process is covered hands-on and step-by-step, from data gathering to decision model creation. Instead of getting bogged down with mathematical symbols or theoretical approaches, this course reveals, in plain English, the data driven techniques that have been proven to deliver higher profit. This is an intense, boot-camp style workshop that will supply you with enough advanced Excel knowledge, mathematical techniques, and critical thinking skills to fuel your job effectiveness for years.

How Does This Course Compare to Other Analytics Courses?

The Finance and Accounting professions have matured. Hindsight reporting is no longer adding the value to the bottom line that they once did. Businesses now expects more intelligent analysis, unique strategies, and confident guidance from those managers responsible for driving profits. Welcome to Analytic Financial Management!

This course is designed for Finance and Accounting professionals who want to truly understand the Science of Data Analysis in order to analyze challenges, improve forecasts, and craft profitable strategies.

Unlike any other Analytics course, this workshop focuses exclusively on the data and analytical aspects of business decision making. Complex concepts are explained in an easy-to understand, incredibly digestible format using a combination of manual, visual, mathematical, and algorithmic methods.

The course delivers actionable tools and techniques that can be applied immediately to craft innovative strategies, increase revenue, and boost profits at any property. While we cover very advanced topics, they are taught in a simple, yet dynamic, journey through a proprietary case-study that is developed from real transaction data. You learn how to transform that data into profitable decisions.

Designed and taught by an analytics expert with a Finance background, this course is specifically designed to deliver the practical knowledge that will launch you into the next level of your professional career.


Why You Need This Course?

  • Learn to extract transaction data, understand it, process it, visualize it, and extract insights from it.
  • Learn how to create Real-time reports from any transaction or GL system.
  • Build your own proprietary Revenue Decision Model.
  • Understand statistical concepts in plain English and learn how to use them at work.
  • Learn how to apply Excel’s statistical tools to any data set.
  • Acquire strategies for increasing revenue by using mathematical techniques.
  • Understand the algorithms behind the most popular optimization systems.

Most data analysis courses focus an a specific software or platform, thereby limiting your ability to transfer your knowledge to other systems.
Not this one.



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