O’Reilly – Next-Economy 2015 – San Francisco, California

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O’Reilly – Next-Economy 2015 – San Francisco, California

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An O’Reilly Economy summit on 2015, November.
In today’s economic landscape, no business model, company, or industry is immune to disruption. Every industry and organization needs to transform… or perish. At O’Reilly’s Next:Economy summit, the geeks met the suits to explore the future of work in an era of sweeping technology-driven transformation. This complete video compilation puts you at the center of every presentation.

You’ll hear from key executives of companies driving the transformation; economists, journalists and policymakers studying it; and people on the front lines of the revolution: workers taking on new jobs in new kinds of businesses, along with inventors, investors, and entrepreneurs who are changing the world with their products and services.

You’ll also hear from a broad spectrum of businesses whose industries are now undergoing transformation. Everyone’s asking WTF? (“What’s the future?”), with questions that include:

Which technologies will help existing businesses deliver experiences that equal or exceed those of new economy companies?
How can augmented reality be used to “upskill” workers and consumers, creating enormous new sources of productivity?
How will software agents and applied machine learning transform business workflows, not just consumer experiences?
What tools and practices make it possible to manage a truly distributed, on-demand workforce?
What kinds of industries—and new opportunities—can best take advantage of the 21st century approach to work?
Pick up these videos and learn how technology is shaping the future of industries, companies, and the nature of work.
Setting the stage
Opening welcome – Tim O’Reilly (O’Reilly Media), Steven Levy (Backchannel), Lauren Smiley (Medium) 09m  00s
No ordinary disruption – James Manyika (McKinsey Global Institute) 20m  28s

Minds and Machines
From self-driving cars to retraining humans – Sebastian Thrun, Co-Founder and CEO, Udacity 16m  33s
The future of personal assistants – Adam Cheyer, Co-founder and VP of Engineering, Viv and Alexandre Lebrun, Head, Wit.ai, Facebook 16m  09s
Will robots augment us or rule us? – John Markoff, Journalist, New York Times; and Jerry Kaplan, Visiting Lecturer, and Fellow at The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, Stanford University 16m  21s
“Knowledge Work”: No longer safe from automation – Kristian Hammond, Chief Scientist, Narrative Science 12m  11s

The first machine age isn’t over yet
The small scale factory of the future – Limor Fried, hacker, slacker, code cracker, Adafruit Industries 14m  13s
One, two, three, boom! – Mark Hatch, CEO, TechShop 10m  05s
Why services aren’t enough – Jeff Immelt, Chairman and CEO, General Electric 17m  12s

Workers in a world of continuous partial employment
Does on demand require independent contractors? – Leah Busque, Founder, TaskRabbit 19m  34s
What’s it like to drive for Uber or Lyft? – Eric Barajas, Driver, Uber; Jon Kessler, Driver, Lyft; and Kelly Dessaint, Driver, National Veterans Cab 24m  49s

Networks and the nature of the firm
The changing nature of work – Esko Kilpi, Managing Director, Esko Kilpi Company 08m  01s
What’s the investment opportunity? – Simon Rothman, Partner, Greylock Partners; Gary Swart, Venture Partner, Polaris Partners; and James Cham, Bloomberg Beta 18m  11s
Supporting workers in the on-demand economy – Nick Grossman, General Manager, Union Square Ventures 10m  18s
Creating better teams – Stewart Butterfield, Co-founder and CEO, Slack 19m  25s
Tax and accounting tools for the franchise of one – Brad Smith, President and CEO, Intuit 13m  54s
Flexibility needed: Not just for on-demand workers – Anne-Marie Slaughter, President and CEO, New America 24m  00s
Humans need not apply? Not so fast! – Nick Hanauer (Second Avenue Partners) 20m  45s

The entrepreneurial learner and the new career arc
Managing talent in the networked age – Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman | Partner, LinkedIn | Greylock Partners; Zoë Baird, CEO and President, Markle Foundation 17m  59s
Exponential teaching – Kimberly Bryant, Founder, Black Girls CODE 17m  17s
Matching workers with opportunities at high velocity – Stephane Kasriel, CEO, Upwork 17m  49s

Augmented workers
Intelligent agents, augmented reality, and the future of productivity – Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft 18m  47s
Augmented reality in the factory – Brian Mullins, Founder and CEO, DAQRI 08m  47s
Reinventing healthcare – Lynda Chin, Director, Institute for Health Transformation 14m  13s

What if the robots do take all our jobs?
Policy action recommendations for the 21st century economy – Zoë Baird, CEO and President, Markle Foundation; Neera Tanden, President, Center for American Progress; and Felicia Wong, President and CEO, Roosevelt Institute 21m  29s
Rewiring the US labor market – Byron Auguste, Managing Director, Opportunity@Work 15m  20s
Worker voice in the 21st century – Jess Kutch, Digital Strategist and Co-founder, Coworker.org; Michelle Miller, Co-founder, Coworker.org05m  38s
Reinventing the labor union – Andrew Stern, Senior Fellow, Columbia University; Liz Shuler, Secretary-Treasurer / CFO, AFL-CIO 19m  51s
Portable benefits and the “shared security account” – Laura Tyson, Professor & Director of Institute for Business and Social Impact, Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley; Nick Hanauer, Co-founder and Partner, Second Avenue Partners; and David Rolf, President, SEIU 775 24m  24s

Work, not jobs, and the future we want
Reinventing public transportation – Logan Green, CEO, Lyft 12m  52s
A people-centered economy – Chad Dickerson, CEO, Etsy 19m  01s
Enable people, and they will amaze you – Evan Williams, CEO, The Obvious Corporation 23m  33s
Closing remarks – Tim O’Reilly (O’Reilly Media), Steven Levy (Backchannel), and Lauren Smiley (Medium) 02m  07s


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