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Online Finance Academy - Master Class in Financial MarketsOnline Finance Academy – Master Class in Financial Markets


The course is ideally suited for students of trading who need private mentoring to reach their objectives. The course provides all the material of the introductory course, as well as 10 hours of one on one training.

This course will help you become more profitable than you are now by providing you with private mentoring and a special product focus. One must follow a product and style that suits their temperament, only then can one’s trading intuition really flourish. You will also pick up a great deal of precious market wisdom from your instructor, such as understanding how and when institutions move markets, how to interpret news events and learn critical macro-fundamental knowledge.

You will learn how to employ Market Profile concepts using traditional Candlestick charts, Fibonacci, order flow and volume profile. You will develop a method for assessing the probabilities of emerging trends and Market Profile day types. You will learn how to read the mind of the market as your instructor shows you how he uses the DOM and footprints charts. You will also become a more disciplined trader as your mentor works with you on specific trading concepts with which you may be having challenges.

Key ‘takeaways’ and topics to be covered in this course:

  • Learn high probability trade setups and find the best entry and exit points;
  • Learn the premier trading methods used by professional futures traders;
  • Develop better trading discipline and risk management as you use learn how to time the market.
  • Understand the probabilities associated with each trade you make.


Module 1. Market Profile: Introduction, Presentation and Review

  • This module will help you to develop your knowledge and review the most salient points of modules 2, 3 and 4.

Module 2. Market Profile Rudiments

  • Learn how to recognize the actions of big institutional traders and how ‘local’ traders respond using this analysis tool.
  • Learn how to apply probability and Fibonacci analysis to Open Types and Day Types
  • Learn how to use Market Profile using Japanese Candlesticks and Volume Profile for simplicity and better trade signals.

Module 3. Order Flow and Market Micro-Structure

  • Review of key intra-day trading concepts: short squeezes, ‘spoofing’, order flow, etc.
  • Understand the market using tick order flow, and volume profile analysis to gauge likely pivot levels and as a momentum indicator.
  • Learn how to predict and profit from short squeezes, covering and long consolidation.

​Module 4. Trade Set-Ups

  • Learn key trade set-ups and find trades with superior risk/reward ratios.
  • Assess probability of range versus trend using point of control and other levels.
  • Longer term analysis using congestion zones, vacuum zones and key levels and pivots
  • Developing your trade plan using Market Profile

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