Nils Oldoerp – Hong Kong and Canton Trade Fair Report


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Nils Oldoerp – Hong Kong and Canton Trade Fair Report

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Do you want to buy high-quality Chinese goods… before they hit the mass market?
Find low-cost, high-quality items with our detailed report and make a bigger profit on every sale with the best products from the Hong Kong and Canton Fairs.
Twice a year, Hong Kong and Canton have the most important physical product fairs in the world. This is the place where chinese manufacturers show off their best work and offer some of the highest quality, low-cost products ever made.
The only problem is… not everyone can get to china to get their hands on these goods.
And you can’t even find most of these manufacturers on Alibaba, so it’s almost impossible for most sellers to compete with anyone who’s lucky enough to get to the fairs.
But now, anyone in the world can have access to 200 of the world’s best-made, best-selling products. Get your own personal sourcing consultant…Wrapped up in 1 simple guide:

The best from the fairs report.
We’ve already done all the work for you.
We’ve visited 12 different fairs, spent over 450 hours compiling our report, and worked endlessly to provide the most thorough, efficient tool for sourcing great new products from China..Once you gain access to The Best from the Fairs Report, you can:
Quickly and easily order a sample of all the products you’re interested in… and get your own logo stamped on it to see how it will look in your own store.
Get a detailed description of each item, including our Independent Quality Grade.
You can buy directly from the manufacturer, saving hundreds of dollars on quality products from china
Suppliers cannot buy their way into this report, so every item’s quality is assured.
Plus… give yourself a significant advantage over your competitors with low-cost products, some of which aren’t even on Alibaba yet

Once you order your report, you can instantly download your report and begin looking for low-cost, high-quality items that you can buy directly from the manufacturers… giving you the best profit margin on international goods.
Save hours searching for the best products. Our report is more thorough, honest, and reliable than Alibaba.
Save hundreds of dollars every step of the way… from getting your samples to shipping costs and more.
Offer best-selling products to your customers with excellent profit margins thanks to our direct-from-the-manufacturer prices.
I just looked through the excel spreadsheet – i feel that the true gem is in the catalogues. Besides the product that the catalogue is tagged to, you get to see many other offerings by the vendor/supplier. Just as an example, there is one with a small children playhouse, the supplier catalogue has many other baby/toddler associated products e.g. cabana, bassinets. So there are a lot more possibilities for you to explore with the catalogues.


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