Nicholas Kusmich – The Anatomy Of A Perfect FB Ad Webinar


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Nicholas Kusmich – The Anatomy Of A Perfect FB Ad Webinar


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Hi. I’m Nicholas Kusmich, the world’s highest ROI ing Faccbook Ads Strategist, and I help high-growth businesses scale using Faccbook Advertising.

I do this through my Contextual Congruence strategy delivered through private client work and my Art Of Lead Generation Implementation Intensive so you can generate consistent and reliable leads, customers, and clients on demand.

The Perfect Ad Template (part of my 8 phase Contextual Congruence Strategy) has been responsible for generating hundreds of millions of clicks, millions of leads, and tens of millions o dollars in revenue.

Without it, you will waste your time staring at a blank white screen, guessing how to write your next ad. and then wondering if that ad will convert.

With It. you eliminate all the guesswork and will never again waste time or money on an ad and get even better results from your ad campaigns.

Now go swipe and deploy!


ELEMENT 11: Start with a question that gets an implied “YES’ and speaks specifically to your Ideal target.

ELEMENT #2: Build rapport with a “connecting’ statement followed by The Discovery

ELEMENT «3: Using words like “today*

ELEMENT f 4: What are you giving them? [Template. Checklist, etc) ELEMENT 15: Provide a clear call to action ELEMENT «6: Use a shorten hyperlink ELEMENT ff7: High contrast image that tells a story ELEMENT «8: Offer name « benefit « type of offer ELEMENT #9: Have a strong benefit driven statement with incomplete sentence

ELEMENT 110: Remind them where to go


You are In possession of a tool that can get you massive results when deployed correctly. But, unless you understand what each of the elements mean and the subtle nuances of them. It’ll only remain an underutilized tool that sits in your toolbox It is like having the keys to a supcrcar but not knowing how to drive It.

So, if you’d like to use this tool at It’s fullest potential, I want to show you how through an in-depth, advanced training where I deep dive into exactly how I use the template, step-by-step, providing you everything you need to know, in order to maximize your results

In this training. I even show you live ad examples I am currently using that you can swipe and deploy into your business Immediately.


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