Nerd Marketing – The Conversion Playbook – Advanced Edition


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Attention 6- and 7- figure business owners who want a tested growth system that churns out new

Nerd Marketing – The Conversion Playbook – Advanced Edition

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Build a proven system that explodes your conversion rate in less than 30 days

Attention 6- and 7- figure business owners who want a tested growth system that churns out new customers like clockwork:

Most e-commerce entrepreneurs make one of three critical mistakes:

Mistake #1 — they only do marketing when they need it. It’s only when sales soften or inventory piles up that they think they need to start marketing.

Mistake #2 — they don’t grow their marketing systems along with their business. When they want to “do marketing” they try a Facebook campaign here, an article there. These marketing “Hail Mary’s” just don’t scale.

Mistake #3 — they know they need to do something so they try to do everything. They make a list of everything in marketing, from Facebook ads to influencer marketing to content to email to PR . . . and they try to do it all. At the same time.

The result of these mistakes is what I call Tactical Maneuver Hell. Too many things to do, none of them done all that well.

Let’s take customer acquisition. (I argue that there are only three ways to grow revenue. Increasing the number of customers is one of these three ways.)

When most retailers approach acquisition, they proceed to make one of the three mistakes.

  • They may run a one-off Facebook ad campaign, hit a wall, and dismiss the channel as too expensive or hard.
  • They may talk to a few influencers and get nowhere. Disappointed with the results, they stop.
  • They may fire off a couple press releases, get a hit, make some revenue, and then fall back to a lower baseline.
  • They try to do all this stuff, and do it all poorly. They get stressed that nothing is working. They don’t know where to turn next. (They then read some marketing blogs to make them feel better convincing themselves that “the answer is still out there.”)

Welcome to Tactical Maneuver Hell.

On a personal level, the entrepreneur is stressed out and doesn’t know what to focus on next.

On a company level, either none of the tactics get traction or if they do, there’s no system to scale them up.

Add in the idea that driving traffic is expensive, and it’s a no-win strategy.


Tactical Maneuver Hell sucks up time and energy. How do I know? I wallowed in it at my own retailer when growth plateaued for a year.

After a year of plowing money into every traffic idea imaginable, I became fed up. I sat back and thought about acquisition. I realized that there are only two components to new customer acquisition:

  1. Traffic and
  2. Conversion

You’ve got to drive traffic to your site. You have to convert that traffic into customers.

That’s it.

I realized that I had been going blindly after #1 while completely disregarding #2.

Increasing conversions from existing traffic (called conversion rate optimization, or CRO) also improves acquisition.

And increasing conversions is so much more appealing than driving traffic...

  1. First, it’s powerful. Increase your conversion rate 30%? You’ve increased your revenue 30%. And that 30% increase is par for the course if you haven’t done much CRO already.
  2. Second, it’s much cheaper than driving traffic. It usually involves tweaks to your own web presence as opposed to throwing money at ads.

Indeed, CRO is a true “small hinge that swings big doors.” Improving your conversion rate today will improve your traffic efforts tomorrow.

But there is a right way and a wrong way to improve your conversion rate.

The wrong way is by repeating the three mistakes I mention above. You do not want to engage in one-off AB tests or aim to try every CRO hack under the sun.

Doing so would send you right back to Tactical Maneuver Hell.

No, you want a focused CRO system. A tested way to stack the bricks in your favor. A way that increases your conversion rate systematically, using every marketing technique at your disposal.

My “Conversion Playbook”

At my own retailer, I developed the idea of a Conversion Playbook.

It represented my way of integrating all my marketing to improve conversion rates.

I integrated everything — on-site offers, off-site offers, email marketing, remarketing, and other techniques — to create a conversion mousetrap. This mousetrap gave me every possible chance to convert a non-buyer into a first-time buyer.

And once I integrated everything, I systematized it. I put the pieces in place to run, day or night, without my involvement.

It was marketing automation at its best.

Here’s a flow chart of that Conversion Playbook.

If you aren’t familiar with flow charts, I’ll walk you through it:

A flow chart laying out my Conversion Playbook approach

1.New potential buyers visit my site for the first time at the upper left. Here I push for an immediate conversion.

2.If the potential buyer does not buy, I try to get her into an email sequence and push for a conversion there.

3.If she does not opt-in, I try to get her to buy via on-site offers and sequences.

4.And if she doesn’t engage there, I leverage remarketing and custom landing pages. These make a last-ditch push to convert her into a buyer.

Boom. This systematic approach doubled the conversion rate at my retailer back in 2005. I have since used and refined it at over ten retailers:

  • It increased the conversion rate 30% at Karmaloop.com
  • It increased conversions 40% at Artstar.com
  • It increased conversions at TRNK, Poler Stuff, Linksoul, and others.

Three months after implementing the Conversion Playbook at a $100m online retailer

The Conversion Playbook approach works because it negates the three mistakes I discussed above:

  1. It operates around the clock. It’s not a one-off attempt to juice revenue. Instead it improves your baseline and makes all your other marketing more effective.
  2. It is a system. Using several low-cost applications and templates, it automates and locks in your CRO improvements. Then, as you grow, you can focus on improving the system as a whole.
  3. It isn’t trying every tactic willy-nilly. It’s focused on the few tactics that move the needle when it comes to increasing conversions. Email marketing. Facebook remarketing. On-site offers. And a healthy dose of database marketing to tie it all together.

Introducing: The Conversion Playbook


Over the past few years, I spent the time to turn my Conversion Playbook into an online course.

I wanted to create something that would allow you — a small-but-growing ecommerce operator — to dramatically ramp up your conversions in a short amount of time.

Drew Sanocki Playbook

Access all modules through a Members Area

I’ve broken the Conversion Playbook course into four modules:

Module 1:

($200 VALUE)

How to use discounting to improve conversions AND save margin. Learn the simple 3-step promotion that will maximize the profitability of any marketing campaign.

Discover the targeting approach that Amazon and Bonobos use to convert like crazy.

Module 2:

($500 VALUE)

How should you leverage email to increase your conversion rate? I’ll share the exact tactics that work to explode conversion rates at negligible cost.

What works best for email? I detail the exact 5-part email sequence I have used to double conversion rates across 10+ companies. I’ll give you the template for it too.

Turn cart abandons into cash! The perfect abandoned cart sequence that will increase your conversion rate 15-20%. Templates included, of course.

Module 3:

($200 VALUE)

Learn the most powerful personalization hack you can run on-site to ramp up conversions.

Only one hour to put it in place too.

Module 4:

($400 VALUE)

How to unlock the true power of Facebook ads. Sync your offers across all channels. Drive visitors back to your site screaming “take my money, now!”

I include some Facebook ads you can model for your own business.

  •  It’s easy. Each video lesson is completely actionable and understandable even for novice retailers.
  •  It’s state of the art. The systematic approach I present is something I only see 1% of all retailers using.
  •  It’s fast. With the implementation templates, my goal is for you to be able to install the major pieces within a month. Want to focus on this full time? You could bang it out in a week. In 7 days, you would be experiencing a higher revenue baseline.

My goal for this course is for you to wake up in 30 days having increased your
conversion rates 30% or more.

And I want you to rest assured that you can then check off the CRO box. Do everything here,
and you don’t have to worry about CRO for a long time.


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