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Mitchell Gibson - Human Body of Light Webinar1Mitchell Gibson – Human Body of Light Webinar

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In February of 1987, I began to take in sunlight for the first time. I read a number of books on solar cultures and absorbed as much as I could from the texts. The initial premise of the exercises was simple, look at the Sun during sunrise and sunset when its color and intensity was at its safest. I followed this regimen for over ten years, but after a decade of solar work, I reached a plateau.

Taking in sunlight elevated my consciousness more than any other single practice that I ever attempted. I realized however that something was missing. Simply taking in sunlight through the eyes was not the key to higher evolution that I was looking for. My consciousness was expanding, but my physical form was aging normally. If I was doing the practice correctly, I should have received both mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical benefits.

My weight increased, my metabolism slowed, and my body began to show all the signs of the aging process. I was not at all happy about that. I did not want my practice of solar intake to exclude the rejuvenation of my physical form. I had no complaints about its spiritual, emotional, and mental effects. I suspected that if I was not receiving the full physical benefit, the other effects might have been attenuated as well.

My teachers Gene Savoy and Sri Matajhi Indira Devi died a few years ago. I could not go to them for answers. As it would appear, they did not unlock the inner secrets of solar rejuvenation either. I decided to dig deeply into the numerous magical resources that I possessed for the answers that I needed.

The Sun is the ultimate source of power and fertility in our world. Many ancient texts and sages pointed to this fact over and over. But I found mostly allusions and metaphors related to true rejuvenation. True solar rejuvenation practices were almost impossible to find. The internet was no help. Then, Djanthi/Thoth and the Archangel Gabriel appeared to me in a series of lucid dream visions that changed my life.

They taught me a whole new way to take in sunlight that I had never found anywhere during my searches. They explained that the hemoglobin within the body and chlorophyll within plants were essentially very similar molecules. They both held the consciousness of life and rejuvenation. They both pointed out that plants lived on little else other than light and water. The key to taking in sunlight properly lay in exercising and evolving the consciousness of hemoglobin within the cells. Once developed, the consciousness of hemoglobin could absorb the different spectra of sunlight on its own and lead the body to rejuvenation. Hemoglobin they pointed out, was a key player in solar rejuvenation. I had never thought to even look in that direction.

Over a three year period, I began to put their techniques into practice. I lost weight, I gained energy, and my spiritual consciousness soared. My emotional body and mental processes began to move into greater areas of function. I could not believe the changes that were happening in my body. My students and followers could not believe the changes either.

The Secret Art of Solar Rejuvenation is the first book that I have ever written on the practice of taking in sunlight. I have lectured extensively on the subject, but for the first time, I have decided to share the secrets that I learned from the Inner Masters on the art of solar rejuvenation. These processes are life-changing and exceptionally difficult to find. I had to go to an Archangel and a God to even get a glimpse.

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