Min Liu – Conversation Superstar: The Fast Lane To Conversation Success


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Min Liu - Conversation Superstar: The Fast Lane To Conversation Success

Min Liu – Conversation Superstar: The Fast Lane To Conversation Success


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97%+ of all people, even articulate and intelligent people, can only make mediocre and mundane conversation.

There’s nothing “wrong” with their conversations, but they’re certainly not exciting. They’re not the stuff of a “conversation superstar”.

Their conversations are predictable, stiff, boring, and have the undesirable side-effects of repeated yawning and head nodding from temporary loss of consciousness. People go their whole lives having conversations like these, and its no wonder why conversation is a lost art.

However, what if instead of taking the slow lane on your drive, you take the express toll lanes?

You’ll arrive at your destination smoothly, quickly, and stress-free. If your car is fast enough and there are no speed limits, your drive will be extremely thrilling.

Just like the two types of driving, there are two types of conversations: “slow lane” conversations and “fast lane” conversations.

A “fast lane” conversation is nothing like a dull and boring “slow lane” conversation:

A “slow lane” conversation is like driving a Toyota Camry through traffic on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles during rush hour.

A “fast lane” conversation is like driving a Ferrari full-throttle on the Autobahn in Germany.

Which “lane” do you want your conversations to be in?!

Becoming a “conversation superstar” is all about learning how to CONSISTENTLY and EASILY take a conversation from the slow lane into the fast lane.

This BREAKTHROUGH, LIFE-CHANGING course, Conversation Superstar, will teach you how to ALWAYS have “fast lane” conversations.

A “slow lane” conversation is dull, overly logical and analytical, and usually focused on one or two topics that the participants beat to death because they don’t know where else to take the conversation.

“Slow lane” conversations are sleep and boredom-inducing. They are guaranteed to cause glazing over of eyes and wistful staring off into the distance.

A “fast lane” conversation however, weaves together many conversational threads and jump from thread to hilarious thread, most of which are fun, exciting, edgy, nonsensical, and dare I say it…even sexy.

People in a “fast lane” conversation are engaged, present, connecting the dots quickly and easily, and having the time of their lives.


Now, how do you always have “fast lane” conversations?

It must be based on luck, good fortune, or even unexplained chemistry between people, right?Not true at all.

Having “fast lane” conversations is actually very simple.

Every once in a while, even the most mediocre conversationalist will find themselves in a riveting conversation (of course, unwittingly).

The problem is they don’t know HOW they got there.

It’s like they started driving in the slow lane, drifted off to sleep, and when they woke up, they find that they’ve unconsciously veered into the fast lane.

People who are mediocre at conversation aren’t stupid, inarticulate, boring, or uninteresting. They just don’t know how to consistently get themselves (and others) into the conversation “fast lane”.

But the truth is…ANYBODY can do it. Here’s the SECRET:

You just have to pay the right kind of “toll” and go through the correct conversation PATHWAY that leads you to the “fast lane”.

See the lane with the green light?

With a “fast lane” conversation, you just pay some “toll” and off to the races you go!

By “toll”, I mean using certain specific types of “conversation frameworks” (of which there are seventeen) which will allow you to skip the slow lane altogether and immediately get you and your conversation partners into the fast lane.

Think of these conversation frameworks as SHORTCUTS or PATHWAYS into the “fast lane”.

If you take the WRONG pathway, i.e. the wrong conversation frameworks, you end up in the slow lane or stalled completely.

Here is an example of a “wrong pathway”:

Many people have heard the widely given conversation advice of “talk about your interests“.So, they talk about their interests like their lives depend on it thinking they are making “good conversation”.

Problem is: nobody actually cares about your interests!

Even if they did, they don’t want to know THAT much about your interest. They don’t need to know your life story (at least not all at once) and they certainly don’t need you giving a lecture about it like you’re a college professor about to give an epic midterm exam.

This is an example of an “wrong conversation framework” that leads a conversation to nowhere good.

See the lanes in the above picture with the red “X”? That’s where you end up when you use a “wrong conversation framework”.

Talking about “wrong” pathways, Conversation Superstar is NOT about giving you unique conversation topics to talk about or teaching you useless, generic, and mediocre conversation advice like “be a good listener“, “ask good questions“, or “be interested in others“.

The KEY is to know and use the CORRECT conversation frameworks in conversation.

Most people don’t use the right conversation frameworks in conversation and that is why their conversations end up in the “slow lane”.However, when you use the RIGHT conversation frameworks, you end up in the fast lane and your conversation takes off like that Ferrari on the Autobahn. Your conversation transforms into a thrilling, exciting, and wonderful social experience.

Believe it or not, it’s as easy as flipping a switch.

So, you just have to know what kind of “toll” you have to pay, i.e. you just have to know what kinds of conversation frameworks to use in conversation and what conversation frameworks to avoid.

Simple as that.

The power of the Conversation Superstar system derives from a complete PARADIGM SHIFT in how to approach conversations that you just never knew. And, the seventeen “conversation frameworks” you will learn are the KEY to experiencing this PARADIGM SHIFT.

With your newfound superpowers, its extremely likely these amazing things will start coming your way:

*Become the LIFE OF THE PARTY in any social situation.
*Suddenly develop the ability to FLIRT with the opposite sex in a natural, smooth, attractive way.*DEEPEN your friendships and connections with all the people in your life.*Experience more social and professional OPPORTUNITIES over time.*And…most importantly, simply become someone that EVERYONE WANTS TO BE AROUND ALL THE TIME.

This is what you will get in Conversation Superstar:

*You will learn the science behind the system.*You will learn the basics of conversation that every conversationalist must learn to go from zero to good.*You will learn everything you need to start a conversation with anybody and how to keep it sustained, and more importantly, how to make the conversation accelerate and takeoff!*You will learn the magical seventeen “conversation frameworks” which will transform your conversation skills from merely good to GREAT.*You will see exactly how to implement these seventeen conversation frameworks, including numerous examples and videos demonstrating their implementation.

*You will also learn “shortcuts” (i.e. keywords and magic phrases) to implementing the seventeen conversation frameworks.

*You will also learn medium to long-term exercises that you will practice daily in order to reinforce and strengthen your ability to create “fast lane” conversations on the fly.

*And, that is not all you will get…

In Conversation Superstar, learn how to enter the “fast lane” and speed your way to conversation success!


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