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Mike and Rich - Amazing Selling Machine 9

Mike and Rich – Amazing Selling Machine 9

Price: $3995

Get Mike and Rich – Amazing Selling Machine 9 right now!

How to Quickly Build a Life-Changing Business Leveraging the Power of Amazon
Right now the most powerful program ever created to walk you through building your own highly successful business with Amazon is BACK!


With over $177 billion per year in revenue and continuing rapid growth, Amazon is taking over the entire retail world.

This year in 2018, Amazon is predicted to sell over $220 BILLION – more than $40 billion in additional sales than the year before. This means there are literally billions of dollars up for grabs for people just like you…

Flying drones, local stores, massive warehouses, and rapid international growth are just a few parts of Amazon’s relentless progress.

Fortunately for you, the opportunity to build a real, long-term, profitable business leveraging the massive resources of Amazon has never been better than it is right now in 2018. It’s easier and faster to build a great business on Amazon than at any time in history.


A lot has changed on Amazon over the past year. Powerful tools and resources that used to only be available to big brands are now available to everyone for the first time! The playing field on Amazon today has been completely LEVELED.

We’ve completely rebuilt our proven program to help you start and grow your business leveraging the power of Amazon.

We’ve spent months re-working, refining, tweaking, and upgrading ASM to make it better than ever. The brand new, completely rebuilt ASM is the best version yet, we guarantee it (see below).

Even if you’ve never sold on Amazon before, we can, and will, teach you:

  • How to find red hot product opportunities on Amazon
  • How to find high-quality suppliers for any product from anywhere in the world
  • The simple process to creating your own brand for any product you sell
  • The secret to crafting the perfect Amazon product page
  • Our new system for launching products to the top of Amazon and beating out big name brands in less than a week
  • How to nearly automate the entire logistics of this business using Amazon’s own resources
  • How and when to scale this business by growing your brand with additional products

Everything in ASM has been completely updated and contains what’s working right now on Amazon.


ASM contains 4 powerful components including:

  1. The New 8-Week Online Web Class
  2. The Private Mentor Program
  3. Lifetime Access to the Private and Exclusive Community
  4. The Upgraded Private Resource Vault

Each one of these components is designed to help you build your life-changing business faster. We are here to make sure you and your business are successful with ASM. Each one of these components is critical to the process of building your business.


The 8-Week Web Class has taught people from all around the world, most with little to NO prior business experience, how to build a THRIVING business.

Now…here’s something SUPER EXCITING that we have to share with you…

Things are constantly changing and improving on Amazon – and we’re always staying on top of the newest, hottest opportunities available…

To make the web class EVEN BETTER, you will be the FIRST to access the COMPLETELY NEW, UPDATED, IMPROVED 8-Week version of this web class just for ASM!

There are new strategies that nobody knows about that are all included in the NEW 8-Week Web Class to get you BIGGER and FASTER results than ever before!

It includes the most up-to-date strategies, tactics, and insights for building this business as quickly as possible, so you’re able to achieve the level of FREEDOM in your life you’ve always wanted!

We’ve even brought on two VERY SPECIAL people to guide you through your journey in the Online Web Class.

You know the amazing members you’ve seen in this video series? You want to know something they ALL have in common?

They all were helped along their journey to HUGE success by the same two incredible people: Mike McClary and Rich Henderson.

Both Mike and Rich have built their own successful businesses with Amazing Selling Machine. But what gets them even more excited is helping other people just like you achieve true freedom with this program.

So, along with us, they’re going to be guiding you through the 8-Week Web Class. You not only get access to the world’s greatest training on building a business leveraging the power of Amazon, you ALSO get access to the top two trainers PROVEN to help people be incredibly successful with this model!

As soon as you get inside, you get access to the Welcome Module, which gives you an overview of how this program works, gives you a few steps to get started building your business immediately, and introduces you to the private community of members.

Then, in Module 1, you learn which Amazon marketplace to start with, exactly how to get setup to sell on Amazon, the 7 elements of a HOT opportunity, products to absolutely AVOID, the Perfect Product Selection System, the FULL ASM Product Selection Criteria, creating your HOT product opportunity list, and how to narrow your opportunity list down to the absolute BEST products.

Next, in Module 2, you discover how much you make from every sale on Amazon, all about PRODUCT TUNING, the guaranteed way to make easier sales, the 3-Step Simple Sourcing System, finding and contacting suppliers like a pro, and getting samples for your top product opportunity.

In Module 3, you learn what to do once your samples arrive, how to choose the BEST supplier AND get the HIGHEST profit margins, the Amazing Brand Name Creation Process, the Rapid Amazon Listing Setup Method, Automatic List-Building with Package Inserts, shipping by sea and air, and placing your first inventory order.

Next, in Module 4, you discover the exact steps to take to prepare for massive launch success, creating your global brand image with a brand website, setting up your automatic list-building funnel, and the 5-Part Brand Building Blueprint.

In Module 5, we show you how to create an irresistible Amazon product page with the Perfect Product Page system including strategic keyword research, creating a traffic-grabbing product title, crafting bullet points that SELL, closing the sale with a compelling product description, and bringing your product to life with high-quality product images. You also learn how to strategically PRICE your product for maximum sales and profit, AND how to get automatic Amazon product reviews with the perfect email autoresponder series.

Next, in Module 6, it’s time to LAUNCH your product to the top of Amazon with the brand-new, advanced LAUNCH AND RANK system! You learn how to get your first product reviews no matter where you live in the world and how to use Amazon coupons, Amazon advertising, and a few other powerful traffic platforms to skyrocket your product up in the Amazon rankings.

In Module 7, you take your sales to the NEXT LEVEL with the advanced marketing system and powerful traffic tools. You learn how to advertise on Amazon like an expert, how to produce sales with a little-known secret advertising system only a fraction of Amazon Sellers know about, how to setup your Raving Fan Customer Service System, and how to measure and scale your business profits.

Lastly, in the final module of the web class, Module 8, you learn how to dramatically SCALE your business the right way. We show you how to leverage the brand you’ve built and customers you’ve acquired to double, triple, and even quadruple your business multiple times per year by strategically adding additional products to your brand. You can EASILY multiply the success of your business by doing this the RIGHT way and you learn everything in the last module of the web class!



Our only goal with ASM is to make sure you build a successful business. To make sure this happens, we’ve brought on some of our very successful ASM members to help you start and grow your new business.

On average, the Mentors have sold over $1 MILLION on Amazon EACH in their own businesses.

These incredible people not only have built very successful businesses themselves, but also absolutely LOVE to help people just like you. It’s their form of giving back to the community that’s done so much for them.

Anytime you have a question or need help along the journey of building your business with ASM, the Mentors are there to help. They’re active in the community every single day and are waiting and ready to help you continually move forward with your business.


Want instant access to a private community of HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL, MULTI-MILLIONAIRE Amazon sellers?

People that have BUILT this business from scratch and gone on to produce millions of dollars in sales…all EAGER to HELP YOU follow in their same path, so you can achieve the freedom THEY have?

Good luck finding such a qualified community…UNTIL NOW…

We’ve built the world’s most successful community of physical-product business entrepreneurs…filled with the most amazing group of people you’ve ever known…

There is NO WAY to access this PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE community without Amazing Selling Machine….

This 100% ONLINE community is accessible from any computer, any browser, and any device….you can tap into it immediately, 24 hours a day.

Our members use this community every day to get help, get inspiration, and get updated on the latest, cutting-edge opportunities and strategies RIGHT NOW – as soon as they’re available!

You can too…when you get LIFETIME ACCESS to the PRIVATE community with the THIRD component of Amazing Selling Machine!

With THE COMMUNITY you’re NEVER ALONE when you’re building your business. You have thousands of people who have already done what you’re doing at your back and supporting you along the way!


This is a collection of our own resources we use to build our Amazon businesses – and you get exclusive access to it as an ASM member.

For example, you get multiple copy-and-paste supplier contact templates, product and sample evaluation templates, and other powerful, proven templates you can simply copy to grow your own business.

You also get the private contact details of professional services we use such as freight forwarders, photographers, and more.

With the Private Resource Vault, easily worth $10,000 or more, you get an INSIDER advantage over other Amazon Sellers.

We’ve included everything you need to build a business with this model. To start your business, all you need to do is get some inventory – which is as little as $500 to $1,000 to get started. We’ve taken care of nearly everything else FOR YOU.


In addition to the 24/7 online community, we’ve been hosting weekly group coaching calls for new

Amazing Selling Machine members since ASM9 opened.

These group coaching calls give you the opportunity to ask questions, get extra support, gain accountability, and learn additional strategies.

When you join ASM now, you’ll get FULL access to all of the previous coaching calls PLUS we’re going to go further and host monthly LIVE coaching calls for you to join in on and ask any other questions that you might have!


Your opportunity to get inside ASM is closing soon. We’re doing everything we can to make sure ALL ASM members are incredibly successful with their new businesses.

Here’s a recap of what you get with ASM:

  1. The New and Improved ASM 8-Week Online Web Class ($9,997 Value)
  2. The Private Mentor Program ($4,997 Value)
  3. Lifetime Access to the Private and Exclusive Community ($1,997 Value)
  4. The Upgraded Private Resource Vault ($9,997 Value)
  5. SPECIAL BONUS: 8 Private Group Coaching Call Recordings Plus Live Monthly Coaching Calls ($1,597 Value)


We estimate that our members currently sell over $1 billion per year on Amazon.

We’ve had everyone from nurses to police officers to corporate executives to people who didn’t even speak English achieve success with Amazing Selling Machine.

There’s one reason why ASM is the most in-demand program ever created for building a business with Amazon: it’s backed by more real proof and success stories than any other program out there.

Disclaimer: Your success is going to depend on how closely you follow the training, how hard you work, and a variety of other factors. But, you know that by using ASM, you are using the most successful program like this ever created to fast track your way to success.

Get Mike and Rich – Amazing Selling Machine 9 right now!

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