Mike Long – OMG Director Cut 2018

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Mike Long – OMG Director Cut 2018

OMG Machine 2018

Included access to the actual OMG members area and the secret FB Groups through Portable Firefox and a private proxy so you get all the updates as soon as they are posted and you can also attend all the live webinars as they happen.

Price: $1999
Sale Page: www.omgmachines.com/join-forces/
Archive: archive.is/8cZzc


Your final checklist for what’s included is now below. Much training is already available, more will appear quite soon. Detailed training on the promised topics will be completed during the span of the next 4 months, with most likely appearing in the next few weeks. Then, future training for OMG coaching that is created by Kotton, Network Empire, Joe, and/or Travis will also be placed into the Director’s Cut members area for a long time to come, likely for the entire life of OMG years into the future.

Mike Long here, on behalf of David Mills, Kotton Grammar, Joe Marfoglio, Travis Sago, Jimmy Kelley, Sue Bell, Russell Wright, Greg Morrison, Joshua Fletcher, and myself. And on behalf of you.

Here’s what the Director’s Cut trainers have in common: in addition to massive incomes and shocking results, each and every one of them has a proven track record of getting others over the finish line. They aren’t just able to do it; they HAVE done it, and each has previously done it again and again.

Kotton Grammer reveals his client getting, pricing, and fulfillment system for Web Traffic Consulting and especially SEO consulting. Kotton has well over a dozen tested and proven exclusive methods, and if you want to learn, he’ll keep sharing more. These are the EXACT methods that Kotton used to go from $0 to $1.3 million all in 2014.

You get Kotton’s extensive training, and you get him LIVE weekly. Kotton has used his methods to take his OMG income up OVER $200,000 per MONTH. Getting somebody like Kotton LIVE, week after week for four months, is a once-in-a-lifetime sort of opportunity. (Live Q&A webinars are also recorded, of course.)

The future is now: Jimmy Kelley, Russell Wright, and Sue Bell reveal SEO secrets including advanced (and introductory) Domain Authority Stacking, the 5 Iframe Punch, Social Site circle leveraging, PBN evolution, and jacking into the hidden power of RSS Feeds. In other words, evergreen and explosive Free Traffic getting.

Not only are you learning their secrets, but you’re also getting Jimmy, Russell, and Sue LIVE weekly in what is the first and probably the ONLY such time in their lives when they will be doing that many appearances. Otherwise, to get just Jimmy live for just 1 hour costs $1000. In Director’s Cut, you are getting them weekly for 4 months, plus extensive training. Remember, we are here so that you WIN, not just so that you gain more knowledge (although nothing wrong with a ton of secret powerful exclusive knowledge.)

Joe knows OMG: Joe Marfoglio reveals his “set-it-and-forget-it” affiliate page method, his “street smart” outsourcing method, and his client getting “cheat sheet.” You get full training AND coaching office hours with Joe. Click through here to find out about more about Joe’s client getting “cheat sheet”. (Opens a new window.)

Travis Sago started from absolute scratch…and built a $6-figure per month money-getting empire on the power of affiliate marketing. Now, for the first time ever, Travis reveals his exclusive affiliate page conversion method, and his keyword buying cycle method. In addition to his extensive and over-the-shoulder training, you get Travis LIVE. Travis’ training and appearances are scheduled to begin in approximately two months

BONUS: Mike Haydon and Clinton Dixson are among the premier SEO web designers in the world today. Mike, Clinton, Russell, Jimmy, Sue and I have joined forces to create a 100% world exclusive Genesis Dynamik skin, called “Director’s Cut”. It is not only the top SEO optimized (and lightning fast!) theme and skin in the world, and it also comes pre-wired for the Semantic Web. And it is, in my opinion, among the best looking skins on the internet today. Once again, in addition to the free exclusive design skin (similar to one of the top theme-skin combinations that sells for $1500), Mike and Clinton give you the training and they also will appear LIVE to answer questions. (Requires an inexpensive purchase of the Genesis & Dynamik theme and website builder, if you don’t already own it, not included. Genesis Dynamik is not affiliated with OMG.)

Listen, I don’t want to put any pressure on you here, but those not getting in will wind up wandering around, on the outside looking in.

There is NO other way.

Because there is no success online without an overwhelming advantage. That’s the biggest reason that we made it so incredibly easy to join this training & coaching that should, by all rights, cost $10,000. And at that price it would be a steal.

The opportunity to get insider training and to get your answers answered directly, week after week, month after month, by Kotton, Jimmy, Sue, Russell, Sue, Travis is so extraordinary that it takes my breath away.

Jimmy’s time, when you can book it, is $1000/hour. For Russell & Sue you’re looking at a once/year opportunity to pay $15,000 to ask questions for one weekend. For Travis it’s $25,000.

And in each case, in my opinion, that’s an incredible bargain.

Oh, and with Kotton and Joe, it’s never happened…

Kotton has profited over $1.3 million in 2014 so far. That’s over $3,500 PER DAY.

That means if Kotton accelerates his success by one day, it’s an extra $3,500 in his wallet. Almost $25,000 per week.

And Director’s Cut Upgrade will accelerate you by months, if not years…for many people it will be the difference between ultimately being wildly successful, and simply never, ever getting over the finish-line, despite years of toil and tens of thousands invested.

What’s more, with Director’s Cut Upgrade, it’s all designed and happening under David Mills’ watchful eye.

David is the master of overwhelming advantage. He is, by far, the most successful person I’ve ever known. He has realized success in situation after situation.

He is perhaps the preeminent strategist that we’ve ever seen here, on this little orb that we share, called Earth.

And this is him directing a masterpiece. It’s all bent around giving you an overwhelming advantage.

Right now, today, as we head into the last week of 2014, and we rocket into 2015, you’re in the exact right place, and the exact right time.

This is a perfect storm, and it’s never happened before, and it will never happen again.

Because we’re greedy for your success we’re charging a small fraction of what it’s worth.

This isn’t just about money-getting with SEO client consulting Kotton Grammer style, and high powered affiliate marketing with Travis Sago…

…This is also about dominating the search engines.

Here’s the deal:

You get lifetime access to your members area, including all updates to that members area, and 4 solid months of weekly live coaching webinars (replays made available; Kotton, Joe, and Network Empire all will appear at separate times resulting in multiple webinars each week, and Travis will make multiple live appearances as well) for one payment of $10,000 $1999, or 11-monthly payments of $199.

In the unlikely case that a major contributor to Director’s Cut gets hit by a bus, a flying oversized chicken, gets washed away in a flood, or a similar disaster, we will find a reasonable substitute. Not that any of the folks in Director’s Cut have any equal…

If you aren’t already in our OMG NHB coaching: There are major differences, of course, between this Director’s Cut Upgrade package and our original and ongoing No Holds Barred coaching (Project X and Project J are examples of various sessions of our main NHB coaching.) Director’s Cut, also called the Director’s Cut Upgrade, contains what will become a huge addition to our main coaching program. The ability to purchase Director’s Cut separately, as you have the opportunity to do this week, will disappear forever after Dec 31st, and it will become part of our main coaching, which will then cost approximately $7000 in total. We have decided to open this Director’s Cut Upgrade package up to people who are not yet part of our main coaching. If you are in that category, then you may complete your coaching package at any time by paying the difference (approximately $5000, for a total of about $7000).

The Director’s Cut upgrade does not contain email coaching, facebook message coaching, or a community group. That is reserved for our full NHB coaching, and if it were included in Director’s Cut, we’d have to at least double or triple the price. It is very likely that ALL questions will be answered during the Live Office Hours webinars, probably each week, or, worst case, over the course of a few weeks. However, those live Q&A sessions will be the only forum to get questions answered within Director’s Cut. That is why we have a LOT of those live appearances. It isn’t just one webinar with everybody once/week, it is Kotton separately, Network Empire (1-3 of them will be live on any particular webinar each week) separately, Joe separately, for a total of 3 live events per week, plus Travis will have several live appearances, as will Mike Haydon and Clinton Dixson.

Director’s Cut involves training and live Q&A webinars (the live webinars may also contain other types of training in addition to Q&A, by the way, depending on time constraints) from Kotton, Jimmy, Russell, Sue, Joe, Travis, plus the web design skin and training, and more. Greg may help from time to time. However, there will be some cases, not too often, but it may happen, when Director’s Cut training may build on training that people in our main coaching have. Our full NHB coaching is highly highly recommended, but we want to give people who don’t yet have it, a chance to get started with Director’s Cut if they so choose. Director’s Cut is an unbelievably great value and will be immeasurably helpful even if you don’t have the full NHB material, but of course there is a reason why our full coaching is $7000 and not only the $2000 that the Director’s Cut upgrade costs. NHB is based on Greg, Fletch, and many other OMG’ers sharing what they know.

5 reviews for Mike Long – OMG Director Cut 2018

  1. Natalie Morris (verified owner)

    This course exceeded my expectations! The content was thorough and well-organized. Highly recommend!

  2. Henry (verified owner)

    Great value for the price. Highly recommend!

  3. Ryan Walker (verified owner)

    This course provided a great foundation for further learning.

  4. Justin Gonzalez (verified owner)

    The interactive elements kept me engaged throughout. Loved it!

  5. Thomas Peterson (verified owner)

    The course was very thorough and detailed.

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