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Cold Email Masters

Discover How To Start Getting Sales Immediately With No Audience, No Ad Budget, & No JV Partners | taught by Mike Hardenbrook

How Mike, a Father of 3 From Arizona, Built a $1.2 Million Dollar Business With Zero Audience & Zero Ad Budget


“Mike’s cold email system helped me land meetings with buyers at some of the top retailers, including Whole Foods Market.”

– Scott Weavil, Attorney and founder Bumpbar

Mike used the same strategy Elon Musk used when building up Paypal.com.

Cold email.

It’s a marketing method that you don’t need any money or any more tools than you already have to start. If you have an email address, then you already have everything you need.

It’s also a scalable strategy capable of generating millions, even birthing an industry goliath such as Paypal.com

You might be thinking…

  • Isn’t cold email blackhat?
  • Is cold email the same thing as spam?
  • Will cold email piss people off?

Like every other marketing method, there are ethical methods and unethical methods.

Cold Email Has Been Raved About By Forbes, FastCompany, Inc Magazine, Hubspot, Entrepreneur Mag, Business Insider, Mixergy, Tim Ferriss, & AppSumo

What’s the alternative?

Let’s compare blogging to cold email…

Cold email doesn’t require you to setup WordPress, install themes, plug-ins, and then write thousands of words. Cold email doesn’t require you to wait for Google to bless your site with 1st page rankings. Nor does it require you to beg for shares.

You can start cold emailing people tonight and have meetings or sales by tomorrow.

Skip right past all that effort of trying to build up traffic, generate leads, and convert them to sales. Jump straight to the getting of sales.

Compare cold email to paid traffic…

If you have a well tuned ad campaign, it’s much more automated and scalable than cold email. The problem is getting to the point where you have that automated highly profitable ad campaign.

It’s possible. We teach that here at DMBI.

We also teach cold email though, because nothing is cheaper, faster, or easier. You don’t have to risk an ad budget upfront, setup ad campaigns, watch them like a hawk, and hope for ROI.

Cold Email Skips Past The Arduous Process of Generating Traffic, & Jumps Straight To The Getting of Sales

But isn’t it kind of spammy?

Yes, if you do it wrong. If you tried hard pitching a product in every blog post that would be spammy too. However, everyone knows that there is a right and wrong way to do blogging.

The same goes for cold email.

When Elon Musk (or his employees) ran their cold email campaign to launch Paypal.com, they offered people free money to sign up. Do you think people were pissed about an email offering them free money? NO!


When you Do It “The Right Way” People Thank You For Emailing Them

In Cold Email Masters, Mike Hardenbrook, teaches you how to be a welcomed guest in people’s inboxes. Then how to turn those new relationships into quick sales.

  • You’ll learn how to automagically insert local weather details so it looks like a personal 1 on 1 email
  • How to get 10,000 targeted high quality prospects for only $179
  • Turn every Slack group into your own private goldmine of prospects
  • Consistently get 50% to 70% open rates with Mike’s proven subject lines
  • Turn anyone’s Twitter followers into your secret garden of profit
  • Find your competitors customers and turn them into your prospects for free
  • How Mike used cold email to generate sales for a business idea before he even had a product or website
  • Find an unlimited amount of prospects in places that refresh with new leads monthly
  • The formula for writing cold emails that people thank you for sending

What Types of Businesses Can Use Cold Email


Cold email is a no brainer if you sell services or software. Imagine the house maid who cold emails everyone in her neighborhood with quick tips to remove the oil from their driveway, and then offers to do it for free. Or the SEO guy who emails website owners with a unique tip on how to score a few high quality backlinks and then asks to setup a call.

Services is what Mike was selling when he built GrowthGeeks.com to a million dollar company with cold email.


Software also works great, because it’s just like services. Software does something for the user. What makes software better than services is often you pay less or only once for the software. Salesforce.com pretty much pioneered cold email selling and it’s how they built themselves into a billion dollar company.


What better way can you think of to land the best interviews, than cold email? If you were good at finding email addresses, writing great subject lines, and automating cold email you could easily fill up your podcast with guests. John Dumas used a lot of cold emails in the beginning days of his podcast, EntrepreneurOnFire.


It’s not easy to sell ecommerce products through cold email, but it is easy to find influencers who will promote your products. Cold email is the best way to land new relationships with market influencers or youtubers who can promote your ecommerce products.


If you are a speaker or consultant, cold email can make you a ton of money. As a consultant or speaker you can use clever cold email campaigns to land new speaking gigs. Which as you know, will land you more consulting clients. Jeff Yalden, world famous youth motivational speaker uses cold emails to book over 180 days a year on stage.

Cold email works for any business that owns their own product or service.

The only types of businesses I would recommend NOT buy Cold Email Masters are…

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Network Marketers

About Author:

Mike Hardenbrook
Mike Hardenbrook
Founder & TechStars Mentor

Mike’s specialty is building startups quickly using the power of cold email. Recently building GrowthGeeks.com to $1.2 million in just 18 months using primarily cold email.

He has founded 3 bootstrapped & 2 VC funded startups. He’s an alumni and mentor at the world famous Techstars accelerator, along with Dreamit Ventures, and the Univ. of Chicago.

You can find his projects written about in Forbes, Inc., & Entrepreneur.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Cold Email Bootcamp


How to Take Action with This Course
The 4 Core Principles to Build a Sales Machine
How to Use Cold Email to Grow Your Business
The Cold Email Mentality
Who Uses Cold Email Successfully
Debunking the Myths
Types of Cold Email Campaigns


Module 2: Best Practices with Cold Email


Intro to Targeting with Cold Email
Targeting with Cold Email
Lets Create Your Perfect Prospect
Customer Persona Worksheet
Customer In Context by Steve Blank


Module 3: DIY Prospecting (Like a Boss)


Intro to Prospecting Like a Boss
DIY Prespecting Benefits and Drawbacks
Purchasing Leads: Benefits and Drawbacks
DIY Prospecting Built to Scale
Types of Emails We Want
Prospecting Apps and Extensions
Prospecting Google, Linkedin, Directories, and Forums
Prospecting Competitors, Angellist, Product Hunt, and Twitter
Super Fast with Linkedin
Turning Directories into Emails
Targeting Based on Software
The Twitter Hack
My Secret Source
Scrubbing Your Data
Scale Wining Sources with Outsourcers
Instructions for Organizing Data Sources


Module 4: Purchasing Prospect Leads


Do You Need Any Help?
Types of Lead Brokers
Calculate Your Estimate ROI
Outreach and Working with a Rep


Module 5: Writing Irresistible Cold Emails


Writing Irresitible Cold Emails
Defining Your One Thing
Content, Length, Spacing, and Punctuation
The Connect-the-Dots Formula
The Soft Touch Formula
3 Levels of Personalization
Your Call to Action
Quick Hack for Composing Emails
Subject Lines that Get Opened
The Do’s and Don’ts
How to Address Your Recipients
Signatures and using PS, BTW and FYI
Spot Checking Your Emails
Compliance and References
Compliance – Can-Spam Resource


Module 6: Follow-up Sequences that Convert


Follow-up Sequences that Convert
How Many Follow-up Emails to Send
Is Your Sequence Annoying?
Follow-up Sequence Breakdown
Sending Cadence
Using Humor in Your Follow-ups


Module 7: Delivering Your Email at Scale


Ready to Hit Send!?
Sending Emails with a Plan
Apps to Send in Bulk
Setup Your Email Alias
Hacks to Bulk Import Your Prospects
Formatting Your Templates
How to Send Custom Emails in Bulk
Setting Up Follow-up Campaigns
Typical Open, CTR, and Bounce Rates
Setting Up Seed Accounts and Do Not Mail Lists
You Did it! Final Thoughts
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Slides and Cliff Notes

Cold Email Masters Workbook

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