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The Simple Info Launch Funnel is the approach we’ve developed at our publishing business to quickly launch new information products with a high degree of success.

Mike Cooch – Digital Marketing Lab – Simple Info Launch Funnel

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The Simple Info Launch Funnel is the approach we’ve developed at our publishing business to quickly launch new information products with a high degree of success.

We can get them out the door in under a week at this point.
We don’t make millions from them, but we sure do make a nice living and enjoy a wonderful lifestyle because of them.

And most importantwe build our list of 1,000 true fans.

it works…here’s proof.
As you can see, these aren’t mega-launches, but over the last few months we’ve generated a nice chunk of revenue from a handful of these simple launches.
What’s even more important to us though – and the reason we even do these launches in the first place – is that we’ve also acquired thousands of satisfied new customers doing little more than hustling and sharing our knowledge.
That’s the whole point of these launches to us!
Our goal is to put our products that always deliver at least 10X what a person pays for them so that we build our loyal tribe.
It’s a process that is relatively simple, easy to execute, fast…and it WORKS! ?
Now, since you’ve read the this far, I’m wondering…

would you like to know how to 

launch your own profitable information product?
If so, I’m excited to share our model with you.
We’ve decided that it’s time for us to launch a new training business to show people how to build and run their own online information publishing and affiliate marketing business.
It’s called Digital Marketing Lab.
And to kick it off, I’ll be holding a live bootcamp over the next couple of weeks where I’ll share exactly how we are planning and executing these simple launches.

Here’s what You’ll Get from the 

‘simple info launch funnel live training bootcamp’:
In the training, we’ll cover everything you need to know to launch your information product with success and begin your journey towards 1,000 true fans:
  • The exact step-by-step funnel structure we use to convert a high percent of visitors into buyers and maximize revenueso you’ll have a proven model to work with.
  • The funnel planning template we use to map out the details of our funnel quickly and easily…so you can plan your funnel efficiently and without guesswork!
  • The exact launch project plan we use to manage the launch from beginning to end…this alone is worth way more than the cost of this training!
  • The exact funnel sales page templates we use for each step of our sales funnel…
  • The pricing formula we use to create as many buyers as possible while also maximizing overall revenuethis works like magic!
  • The commission structure and prize pools we use to attract JVs…so they’ll happily promote your products and make great money doing it.
  • How to position your launch to drive urgency with authenticity…so your customers know they are getting a great deal and give you their loyalty!
  • The metrics we typically get throughout our funnels…so you’ll know what to expect and have a benchmark for success to measure against.
  • And last but not least…four hours of live training and opportunity to ask questions
Shortly after the live training is done, all of the materials will be packaged up into a membership area that you’ll have lifetime access to.

With This System You’ll Know Everything You Need To Know 

To launch your information product and earn your 1,000 true fans!
To be clear, this is NOT any hype-filled ‘make money’ training…you aren’t going to pull money out of thin air!
You have to create and offer products that deliver true value and earn the loyalty of your fans.
That’s what they 1,000 true fans concept is all about.
But no matter how good of a product you create, you have to have a way to get that quality product into their hands, and launching a product is the best way to do that!
This is the simplest, most effective, and most reliable way we’ve found to do that!
WARNING: this is the ONLY TIME I plan on doing this live bootcamp training at anywhere near this price…so grab ahold of the freedom that knowing how to launch your own successful information products can give you…


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