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Michael Senoff – Hidden Marketing Assets Pro Syste

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HERE’S WHAT YOU GET . . .Below are forty-eight (48) HMA resources all included with this package.Each of the resources are offered as a mp3 download and play audio button.

You can take the lessons with you on the go.

Download or play from your smart phone, home computer, lap top or mp3 player.

Most lesson comes with the word for word printable PDF transcripts.

Now you’ll have my most complete collection ever offered on becoming and HMA Marketing Consultant.

All the tools and training you need to get the paying clients you want.

Look at what you get.

Pro 1-48

1. Video Library
2. System Recordings
3. Implementation Guides
4. Group Training Workbooks
5. Slide Presentations
6. Special Reports
7. Rights To 250 Audio Interviews
8. Marketing Templates
9. Opportunity Analysis Training
10. Unique Selling Proposition
11. Getting Clients Interviews
12. HMA Conference Calls
13. Telemarketing Training
14. How To Become A Consultant Interviews
15. Inspirational Calls
16. Motivation and Success Interviews
17. Rights To Audios Transcripts
18. Founding Fathers of Client Generation Audio Interview Series
19. Art Hamel Business Buying System
20. Joint Venture Magic
21. Barter Secrets
22. Jim Camp Negotiating Training
23. Rand Brenner IP Licensing Mastery
24. Stan Billue Highest Paid Salesman On Earth
25. Ben Settle Email Writing Secrets
26. Get Your Product Into Wal-Mart
27. High Intensity Brain Training
28. How I Made a Bundle on Craigslist
29. Emergency Fast Cash Interviews
30. Guerilla Internet Marketing Audio Series
31. Internet Marketing 101 Audio Series
32. Lost Files of Internet Marketing
33. Contracts and Agreements Guide
34. Audio Marketing Secrets
35. Secret Free Links Of The Internet
36. Make a Million Per Year Cleaning Offices System
37. World’s Greatest Ads Transcripts
38. USP Magic
39. Eugene Schwartz Rare Ad Collection
40. PR & Free Advertising How To Get It
41. Best Copywriting Interviews
42. Referral Getting Secrets
43. Advanced Selling Interviews
44. Claude Hopkins Rare Ads
45. Unconscious Selling Unlock The Buying Code
46. Direct Selling
47. Health Expert Interviews
48. Police Pen

You’re going to love what I’ve put together for you on this ultimate marketing consultant self help resource. It’s my most complete HMA System ever.

Each one of resources are designed to give you the tools you need to get money coming in fast, even if you have no selling, coaching or business experience.

1.  Video Library
Now you can watch all your HMA DVD training online.As you start to watch these videos, you’ll see Richard and his students following along.You’ll start with the HMA Live Seminar totaling 6 DVDs.

You get more than 17 hours of HMA Marketing Consulting Training Videos.

You’ll be able to watch these videos online from any computer.

Your HMA Marketing Consulting Training features Richard at the top of his game. You’ll see Richard teaching a packed house full of future successful marketing consultants and coaches, who are students of his HMA system.

Each student paid thousands of dollars to attend this live training.

This video training is like having Richard right there with you showing you exactly what to do each step of the way.

* VIDEO #1 Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting Training
* 217 minute video (3 hours and 37 minutes)

* VIDEO #2 Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting Training
* 205 minute video (3 hours and 25 minutes)

* VIDEO #3 Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting Training
* 214 minute video (3 hours and 34 minutes)

* VIDEO #4 Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting Training
* 201 minute video (3 hours and 21 minutes)

* VIDEO #5 Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting Training
* 132 minute video (2 hours and 12 minutes)

* VIDEO #6 Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting Training
* 124 minute video (2 hours and 4 minutes)

HMA Group Training Videos

This is Richard’s most recent video which has him conducting a live Group Training for 15 business owners wanting to learn how to grow their businesses using the HMA System.

The Group Training concept is another way for you to earn income.

If you were to do Group Training for 10 businesses, charging only $1000 each, for example, you’ll would have made $10,000 for only 12 hours of actual training work.

That’s $830 per hour.

This is great if you like speaking and are comfortable teaching others.

Your set of Group Training videos will show you exactly how to execute this training.

You’ll have access to pre-designed workbooks to provide each one of your paying group training clients.

And you may even have these workbooks private labeled with your consulting name on the cover.

The Group Training curriculum is done for you. You just follow the training in the videos and follow along as your group learns how to implement the HMA System for their own business.

These business owners will love you for this training.

This is the same training used by Dell and IBM in their learning management platforms. These companies don’t market their training under the HMA brand, but they use the same curriculum as what you are going to get.

Richard discovered that many of the businesses he talked to wanted his consulting services but could not afford his one-on-one fees.

As a result, Richard started working with manufacturing associations and started doing Group Trainings with 10 to 20 business owners at a time.

Each Group Training session can last between two to three hours twice per month for three months.

If you’re the coach who likes an exciting group atmosphere and does not want to do one-on-one coaching, this group training may be right for you.

Here’s what you’ll hear and see in this training.

* VIDEO #1: Overview Foundation, Results & The Impact Of The HMA System
* 112 minute video (1 hour and 52 minutes)

* VIDEO #2 How To Uncover Your Unique Selling Proposition For A Lot More Sales!
*75 minute video (1 hour and 15 minutes)

* VIDEO #3 Integrating The USP For A Lot More Sales

* 77 minute video (1 hour and 17 minutes)

* VIDEO #4 Sales Training Workshop

* 80 minute video (1 hour and 20 minutes)

* VIDEO #5 Customer Relationship Marketing For A Lot More Sales
* 60 minute video (1 hour)

* VIDEO #6 Marketing Alliances For A Lot More Sales
* 70 minute video (1 hour and 10 minutes)

* VIDEO #7 Customer Advertising For A Lot More Sales
* 41 minute video

* VIDEO #8 Community Relations For A Lot More Sales
* 19 minute video

* VIDEO #9 One-to-One Marketing For A Lot More Sales
* 32 minute video

*VIDEO #10 Internet Marketing For A Lot More Sales (Bonus Step)
* 54 minute video

Your set of Group Training videos will train you how to execute the HMA training in a group workshop setting so you can teach to many rather than one-to-one, multiplying your income while leveraging your time.

Your Group Training curriculum is done for you. You just follow the training in the videos and follow along as your group learns how to implement the HMA System for their own business.


2. Online System Recordings Training in Downloadable mp3 Files
With your HMA membership you will receive 25 hours of cutting edge HMA training in consulting and marketing in mp3 audio files. There is no reason you need to be glued to your computer to listen to this training. We want you to get out and learn, too. Drop these mp3 files into your iPod and go for a walk. Listen in as you drive to pick up your kids. Turn wasted time standing in line into learning time.Richard’s first live marketing consulting seminar was conducted in early 1995. Your 1995 training features Richard at the top of this game, teaching a room packed with students his system for becoming a successful marketing coach. Each student paid over $5000 to attend.You will learn everything you need about capturing clients and creating marketing systems for them. It is like having Richard right there with you, showing you exactly what to do each step of the way.

1)  Introduction And Foundation Of The System

2)  Marketing Seminar I

3)  Marketing Seminar II

4)  Growing Your Consulting Practice Part 1

5)  Growing Your Consulting Practice Part 2

6)  Growing Your Consulting Practice Part 3

7)  Marketing Evaluation

8)  Uncovering The Unique Selling Proposition Part 1

9)  Uncovering The Unique Selling Proposition Part 2

10)  Integrating The USP Lev. The Current Marketing

11)  How To Close Every Sale Seminar Part 1

12)  How To Close Every Sale Seminar Part 2

13)  Database Marketing Part 1

14)  Database Marketing Part 2

15)  Media Part 1

16)  Media Part 2

17)  Advanced Media Part 1

18)  Advanced Media Part 2

19)  Marketing Audit

20)  Community Direct Marketing Part 1

21) Community Direct Marketing Part 2

You will also receive a full 2005 Online Training collection in mp3 downloadable format.


3. HMA Implementation Guides
This is the guts of your HMA Marketing Consulting System. It shows you the steps to executing the system for you and your clients. It tells you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. This is the key to unlocking your client’s marketing assets.You will receive a total of ten HMA operation manuals showing you each step of capturing clients and making them profits using Richard’s systemized way of marketing, without them spending more money on advertising.This collection represents the core of the HMA System. Each module walks you through all the steps of the HMA Marketing Consulting System. You will reference these materials as you take your clients through the steps of the HMA System.

Richard spent years creating and refining these modules. You will have digital access to all ten operations modules as downloadable and readable PDF files.

Here is an outline of each module and what you’ll learn in each.

Module One: Foundation Of The HMA Marketing System (46 Pages)
  • Foundation
  • System Philosophy and Uniqueness
  • Actual Case Studies
  • Sample System Outline/Proposal
  • Sample Client Agreement
  • Fee Based Agreement
  • Contingency Agreement
Module Two: How To Successfully Grow Your Consulting Practice (217 Pages)
  • Mission Statement/USP Of HMA Marketing System Tele-Prospecting Scripts And Telephone Follow-Up Letter
  • Marketing Assessment Questionnaire
  • Marketing Presentation To Prospective Client
  • How To Close A New Client
  • How To Determine The Fee
  • Fee Based Direct Mail Letter/Email Marketing Brochure Ideas
  • Large Postcard Promoting 30 Minute Consultation Seminar
  • 21 Page Marketing Report For Use In Prospecting
  • FREE REPORT: How To Increase Your Business Revenue And Profits 25%-100%
  • Chamber Of Commerce Endorsement Letter
  • Seminar Workshop On Hardcopy And PowerPoint
  • New Promotion Letters And Agreement For Group Training – Train The Trainer Workshops
  • Quick Fix Marketing – One-Shot Turn Around Strategies For 50 Different Companies
  • The Headline Bank – 100 Of The Top Money Making Headlines Ever Written
  • Other Prospecting Methods – Business Shows, Groups And Associations, Niche Marketing Vertical Marketing
  • Phone Consultation Outline
Module Three: Determining a Business’ Unique Selling Proposition (USP) (68 Pages)
  • Overview
  • Definition Of USP And Examples Of Successful USPs
  • Project Implementation – The Four Steps Needed To Successfully Implement This Module
  • How To Determine And Write A USP For Your Client
  • Focus Group Questions With Owner And Staff Customer Survey Questions
  • Competitive Analysis Matrix
Module Four: Integrating The USP And Leveraging Current Marketing For Increased Sales (136 Pages)
  • Overview: How To Determine A Client’s Current Selling Process
  • Project Implementation: The Four Steps Needed For Successful Implementation Of This Module
  • Implementing Follow-Up Systems
  • Customizing A Sales Training Workshop For Your client.
  • Sample Of Sales Training Workshops With The Answers – Also On DVD
  • Developing Packages And Value Added Services
  • Productivity And Sales Report Samples
  • Personality Profile To Identify The Right Sales People
Module Five: Database Marketing – Increasing The Value Or Worth Of A Customer And Increasing Revenue And Profit By Increasing Repeat Purchases (57 Pages)
  • Overview
  • Project Implementation –  Four Steps Needed To Successfully Implement This Module
  • Identify And Segment Customer Base
  • Back-End Selling Opportunities
  • Sample Letters To Increase Purchases And To Reactivate Past Customers
  • 12 Letters To Use In Follow-Up To Prospective Customers
  • Special Savings Certificate Sample
Module Six: Creating Profitable Media Advertising (135 Pages)
  • Overview
  • The Advertising Situation Analysis Tool The Creative Strategy
  • How To Do Good Copywriting For Advertising And Developing The Media Plan
  • 50 Page Report On Yellow Pages Advertising And Newspaper Scoring
  • How To Write And Schedule Effective Radio Commercials
  • Project Implementation – The Four Steps Needed To Implement This Module
  • How To Use Local Advertisers, Designers, Printers For Outsource Help
Module Seven: Marketing Alliances (48 Pages)
  • Overview
  • Project Implementation – The Four Steps Needed To Implement This Module
  • How To Uncover Marketing Alliance Prospects
  • Sample Letters Of Cross Promotion, Ticket To Event Cross Promotion, Value Card Cross Promotion, And Reverse Cross Promotion
  • Joint Venture Sales Letters
  • Joint Venture Prospecting Letters
Module Eight: Community Marketing/PR (23 Pages)
  • Overview
  • Project Implementation – The Four Steps Needed To Implement This Module
  • How To Determine And Create Newsworthy Material About Your Client
  • How To Write A Press Release
  • Sponsorship/Contribution: How To Turn Them Into Marketing Tools
  • Implementing Community Marketing Efforts
  • How To Turn Your Business Into An Education/Teaching Business
Module Nine: Direct Marketing (92 pages)
  • Overview
  • Project Implementation: The Four Steps Needed To Implement This Module
  • How To Find Mailing Lists
  • Determining The Appropriate Lists/Target Marketing Testing The List
  • How To Write Direct Mail Copy
  • How To Get The Best Response To Any Direct Marketing Effort
  • The Envelope
  • Postage
  • Headlines
  • Urgency
  • P.S.
  • Compelling Offer
  • Short Or Long Copy?
  • What Are All The Direct Marketing Tools And How To Use The Right One!
  • Tele-Prospecting
  • Direct Mail
  • Email
  • Website
  • Salespeople
  • Infomercial
  • Newsletter/E-Zines
 Internet Marketing (241 pages)
  • Overview
  • What Is Your Business Objective
  • Website Scorecard
  • Branding On The Web
  • Steps To An Effective Website
  • E-Commerce With Your Website

With your Advanced Membership, you’ll receive everything in the basic membership, plus additional Advanced Modules.


4) Group Training Workbooks
With this training, you’ll receive eight PDF workbooks in total. Beautifully designed, 8 1/2 X 11 with full color covers.These pre-designed marketing curriculum workbooks are totally ready for you to provide to each one of your paying group workshop clients. You may have these workbooks private labeled with your consulting name on the cover (10 sets minimum). You can order the group training workbooks in a generic form for $60 per set with no minimums.You will follow the group training videos from HMA Resource #3 as your clients learn how to implement all the HMA Steps in the HMA System for their own business. These business owners will love you for this training, which is different from your one-on-one clients.

With your one-on-one clients, you are the implementer of the system. With group training clients, you become a coach, offering teaching and support only.

This marketing system is branded under a different name and used by the U.S. Department of Commerce. The system is exclusively licensed by centers of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership network throughout the United States.

In 2006, Dell Computers began to sell the popular Dell Learning System with the 7-STEPS training course included. In 2007, IBM showcased a Corporate Learning System at trade shows across the USA (including Linux World in San Francisco and Brain Share in Salt Lake City) which now features the 7-STEPS training course!

Since 1995, The International Guild of Professional Consultants (IGPC), headquartered in Orlando, Florida, has endorsed and used the system to train over 2000 members in marketing and sales consulting skills.

You’ll receive eight total workbooks in each set. The workbooks look fabulous and are printed in 4 colors, and you will receive one set with your HMA System. If group training is the way you want to go, you only pay $50 per set.

Workbook #1: Uncovering Your Unique Selling Proposition (35 Pages)

  • Defining Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • How To Determine Your Own Unique Selling Proposition
  • Your USP – A Definition Of Who You Are Or Can Be
  • Multiple Unique Selling Propositions
  • Four Steps And Tools For Determining And Uncovering Your USP
  • Preview Of Step Two

Workbook #2: Integrating USP For Exponential Growth (16 Pages)

  • Overview
  • Determining Your Starting Point – Your Core Sales Numbers
  • Managing Your Core Sales Numbers
  • Using Your USP To Generate More Sales
  • Converting Prospects Into Customers
  • Increasing The Value Of Each Customer 

Workbook #3: Database Marketing (26 Pages)

  • Overview
  • Capturing Customer Information
  • Communicate With Your Customer Base
  • Reward Your Customers
  • Referrals And Endorsements
  • Project Implementation
  • Sample Letters

Workbook #4: Strategic Marketing Alliances (15 Pages)

  • Overview
  • Strategic Marketing Alliances: Why Are They Important?
  • Establishing Strategic Marketing Alliances
  • Letters Of Endorsement
  • Cross-Promotions
  • Example Of A Cross-Promotion

Workbook #5: Custom Advertising (36 Pages)

  • Overview
  • The Advertising Situation Analysis
  • The Creative Strategy
  • Arranging For All Copy Writing And Production
  • Develop The Media Plan And Arrange For The Buys

Workbook #6: Community Relations And PR (14 Pages) 

  • Overview
  • Community Relations And Publicity
  • Workshops, Seminars And Simple Talks
  • Community Involvement
  • Review

Workbook #7: One-to-One Direct Marketing (41 Pages)

  • Overview
  • Types of One-to-One Marketing: Direct Mail
  • Types of One-to-One Marketing: Classified Ads
  • Types of One-to-One Marketing: Telemarketing
  • Getting your One-to-One Marketing Started
  • One-to-One Backend Selling
  • Examples and Final Assignments

Workbook #8: Internet Marketing – Is Your Website Making Enough Sales? (16 Pages)

Perhaps you finally built your initial website and planted your Internet stakes in the ground. If you are like most companies, your current web site is like 99% of the world’s websites – a sophisticated online brochure. It may look great, and it may even be effective, but there is so much more that it can do to help you improve your competitive position.

In this bonus step, you’ll learn how to:

  • Increase Market Share
  • Streamline Your Operations
  • Promote New Products And Services
  • Prepare Your Organization For The Future
  • Building Customer Loyalty


5) HMA Group and Solo Marketing Slide Presentations
24-7 “Remote Control Consulting Services” Selling ToolSelling consulting services to people who don’t want consulting can kill your motivation and eat up hours of valuable time. You should only be selling your services to QUALIFIED prospects.With the HMA System, you receive a valuable time-saving tool to “pre-sell” your consulting and coaching services for you. It is a PowerPoint Presentation outlining all the steps in the HMA system.

This presentation lets you send a link to any prospect in the world with Internet access, and have them learn about what you can do for their business as an HMA Coach. In other words, it takes you out of the selling position UNTIL they have gone through the presentation.

If a prospect views the presentation, they has qualified themselves as a legitimate prospect who is worthy of your valuable time. You’ll get this presentation customized with your photo, company logo, your website and your email address branded throughout. I’ll do all the production and coding for you, as well.

This tool has saved me hundreds of hours pre-selling by educating prospects about the HMA system without my direct involvement. You could pay $1000’s to have a selling tools like this produced. However, it’s yours to use and personally brand the second you become an HMA Marketing Coach. It is designed to benefit you in two ways:

  1. This training is an addition to the other training on Video #3 in your HMA system. This PowerPoint presentation is different because it is web and computer based. Any prospective client or customer can view it on their own time from any computer in the world. It is also designed to train you how to conduct a group presentation. Listen in as Richard and I role-play throughout the entire presentation. Your prospects will not know that we are acting. It is realistic enough that the client can listen in and learn how the HMA system can benefit their business by the examples covered in the minute presentation.
  2. Another way you can use this presentation is to sell the Opportunity Analysis. The presentation separates the serious clients who want to grow their business, from the ones who are not serious. After you have either taken a prospect through this presentation on your own or had them listen to the audio while following the presentation, you’ll have an opportunity to sell them a detailed analysis of their business. You can charge anywhere from $500 to $2500 for conducting a detailed “business audit” and analyzing their business in more detail. You’ll use the “HMA Opportunity Analysis Worksheet” and other questionnaires provided in your training materials.

Follow the steps below to get started.

  • Step 1 – Play the audio instructions above
  • Step 2 – Create a folder called “HMA Slide Presentations”
  • Step 3 – Download a free PowerPoint presentation viewer
  • Step 4 – Go to a blog and choose the presentation
  • Step 5 – Click on a title and enjoy!
6) Rights and Special Reports
Here is a list of all your HMA reports which you now have the reprint and resale rights to. You do not pay me any royalties, and you keep all of the profits. You can give them away for free, package and sell them to prospective clients, or use them as educational incentives.These reports will be made available for you to download in Microsoft Word and in PDF formats. These downloads are different from some of the reports that you may have seen on my site. I have removed the header and footer links leading to my site so that you may customize these reports for your specific needs.You can type in your name, and add a short footer which says, “compliments of (your name).” You can print these reports as is and have a personalized stamp or label on the back. This way, your prospect will call you back for consulting services. The front cover of the report cannot be changed, and website and company name is NOT listed on most of these reports.

A few of the reports that are related to my audio interviews do have my contact information on them, which you may alter this if you wish. Robert Boduch is the author of many of these reports, and he owns the copyrights.

As an HMA consultant, you are granted the digital and print duplication resale rights of these reports. Use them as a lead generating tool for your consulting business. There are thousands of dollars worth of consulting advice contained in the reports. Use them well.

1. Report No. One
Special Report “Behind Closed Doors” Vol.1: 21 Insider Consulting Secrets You’re Not Supposed To Know. This is 86 pages of the most revealing, proprietary consulting secrets on the subject of marketing consulting that exist anywhere.


  • Report 01 – Behind Closed Doors (PDF Format)
  • Report 01 – Behind Closed Doors (Word Format)

2. Report No. Two
The Headline Bank: 100 Of The Top Money-Making Headline Transcripts


  • Report 2 – Power Words That Sell (PDF Format)
  • Report 2 – Power Words That Sell (Word Format)

3. Report No. Three
Quick Fix Marketing: One-Shot Turnaround Strategies For 50 Different Companies. If all you did was take that one business report that you’ll be getting in Volume Two, you’d have 50 marketing plans for 50 different businesses that you can go out and use.


  • Report 3 – 50 Quick Fix Marketing Strategies (PDF Format)
  • Report 3 – 50 Quick Fix Marketing Strategies (Word Format)

4. Report No. Four
Insider Business Strategies: Five Ways To Increase Your Bottom Line Profits Without Spending An Extra Dime On Advertising.


  • Report 4 – Developing An Unstoppable USP (PDF Format)
  • Report 4 – Developing An Unstoppable USP (Word Format)

5. Report No. Five
Special Classified Magic: “How To Make Your Small Ads Pay Off In A Big Way !” (Best Selling Book 80 pages)


  • Report 5 – Classified Advertising Magic (PDF Format)
  • Report 5 – Classified Advertising Magic (Word Format)

6. Report No. Six
Headline Q & A’s – Frequently Asked Questions About How Anyone, Anywhere Can Write Compelling, Moneymaking Headlines, Quickly & Easily.


  • Report 6 – Headlines Q&A (PDF Format)
  • Report 6 – Headlines Q&A (Word Format)

7. Report No. Seven
How To Get Free Advertising With Classifies Ads


  • Report 7 – Free Advertising With Classified Ads (PDF Format)
  • Report 7 – Free Advertising With Classified Ads (Word Format)

8. Report No. Eight
The Power Of Unique Selling Propositions – Why Your USP Must Be #1 In Marketing.


  • Report 8 – Why Your USP Must Be First In Marketing (PDF Format)
  • Report 8 – Why Your USP Must Be First In Marketing (Word Format)

9. Report No. Nine
How To Up Your Profit In A Down Economy: 114 Tips, Techniques, And Tactics To Kick-Start Your Cash Flow, Boost Your Business, And Pile Up Your Profits, When Other Businesses Are Struggling Just To Survive!


  • Report 9 – Up Your Profit Report (PDF Format)
  • Report 9 – Up Your Profit Report (Word Format)

10. Report No. Ten
Seven Quick And Easy Headline Formulas. Your Instant Reference Guide To Creating Explosive, Attention-Grabbing Headlines Anytime!


  • Report 10 – Headline Formulas (PDF Format)
  • Report 10 – Headline Formulas (Word Format)

11. Report No. Eleven
Yellow Pages Success Secrets: “How To Attract More New Business With A Riveting Ad That Captures Immediate Attention.”


  • Report 11 – Yellow Pages Top Tips (PDF Format)
  • Report 11 – Yellow Pages Top Tips (Word Format)

Report No. Twelve
140 Quick Headline Tips: Easy To Use Techniques, Tactics And Ideas For Creating Powerful, Riveting Attention-Grabbing Headlines.


  • Report 12 – Headline Tips Booklet (PDF Format)
  • Report 12 – Headline Tips Booklet (Word Format)

13. Report No. Thirteen
How To Use Brochures To Grow Your Business: 79 Profit-Boosting Ideas, Tips, Tactics, And Techniques To Help You Gain Maximum Marketing Value From Every Brochure!


  • Report 13 – Brochure Marketing Magic (PDF Format)
  • Report 13 – Brochure Marketing Magic (Word Format)

14. Report No. Fourteen
How To Double Your Business In The Next 90 Days: Eleven Key Concepts For Turning Your Business Into A Powerful, Customer-Focused Marketing Machine!


  • Report 14 – Double Your Business Action Report (PDF Format)
  • Report 14 – Double Your Business Action Report (Word Format)

15. Report No. Fifteen
The Ultimate Idea-Inducing, Creativity-Enhancing Sample Headline Collection: Over 600 Examples Of Published Headlines Including Some Of The Best Ever!


  • Report 15 – Headline Ideas (PDF Format)
  • Report 15 – Headline Ideas (Word Format)

16. Report No. Sixteen
How To Get Far More Accomplished In A Lot Less Time: 113 Tips & Tricks To Help You Boost Productivity And Overcome Procrastination!


  • Report 16 – How To Get More Done In Less Time (PDF Format)
  • Report 16 – How To Get More Done In Less Time (Word Format)

17. Report No. Seventeen
Unlimited Prospects Instantly. “How to magnetically attract a flood of fresh, qualified and highly-interested prospects – anytime you want!” Ask any of your prospects what they want the most help with in their business and nine out of ten times they’ll tell you they want more customers. This report can help get them on their way. Use the ideas within this report to help position yourself as an authoritative consultant who understands what it takes to get more customers in the door. By using the HMA System for growing a business without advertising and the ideas within this report, you’ll be positioned as the go-to consultant in your town that businesses will turn to when wanting expert help.


  • Report 17 – Unlimited Prospects Instantly Report (PDF Format)
  • Report 17 – Unlimited Prospects Instantly Report (Word Format)

18. Report No. Eighteen
Display Ad Secrets: 101 powerful tips, techniques and strategies for maximum results. Display advertising is NOT something you are going to push as an HMA Marketing Consultant. However, you will find most of your prospects paying for advertising already. This little report can help them with existing marketing messages.

You may have prospects that are making display advertising work. And with this report, you can help make it work better. Some of the greatest opportunities for ramping up sales with display advertising can be accomplished with only a few minor changes to a headline, an offer, or call to action. I encourage you to review this special report and use it within your own HMA consulting practice, and to use it as a tool for helping and generating new client work.


  • Report 18 – Display Ad Secrets (PDF Format)
  • Report 18 – Display Ad Secrets (Word Format)

19. Report No. Nineteen
113 Powerful and persuasive ways to turn any sales letter into an explosive, highly responsive moneymaking machine. If you’ve got a client who writes anything to generate sales, this report can be a most welcome teacher for them. The ideas in this report are not limited to sales letters only. They can be used for any sales message used for selling including audio, telephone, web page copy and more.


  • Report 19 – 113 Sales Letter Secrets (PDF Format)
  • Report 19 – 113 Sales Letter Secrets (Word Format)

20. Report No. Twenty
Best Headline Words And Phrases Quick Reference Guide: The Ultimate, Super-Fast Headline Creation Tool!


  • Report 20 – Best Headline Words Phrases (PDF Format)
  • Report 20 – Best Headline Words Phrases (Word Format)

21. Report No. Twenty-One
Instant Headline Postcards Swipe File! Get More Than 125 Top-Notch Headlines Prepared For Easy And Instant Headline Writing. This Is The Kind Of Headline Reference Library The Great Gary Halbert Uses And Endorses!


  • Report 21 – Instant Headline Postcards Swipe File! (PDF Format)
  • Report 21 – Instant Headline Postcards Swipe File! (Word Format)

22. Report No. Twenty-Two
Hidden Marketing Assets: How To Sell More Consulting Services At Full Price In A Shorter Period Of Time Than You Have Ever Done Before!


  • Report 22 – How To Close Every Sale Seminar (PDF Format)
  • Report 22 – How To Close Every Sale Seminar (Word Format)

23. Report No. Twenty-Three
Client case studies V1: Let one of North America’s top marketing consulting experts show you, in person, the hottest “low cost/high return” consulting secrets and strategies to double your business in record time.”


  • Report 23 – Hidden Marketing Assets (PDF Format)
  • Report 23 – Hidden Marketing Assets (Word Format)

24. Report No. Twenty-Four


  • Report 24 – Client Case Studies Vol 1 (PDF Format)
  • Report 24 – Client Case Studies Vol 1 (Word Format)

25. Report No. Twenty-Five


  • Report 25 – Opportunity Analysis Interview (PDF Format)
  • Report 25 – Opportunity Analysis Interview (Word Format)
7) HMA 117 Hours Use Audio Rights
Would you be interested in the use rights to my collection of 117 hours of transcribed audio content?You’ll get the rights to use, link to, and print over 117 hours of downloadable audio interviews, marketing lessons, and transcripts by Gary Halbert, Jay Conrad Levinson, John Carlton, Brian Keith Voiles, Deremiah Phillips *CPE, Bill Myers, Carl Galletti, Ted Nicholas, Joe Vitale, The PR Doctor, Millionaire Mr. X, Taylor Trump, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Mr. Arthur Hamel, and many other marketing experts. You can get them in a matter of hours to offer to your customers, subscribers, and friends.If you qualify, you’ll instantly have a volume of new products to beef up your existing ones. You’ll have all the quality material you need to create your own products to get more customers, clients, and subscribers for your business. You may use these recordings and downloads as free bonus material to market whatever you like. You may print the transcripts, include links to them as free content on your website, print and put them in your physical products, or offer them as special incentives to better sell your existing products and consulting services.

I am making this available to you as an active HMA Marketing Consultant. These audio recordings have been a labor of love that has taken years to create. I’ve invested thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to put this material together. And I am about to place everything in your lap for free.

If you have spent any time reviewing my recordings, I hope you’ll agree there is nothing like this available anywhere. My audio content is not the same old replicated, rehashed, recycled marketing information you can get from any book. Your customers will be introduced to world famous business people who will reveal all their secrets about how to market, advertise and grow your business.

This is information worth tens of thousands of dollars, and I promise that people you know have never seen or heard anything like this. Your friends and associates will get this “how to” business content first hand, directly from expert business consultants via no holds barred interviews conducted by me, Michael Senoff.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not talking about you getting vague advice for success like, “You’ve got to work hard,” or “You have to have a positive attitude.” I am not talking about unspecific answers like, “You need to go read this book or that book.” When I interview a business owner, it is almost like an interrogation. But not in a negative way. I’ve discovered the secret after interviewing hundreds of successful business people. I’ve found the less I talk, the more money-making, “How To” secrets the business owner would reveal.

This simple but basic rule in human nature is how I am able to get the business owner to open up. It is the main reason I am able to get all their secrets that they would never think of divulging to anyone for any amount of money. Your customers have a real need for strong and realistic marketing and business growth information, yet almost no time to read. If you are granted a license, you’ll help them reach their goals without expecting anything in return.

My personal experiences are proof that offering these recordings, downloads, and transcripts to my site visitors for free, is a powerful concept. It has made me thousands of dollars in more ways than you’ll ever know.

Giving this material away without charging has put me in contact with some of the most respected and brightest minds in the world of direct marketing and advertising. These free recordings have created enormous good will and customer loyalty. They have taught me many valuable ways to grow my business. Now I want to offer these same benefits to you.

With this license, you will now have valuable material to give away to your customers that costs you nothing.

NOTE: You may not upload or edit any of the audio interviews, recordings or transcripts. You can link to them from your site. You may print and offer hard copy versions from your web site.

This is not a resale license. It is a “use” license as long as your remain an HMA Marketing Consultant in good standing.


8) Marketing Templates
You should be confident knowing that without a doubt you CAN get hired as a coach or consultant by virtually any business as long as you can bring in real sales and profits. However, getting your first client can be difficult if you are not comfortable talking to business owners.Not to worry: With your HMA system, we have you covered.You will have over 20 different ways to secure paying clients, and seven of these strategies involve sending mail or email.

You may not possess the confidence walking into a business or talking to the owner over the phone, but you KNOW you can send an email or letter today without an ounce of fear.

A simple letter or email is more than enough to get your first HMA client when you use the strategies outlined in your HMA client letter package. At least five of these strategies can get you clients starting today, AND they can help you create a steady stream of clients for weeks, months, and years to come.

You’ll own 100% usage rights to all your marketing tools, sales letters, postcards, presentations, ads, press releases, client generation reports, client testimonials, manuals, my million-dollar coach’s list of service providers, and more.

You’ll have everything you’ll need to start getting clients the same day you sign up.

1. Direct Mail Letters Examples

You may want to consider direct mail as a way to generate client work. If you can test small and find a letter, postcard or dimensional mailing that works, you may never have to cold call for clients again. Whenever you need more clients, you simply drop more of your magic client magnet letters in the mail. However, be warned, this can take considerable time and testing. When you test, you need to test smart. I would never mail more than 100 letters at a time for your test. If your test mailing of 100 letters gets a decent response, you can mail more. I’ve seen consultants blow $1000’s because they were so sure their mailing was going to be a home run. Test, Test, and Test.

Direct Mail Letter Examples:

  • Direct Mail Letters
  • Grand Opening Event Sample
  • Letter To Yellow Page Advertisers
  • Sample Letter Project Work
  • Sample Endorsement Letter 1
  • Sample Endorsement Letter 2
  • Successful Endorsed Mailing

2. Lumpy Mail Letter Examples

Below is a well-written direct mail campaign that was successful in generating client work from one of our HMA consultants. The idea is to use lumpy grabbers inside your mailing that get your mail opened. Be certain to test small to see what kind of response you’ll get then you can mail again as you need more clients.

This lumpy mail campaign can totally eliminate the use of cold call prospecting for client work when executed properly. You can outsource this mailing to fulfillment houses, or you can do it on your own at first. Some consultants will look at this type of mailing as too expensive compared to a regular flat mailing, but remember that return on investment is what this consulting business is about. You’ll see a great example of a series of timed lumpy mailings that you can test, modify, and mail for a potentially killer HMA client-getting strategy.

2. Lumpy Mail Consultation Letter Examples

  • Consultation #1 – Postcard
  • Consultation #2 – Aspirin
  • Consultation #3 – Puzzle Pieces
  • Consultation #4 – Worry Doll
  • Consultation #5 – Lobster
  • Consultation #6 – Dinosaur
  • Consultation #7 – Round Tuit Coin

3. HMA Consultant Documents

Your magic profile analysis. There’s a good chance you completed a profile similar to this profile before you made the jump to HMA. The real secret behind this profile is two-fold. First, it is a way to separate your serious prospects from the ones who just want free consulting information. Your prospect, your buyer, your client, or your customer will have to make a concerted effort to earn the right to work with you. And this positioning can make all the difference in your consulting practice.

Secondly, you’ll gain valuable information that will help you understand the needs of your clients on their time. This profile will save you time and effort, and gives you a favorable position. Modify it to your liking. Start qualifying your prospects on their time, not yours. You’ll receive:

  • HMA Consultant Documents
  • Consultant Profile Analysis
  • HMA Business Growth Questionnaire
  • HMA Communication Audit
  • HMA Consultant Profile Analysis
  • HMA Marketing Needs Analysis Questionnaire
  • HMA Pre-Marketing Asset Workshop Questionnaire
  • HMA Product Promotion Audit
  • HMA Project Implementation Worksheet
  • HMA Standard Copywriting Agreement

 4. Joint Venture Letters

There’s no better way to get clients than by doing Joint Ventures. The simple idea is to leverage off the business assets of others. These Joint Venture letters will get you on your way. You will have a lot of training in the HMA University on how to set up JVs, so make sure you have a good understanding before you have someone mail these letters on your behalf. And remember to mail responsibly. Always test before investing big money on postage and letters. These templates don’t have to be physical letters either. You can modify themes for email, voice recorded messages, and telemarketing.

You’ll receive the following Joint Venture Templates:

  • Joint Venture Proposal Letter
  • Sample Joint Venture Partner Letter

5. Idea Generation

Your next idea for your client can be the one that makes them a ton of money. Because sometimes it is hard to come up with these million-dollar ideas on the fly, I’m going to provide you with the following documents that have more marketing ideas packed into their pages than you’ll know what to do with. Review these marketing idea generators when working with clients.

You’ll Receive:

  • 500 Ideas Generator
  • 2000 Useful Headline Examples
  • Impact Stories

6. Appointment Client-Getting Tools

All of these documents are centered on your initial client-getting appointment. Here are some tools that will help jump-start the process for interviewing potential prospects about their hidden marketing assets. Use these templates to format your Opportunity Analysis, whether it’s in person, over the phone, or in direct letter format. I’m certain these documents will shortcut the client acquisition process.

You’ll Receive The Following Appointment Client-Getting Tools:

  • Appointment Follow-up Letter
  • Marketing Asset Questionnaire
  • Marketing For Profit Seminar
  • Opportunity Analysis Worksheet
  • Sample Growth Matrix
  • Sandler Disc Chart

7. Client Proposals Examples

A colossal mistake most consultants make is working by the hour instead of by value brought to the client. This occurs because other consultants don’t have a system for project work. With the HMA System, you sell projects, not hours. And when you are selling projects you’ll need to show the client exactly what they are getting for their money. These proposals describe all the project steps of your HMA Marketing Consulting System. You will save time and effort, so you don’t have to write them from scratch.

Client Proposal Examples

  • Client Proposal Cover Letter Sample
  • Client Proposal Sample #1
  • Client Proposal Sample #2
  • Client Proposal Sample #3
  • Marketing Evaluation
  • Proposal Template (Paul Flood)

8. Postcard, Brochure And Flyer Examples

This is an immense collection of postcards and promotions you can modify and use for the marketing of your HMA practice. You can use them in your online classified advertising, and you can use them for direct mail, on your website and in your one-on-one interactions. Remember, always test 50 to 100 pieces BEFORE you send out a significant amount, so you do not lose your investment in time, postage, and printing. The right mailing can eliminate all your future cold call prospecting for your HMA Marketing consulting business.

Postcard, Brochure, And Flyer Examples

  • Report Postcard #1
  • Report Postcard #2
  • Brochure – Tri Fold Brochure
  • Chamber Workshop Flyer Chamber Workshop Flyer
  • Flyer Sample Flyer Sample
  • 30 Minute Postcard
  • Report Postcards
  • Opportunity Analysis Flyer
  • Promo Post Card Sample
  • Seminar Invitation Seminar Invitation

9. Press Release Examples

Every once in a while I have an HMA consultant send me a press release that they used to generate business for their consulting practice. Here are a few examples that you can use and modify if you are interested in using press releases to generate radio, television, or newspaper media opportunities. I think you’ll find more than a few decent ideas within the sample templates.

  • Press Release – County News
  • Press Release – Direct Marketing Workshop
  • Press Release – Sample Get Clients
  • Small Business Marketing Seminar

10. USP Examples

I have a secret. The idea of a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), was confusing to me for quite some time. I had a hard time grasping and understanding the importance of this concept that is critical in the HMA Marketing Consulting System Here are some examples of USPs that will help shortcut your understanding of USPs and how to form them.

You’ll Get The Following USP Examples And Templates

  • Developing A USP
  • Creating a USB and Samples
  • USP Sample

11. Telemarketing Scripts Examples

Warning! Using telemarketing to secure business can be the hardest and most frustrating way to build a consulting practice. However, if you’re paying a telemarketing firm or outside contract labor, it can be a goldmine. Over the years, we’ve had consultants submit various scripts on how they used telemarketing to generate client acquisition and appointment setting. These example scripts can be used to train independent telemarketers.

Telemarketing Script Examples

  • Call Script – Appointment Ad
  • Cold Call Scripts – Sandler No Pressure
  • Call Script – Tele-prospecting
  • Call Script – Telemarketing
  • Call Script – Telephone
  • Script Ideas – Telemarketer

12. Group Workshop and Seminar Documents

If you like people, and you enjoy speaking, group training workshops may be a direction you’ll want to take your consulting practice. When you are done with your HMA Group Training Workbooks, you’ll have everything you need to conduct fee-based group training workshops. These documents will help make the workshop a success. Feel free to modify the documents for your own HMA Marketing Consulting Practice.

Group Workshop and Seminar Documents:

  • Features And Benefits Checklist
  • Seminar Sales Letter
  • Seminar Tools Close Evaluation Bonuses
  • Successful Seminars Promotions
  • $5000 Marketing Seminar
  • Marketing Workshop GEN


9) HMA Opportunity Analysis Training
The first and most crucial thing you must learn before talking to anyone about consulting services either in person or by phone is to study this opportunity analysis training below. I know there are a lot of interviews, and you certainly don’t have to listen to all of them. However, if you do, it’ll be time well invested.The Opportunity Analysis is where you are going to do your selling. In essence, the Opportunity Analysis is your sales pitch without actually being a sales pitch. It is a way for you to find out what is vital to your prospect. It is training on how to ask the right questions, how to listen, and how to give your prospect what they genuinely want.HMA Training Materials:

Opportunity Analysis Worksheet

Opportunity Analysis Training

HMA Marketing Evaluation

Stories and Scripts Cheat Sheet

In this audio, you will hear me conducting my version of the Opportunity Analysis. Please understand, my way is only one way to conduct this interview. You’ll need to interject your own personality and style into your client interactions. Be unique, be bold, be yourself.

1. HMA Opportunity Analysis Training with Ryan’s Dental Lab (Part One) 

Welcome to the first part of the Opportunity Analysis that I personally did with a gentleman named Ryan. Ryan is the owner of a dental laboratory in New Jersey who told me that his business is just about breaking even. He wants new ways to grow his business without spending a lot more money.

The story of Ryan’s business is interesting, however, I want you to note how I conduct this Opportunity Analysis in order to obtain all of the information that I can so that I can offer possible solutions. Listen as I:

  • Explain the process we will go through to complete this Opportunity Analysis successfully
  • Ask initial questions, such as how much more growth Ryan wants
  • Explain what a USP is, and how we will begin to articulate why his dental laboratory is unique and better than others

Throughout the recording, you will hear me ask many questions geared to understanding the dental laboratory industry, as well as Ryan’s business. You will hear how I ask Ryan to take me through a typical example of the work he does, from start to finish. Using this interviewing method can help you understand how a business/industry operates, as-well-as show you the problems that a business owner experiences on a day-to-day basis. As an outsider, you might even be able to uncover a USP based on daily operations that an owner might not even consider to be unique!

You will hear me uncover one notable Unique Selling Proposition that Ryan developed for Quality Control. Listen to how I probe as to what all of the components of his technical “checklist” are. We tie his Quality Control process back to our typical example constantly to stay on track and move forward.

I also learn that Ryan is very unique in that, with offshore business partners, he has developed a methodology to outsource about 80% of his work overseas, which not only saves him money, but provides the high quality of work that is so necessary in the dental business.

2. HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Ryan Dental Lab (Part Two) 

In the first part of my Opportunity Analysis with dental laboratory owner, Ryan, we discussed the definition of a USP and delved into what some of his own Unique Selling Propositions might be.

In the second audio with Ryan, we are joined by Ryan’s Marketing Analyst, Annie. Although Ryan retained me to create his USP, I wanted to spend some time trying to determine what some of the hidden marketing assets of his business are.

We discuss Ryan’s current marketing process of direct mail postcards to dentists and how the process relates to the many items covered by the HMA system. Ryan and Annie disclose the number of leads that they obtained by mailing almost two thousand postcards. Although they didn’t think so, you will hear that their results were quite positive! Listen to my explanation of mathematics that made them realize their true success.

Ryan, Annie, and I then examine some other possible hidden marketing assets that could get them more business and more profits, such as:

  • Past customers and ways to reactivate them
  • Current client retention
  • Alliance opportunities with other businesses (hint: We found a few!)
  • Current client endorsements, recommendations, and referral programs
  • Enhancements to their current marketing process and a little lesson on copywriting
  • Community marketing
  • Media
  • Finally, I take a look at the postcard copy for my own edification

We end the meeting with plans for our next meeting as I continue to develop Ryan’s USP. Listen to my emphasis about the important reasons to use the USP to grow his business by leaps and bounds. This audio is a terrific outline for USP development and getting a client excited about the infinite possibilities. Enjoy!

3. HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Nick, A Chicago Website Hosting Company (Part One)

If you are interested in the process of uncovering the hidden marketing assets in your business, this recording is for you! It is a consultation I did with Nick, the owner of a medium-sized web hosting company based in Chicago. Nick was interested in growing his already successful business and needed some ideas.

This is a very fast-paced brainstorming session that you do not want to miss. Utilizing Nick’s expertise in the web hosting business and my knowledge of uncovering hidden marketing assets, we quickly come up with several ways to obtain new customers and to increase profits substantially with existing customers — and we are not done yet! People who have already listened to this consultation have found themselves thinking about ways of offering new products to their own customer base that would be almost 100% profit.

I think that you’ll find your own imagination gearing up when you hear the process that we use to discover what Nick’s customers most likely would want in a web hosting company, and how most of our ideas could be easily implemented. Have fun!

If you need web hosting I highly recommend Nick at Advanced Network Hosts.

4. HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Raphael’s Small Moving Business

Raphael had ordered some pre-owned marketing materials from me. As part of his order, I offered to conduct an Opportunity Analysis for his 30 year old moving company.

Keep in mind that he has paid me money to take him through this “Business Audit.” In the HMA System, you’ll learn how to charge for this service and make a lot of money, very easily.

You’ll hear what exact questions to ask to uncover hidden marketing assets and have clients “sell themselves” on your services at the same time.
My goal in this recording is to teach you how to get a client. I want you to take this training and try it on a perspective client of your own. Listen and learn from this example. Other consulting opportunities will merely tell you how to get a client; I will show you how. This is another exclusive Consulting Secrets HMA training on how to interview a prospective client, over the phone, using the opportunity analysis worksheet.

5. HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Barcus Accounting Practice

Here’s a live training call that teaches you how to discover hidden marketing assets and get clients fast.

The telephone makes consulting so much easier! It is my favorite way to get clients. In my opinion, there is no faster way to obtain a consulting client and no easier way to show your client how you can help them grow their business. When you listen to this recording, you will see why.

But first, a little background info: I live San Diego, California, and client Barcus lives halfway around the world in Australia. This is a live recording of me using the Opportunity Analysis Worksheet. The purpose of using this worksheet is to uncover every single one of the “hidden marketing assets” in Barcus’s business.

My client has no idea I am simply reading word-for-word parts of the script directly printed on the Opportunity Analysis Worksheet. Listen to the dramatic effect this worksheet (or, cheat sheet, if you prefer) has on Barcus, who is a successful tax advisor. By using this tool, I do not have to “wing-it” as I’ve done in the past. I have a scripted sequence of follow-up questions. This is my new secret weapon.

To me, it is like a gigantic bulldozer I can use to dig out hidden marketing assets buried deep in his business. Assets he cannot even see until I dig them out for him with my questions. You can easily hear me digging for gold yourself. I also hope it will get you to try and get a client and start your own lucrative marketing consulting business.

6. HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Small Start-Up Internet Business

Here’s another training call I conducted with a Mr. Mark Mysack. Mark called looking for marketing advice on his new internet start-up business. This is only the fourth time I have conducted an Opportunity Analysis.

When you listen to this call, notice how I am closing all the way through our discussion. I was not doing this in the first two calls. You’ll see for yourself how each call is getting easier and easier – just as it will for you. My confidence in conducting the opportunity analysis is getting stronger – as will yours. Stick with me on this call to the end even if you may get a little lost with the details of his business.

His business is not the important aspect of the call. It is how to interview the prospect. I did this call with Mark for two reasons. One, he agreed to let me record the call so I could show you how to do another opportunity analysis. Two, I needed more practice. If you think you are going to be able to do one of these calls and feel comfortable the first time, you are mistaken.

You have to practice this interview several times before you get comfortable with it. You have to understand the HMA system and how it can help a business grow. When you know this interview process like the back of your hand, the world is yours. Imagine the possibilities that await you when you have the confidence to interview any business and show them all the money they are missing out on by not having you as their marketing consultant. By the end of this interview, you’ll be able to answer the question, “Can I do this?” in the affirmative!

7. HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Dave, Owner Of A Diabetic Supplement Company

This is an Opportunity Analysis that I did with a business owner named Dave. Dave has an online business marketing supplements to diabetics, and wanted some advice about how to grow his business – and grow it quickly.

This audio is a splendid tool to help HMA Consultants learn how to question potential clients, how to uncover hidden marketing assets in a business, look for opportunities, and try to find ways to improve a company’s marketing efforts.

Early in the conversation, hear how I introduce the HMA System to Dave. I discuss how the HMA System works, the types of businesses that HMA Consultants typically work with, and general price ranges for projects.

Following the Opportunity Analysis Worksheet, being an excellent listener, and asking the right questions are all essential to obtaining the big picture of any business. My introductory questions lead Dave to explain that his online supplement business is stagnant. I obtain the background of his diabetic wellness business: How it started, when it started, who started it, and who formulated the supplement.

You will hear me ask the main question that will lead me (and you) to keys to defining the business’s USP, namely “Why should people do business with you?” Dave tells me how his company has developed products that are superior and more effective than those of his competitors. Dave’s customers get results that have been medically measured. These answers are a great start for his USP.

However, when I look at his website’s home page, I see that it does not convey the product’s superiority and effectiveness measures. I explain why the USP is so important and why a great deal of research needs be done to determine the real reason people do business with his company. When his USP is finally developed, it must be conveyed prominently on the home page of his website to remind the viewer of the product’s unique benefits.

Following the definition of the USP, the next step would be to integrate that USP into all of the company’s current marketing efforts. For example, it should be put on invoices, product packaging, product literature, and within the company’s telephone on-hold message. Listen to how I verify that Dave understands the importance of the USP.

I inquire about their current marketing practices. It appears that most of their leads are from trade shows hosted by the American Diabetes Association. Their leads are health care professionals, and their customers have been people referred by their doctors. Dave explains that they have not been following up on leads. Rather, they have just been sending out brochures. This has not been very effective in generating more leads or sales. Trade shows could be more effective if their leads were handled properly. Listen and I suggest that they should try to get health care professionals to endorse the product and refer their patients.

As we discuss the pricing of the product, I discover that the product’s ingredients are so expensive that the company’s margins are not very good. Dave is trying to stay competitive with his pricing strategy. He tells me that his competitors charge more for their products, which aren’t as effective as his. I suggest that the price be increased, as sometimes a higher price can elevate your credibility. With good marketing and a good USP, you can brag about being the most expensive product on the market – plus you’ll have better margins.

Other than trade show leads, no one else is referring people to Dave’s company. There are a lot of of non-competing businesses whose products would go hand-in-hand with Dave’s supplement. Partnerships or joint ventures with these companies should be seriously considered and cultivated.

Another strategy would be to position the company and its product in a unique way with the media. Press releases could be written and sent to all manner of media. Editors may find the product interesting and run its press release with other stories about diabetes or weight loss. Perhaps the formulator of the product could be available for interview.

Since Dave’s vision for the business is for his product to have a very strong online presence, his community marketing should be done using online communities such as user groups, mailing lists, and websites.

For more of a direct marketing approach, Dave could develop a CD entitled something like, “The Reality of Diabetes,” which would contain audio interviews of actual diabetics and what these people experienced with the disease. The person receiving the CD could be offered a 30-day free trial of the product, and then they could be put on monthly auto ship.

You’ll hear me conclude that Dave’s business does not have many hidden marketing assets. Although theirs is a hungry market, they do have a website, and they have an association with the product’s formulator. Growing Dave’s business is viable, but much would need to be done.

Near the end of this audio segment, you will hear Dave and I explore ways to increase the company’s marketing effort. Since Dave does not feel that he has much money to invest in having a consultant develop and implement new marketing strategies, it might be best if Dave does it himself with some guidance from me or another HMA Consultant. It would behoove Dave to learn some HMA marketing strategies himself, since he has a few other small businesses that could also benefit.

Stay tuned to the second segment of this case study with Dave where I present my ideas more formally about how the HMA System can help him grow his business. Enjoy!

8. Opportunity Analysis With The Owner Of A Service Business

It’s a pleasure when I’m called upon to put my HMA Consulting hat on and help a business owner. Frank, the owner of an acoustical sound and lighting company, had listened to several of the audios on my site, and contacted me for a consultation about how he could modify his marketing strategies to grow his business.

In this recording, you will hear me take Frank through the first step of any HMA consultation – an Opportunity Analysis.

Listen as I read directly from the Opportunity Analysis Worksheet to explain what the HMA system is, what types of businesses the HMA system works best for, and how using the HMA approach will help to determine ways to optimize success by using existing assets that the company already has in place.

I invite you to follow as I ask Frank the questions. You’ll see how much I discover about Frank’s business, its history, its current operations and customers.

We subsequently discuss what a USP is and what Frank’s USP might be. I probe Frank with questions about what makes his company different from its competitors and why people should do business with him. We talk about how he currently deals with prospects and closes sales.

You’ll hear me explain some ways that Frank could modify how he explains to his prospects why his company is better. You’ll also hear as I suggest to him more simplistic ways that his USP can be integrated into a consistent message that he and his employees will present about the company either in person, on paper, on his web site, or by phone.

In the area of leveraging current marketing processes, we talk about how Frank could educate his prospects by offering them an audio CD to inform them about acoustical sound and lighting, as well as his USP before even meeting with them. The goal here is to increase Frank’s closing ratio.

We go on to talk about reactivating Frank’s past customers, as well as alliance opportunities and cross-selling, resulting in more sales for Frank, as well as his joint venture partners.

9. Growing A Flower Shop In Kuwait

In this interview, you’ll hear firsthand how to conduct an Opportunity Analysis that will quickly and effectively uncover the main areas of growth for your client’s business. This is also an international call, so you’ll get the added benefit of hearing how to conduct HMA consulting long distance by phone.

In this consultation, I talk with a flower shop owner in Kuwait named Salem. Salem’s shop used to be the only one in his area, so naturally his business was booming. Now, hundreds of flower shops are opening up around him, and he is finding that his business is quickly going downhill. Listen as I help Salem see how to find a niche in a crowded market, even with a commodity product like flowers.

You’ll also hear how sometimes large improvements are not necessary for large growth. If you find three to five smaller areas of potential growth, and put them all together, you’ll see substantial results. In this interview, you’ll hear:

  • How to “follow the money” to uncover the problem areas of businesses quickly
  • How to know when to lead and when to follow – I throw out ideas during the interview, but ultimately, I allow the client to direct the analysis
  • How to conduct an opportunity analysis internationally by phone, even when you don’t know much about the region
  • Ways a business can stand out from its competition, even in a saturated market

Through the opportunity analysis, I find out that 50% of people walking into Salem’s store walk out without buying anything. Moreover, because Salem isn’t capturing contact information, he is letting those potential customers slip away.

Listen carefully to the call with Salem where I essentially walk you through an opportunity analysis. You’ll hear how I find out about Salem’s business, his customers, his competition and his current marketing practices. You’ll also hear how to dig just a little bit deeper to unearth the problems even your client doesn’t know they has.

10. Opportunity Analysis Training With Jonathan, The Owner Of A Guided Fishing Tour Business

Here is special Opportunity Analysis training with Jonathan, the owner of his own small fishing tour business. Keep in mind this is not the ideal client I would recommend you take on. However, this Opportunity Analysis training has some valuable lessons that cannot be denied.

Even though this is a startup business, I was able to find some hidden marketing assets that Jonathan could start using to grow his business immediately.

Another lesson to keep in mind is that Jonathan did not have money. As I said earlier, you should only be doing the Opportunity Analysis interviews with people who have the money to invest in a marketing consultant.

This interview is to provide you with training for your benefit. Listen in and follow along on this interesting look at the fishing tour business.
I know this recording will give you more confidence in yourself. I also hope it will get you to try and get a client and start your own lucrative marketing consulting business.

11. HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With Live Consulting Session Results In $1200 Consulting Project: Case Study With A Tanning Bed Operator

George is the owner of a small tanning bed business. He called looking for some advice on how he could grow his business.

Without knowing or promising anything, I invited George to talk in more detail about his goals. Listen in as I take George through the HMA Opportunity analysis in an effort to discover his business’s(HMA) Hidden Marketing Assets.

More importantly, listen to the willingness of George to grow his business. And finally, listen as George hires me to develop a USP. Developing the USP is the first recommended product we teach our HMA consultants to activate for clients.

I look forward to working with George and to getting his business hopping in the next few months.

12. HMA Opportunity Analysis Training With A String Cheese Distributor

Here’s a live training call that teaches you how to discover hidden marketing assets.

You are about to be handed the key to getting all the marketing consulting clients you can handle. In this training, you will receive two files, “Opportunity Analysis Worksheet” and “HMA Opportunity Analysis Training.”

You will print these out and follow along with me before you listen to any of the recordings. Here’s why:

I know that if I can show you by example (not just “theory”) how to get a client, you’ll see just how easy it is to do this yourself. Believe me, this is not “voodoo” stuff you need to be a genius to implement yourself. All you need is a list of questions to ask your consulting prospects, and you’ll be more likely to meet with them. Once you listen in to this call you will see how to conduct an Opportunity Analysis of a client’s business effortlessly by phone, without face-to-face meetings. I know you are going to benefit tremendously from this real live case study on how to use the Opportunity Analysis Worksheet to get all the clients you can handle.

Here’s what you are about to learn:

·        What you’ll hear in the first section is a real client calling me for the first time looking for marketing help for his cheese business. Then, you’ll hear me call Richard for coaching advice on how to perform the Opportunity Analysis interview with this prospect.

·        Richard has 14 years of experience conducting hundreds of business Opportunity Analysis sessions with clients ranging from Mom n’ Pop small businesses to multi-million dollar corporations. Richard will use his years of “in-the-field” experience to give me a 20 minute coaching session of his best advice on what to do before I call my prospect.

·        Then, you’ll hear me call the prospect and conduct the Opportunity Analysis for real. This part is about an hour long of me taking the client through the Opportunity Analysis Worksheet. Listen in as I hunt for hidden marketing assets. You’ll hear how I distinguish how my consulting is different from other marketing consultants. You’ll hear me offer my services with my unique risk-free guarantee. You’ll hear all the exciting, fun, educational, and profitable details in this part of the lesson. But even more importantly, you will see how easy this is…and exactly why you can just as easily do the same thing!

·        And, finally, at the very end of part three is what we all want to hear from our prospects. It’s the client calling me back to hire me as a consultant. You’ll hear him take my mailing address down so he can send me the money via Federal Express. This was only the second time I have used this Opportunity Analysis Worksheet to sell consulting services. The first is in another recording with an accountant from Australia.

This is real, as it happened, and it’s absolute proof you can do this, too. Other consulting opportunities will tell you how to get clients. They’ll give you loads of unnecessary, untested client generating tools. They’ll give your postcards, newspaper ads, and fancy calculators. You do not need all that stuff. All you need is one thing that works. They’ll tell you how to get clients, but I’ll show you how. I’ll offer you PROOF! All you have to do is follow this proven “recipe.”

Now, go get some clients! When you sign up a client, I’ll show you what to do next using Richard’s Marketing Consulting Training System.

13. You Can Charge For An Opportunity Analysis And Provide Real Value

In this audio, you’ll meet Anthony. Anthony has been actively trying to drum up sales for his mobile billboard business but is barely breaking even every month. Even though he has an innovative new business and some great testimonial letters, he still finds that most people aren’t interested in advertising on his truck. So he has come to me to take a look at his stagnant situation.

During the paid consultation, I take Anthony through an Opportunity Analysis where I recommend he stop pounding the pavement and making ineffective cold calls and start making his sales targeted and automated. Together, Anthony and I dissect his situation, analyze the weaknesses and strengths, and uncover doable solutions that make sense for him.

As it turns out, Anthony’s biggest asset also seems to be his biggest problem – the novelty of the mobile billboard. Because it is a new idea, Anthony finds that people are interested in it, but are also afraid to take a chance on an advertising medium they know little about. I give Anthony some ideas on how to educate consumers about the benefits of his business, which relieves their fears, and effectively gets the word out concerning his business.

We Also Talk About:

  • How to assemble a consumer report that will inform and intrigue the public about a little-known product or service – what the report should look like and where to find good, cheap writers to make it happen
  • Ways to use direct sales, an 800 number, and a 24-hour recorded message to automate sales and end cold calls
  • Great places to find data lists, 800 numbers, and free publicity
  • How to use joint venture deals to grow his business significantly without advertising – and who to make those deals with
  • Ways to ease consumers’ fears by eliminating risks – establish a can’t-refuse guarantee or run an ad for free
  • How to use bartering to turn “down time” into peak time
  • And much more!

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