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The LLC Master-Machine Forms Package

The Complete System for the Formation, Organization & Operation

of Limited Liability Company in All States – WITHOUT Expensive Lawyers!

HUGE: Audio Training (downloadable) where Al will personally and informatively walk you through the steps to get you started to protect you and your family (From:Natasha – Hey Al, I listened to the first and 2nd CD so far. EXCELLENT! Very clear to understand you and you sound very comfortable, confident and concise in the audio. You hit the money on these audios! Great program!! Thanks so much, Natasha)

FREE LLC Set Ups for any number of LLC’s (not just one) in any state free of any legal fees (except for state RA fees which you pay anyway)

FREE IRS Set-Up: Step-by-step instructions to easily, quickly and correctly complete IRS Form SS-4 for federal ID and Form 8832 for the proper LLC tax classification to audit-proof your tax returns and more. Includes blank and sample filled-in formats

Improved money-saving strategies – including member privacy and how to use minors to save taxes

Streamlined: More to-the-point instructions easer to follow; less files yet complete & concise. All meat, no fat

Fully documenting minutes of meeting without physical in-person meetings and other time-savers

With this one-of-a-kind program, your new LLC will…

  • Give you ironclad protection of your personal assets and valuables
  • Give you the ability to save substantial amounts of taxes every year
  • Give you the power to defend yourself against IRS attacks
  • Prevent legal disputes and save you $1,000’s in legal fees
  • Enable you to successfully operate your real estate business.

NOTE: The documents can be used to also restructure your existing LLC
with these same great money-saving benefits.

*** Includes a FREE LLC set up in any state, free of any set up fees

(set up fee is free, not state fees) = $400 Value

PLUS…Any more LLC’s Only $100 set-up fee = $300 Value


The Nevada Wealth-Protection Trust – A special Nevada trust
giving you total privacy protecting all your assets from lawsuits,
lawyers, probate, public-exposure, divorce, and other eradicators
of your wealth – Protect your family from the most aggressive
claimants or money-lust lawyers with this ironclad trust far superior
than a revocable living trust. =
Value $249

Equity Stripping – How To Use Only Two LLC’s To Protect
Any Number Of Properties In Any Number Of States – Save
thousands in state franchise fees, legal and accounting fees with
this simple, ingenious, proven asset protection strategy. =
Value $299

Total value of all bonuses $1,249

NO shipping charges – will be sent to you electronically

{Because of the uniqueness of this high quality Intellectual Property, all sales are final}

Total Value of Entire Package……….$2243

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