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Mental Mastery - Ramit SethiMental Mastery – Ramit Sethi

Forget about the “hacks,” the morning routines, the random tactics

What if you could START and FINISH every day confident, focused, motivated, and optimistic?

What if you could stop worrying about everything that could go wrong…and start making things go right?

What if you could stop reacting to everyone else…and start building the life you really want?

Go from “good” to “great” by developing the deep inner skills of winners — and gain an instant edge in business, work, and relationships

Unshakeable Confidence

Know without a doubt that you can do whatever you want — that you’re entitled to it

Unwavering Focus

Forget distractions. Laser-focus on what you want and know nothing can stand in your way

Unstoppable Motivation

Get the energy and excitement to do what you want, when you want it

Unbeatable Optimism

Know that “bad” events are purely temporary — you can turn any roadblock into a benefit. Life is good

Mental Mastery is an online course that gives you the tools you need to crack the mental blocks that have been holding you back for years and replace them with the four core inner skills of winners.
This is specific — we include exact concepts, examples, and phrases you can use right now.
This is rapid — a 30-day course with new material that you can apply instantly. Take it at your own pace and revisit it whenever you want.
And this is practical — if you’ve already tried the treadmill of random productivity apps and hacks, and you want to go beyond symptoms to focus on what truly works, Mental Mastery gives you the precise, actionable steps to build these inner skills into your everyday life.
The ENTIRE Mental Mastery course is available in video, audio, and transcript formats.
This is an active course where we’ll show you how to integrate the principles into your life. You’ll get a specific call to action every step of the way. Do these and you’ll quickly see how rapidly you can change.
Plus, lifetime access to Mental Mastery. Revisit any module and video you want to improve or get a boost. Feeling unmotivated? Distracted all day? Discouraged by a new challenge? The solutions will be in your back pocket, ready for you when you need them.

The difference between winners — and everyone else

What do Top Performers do differently? How do they think and act when they face situations that would trip others up?

Mental Mastery is an inside look at how the best are absolutely the best…
  • How to develop unwavering focus — the #1 competitive advantage in our age of never-ending social media distraction
  • Why you should ignore 99% of productivity advice you read online. It’s not just a waste of time — it’s hurting you! I’ll show you why being a winner has NOTHING to do with morning routines or productivity hacks
  • A simple reframe that lets you stop worrying about being “productive” and actually start getting shit done
  • “Cloud level” motivation vs. “street level” motivation. Why it’s CRITICAL you understand the difference if you care about your happiness and productivity
  • Why your goals are holding you back. That’s right, I’ll show you how to jumpstart your motivation (in under 10 minutes) by throwing away your loftiest ambitions
  • How to beat perfectionism with the “stepping stone” principle (because sometimes the details truly don’t matter)
  • Why Top Performers don’t care about efficiency… and what they really focus on to dominate in any situation
  • When to embrace hard work… and when to take it easy
  • How to accomplish in 2 days what would normally take 2 weeks
  • Why most people struggle with self-discipline… and how to develop total control without beating yourself up (or burning yourself out)
  • The #1 thing you can do now — starting TODAY — to practically guarantee success in any area of your life (whether that’s your job, your business, dating, or in the gym)
  • How to control exactly how confident you feel in any situation
  • The forgotten power of trusting your gut
  • A real look at how much distraction I deal with on a daily basis (you’d think a CEO would be more focused, but find out how I’m still able to get everything done)
  • How to confidently keep growing and changing… even when the world (your friends, family, even mentors) pressure you to stay the same
And that’s just a sample of the insights packed into this course.

I need to give you a WARNING, though.

A new approach to Mental Mastery

There are countless frameworks and “mental heuristics” out there.
But in my years of reading millions of emails, speaking to successful friends, and building my own multimillion-dollar company, I learned a few simple rules of thumb.
They were practical, easy to apply, and extremely powerful.
Best of all, they were FUN.
I don’t know about you, but I LOVE learning about myself, recognizing the patterns, then working to improve them. Sure, it’s work — but it’s amazing to watch yourself change from the inside out.
In this course, I collected the very best tools and frameworks and shared them, along with specific stories. You can apply these instantly to your work, your personal life, and your business.
These tools will help take you from good to great — and even one of these lessons can be worth its weight in gold.
Put them together and you have a microscope to examine your own inner thoughts…and a roadmap for optimizing, improving, and skipping ahead. There’s nothing else like it.

Mental Mastery IS for you if…

  • You’re open to admitting that the way you’ve acted in the past may need to change if you want to achieve higher levels of success and happiness
  • You want to stop blindly trying the latest “schemes” for boosting your productivity and success and start emulating proven Top Performers
  • You’re focused on the long term — and you understand there will always be ups-and-downs, but that you can make HUGE gains by acting smarter
  • You’ve tried the “conventional advice” about habits, weight loss, and learning new skills, and they haven’t worked
  • You’ve gotten as far as you can on your own, but you know “what got you here won’t get you there” — and you’re open to getting an extra push to cross the bridge to success
Don’t worry about falling behind — each video is distilled down to just the “bite-sized” essentials and includes specific examples so you can spend your time taking action instead of reviewing tons of content
Mental Mastery also comes with lifetime access so you can take a break from the material if you’ll be out of town, on vacation, or just get swamped for a few days. You’ll have this resource for life. It will always be there when you’re ready.
The last thing we need is another thing to juggle. Mental Mastery isn’t another set of to-dos you’ll have to force yourself to find extra time for. It’s not a band-aid or a workaround.
Mental Mastery is a condensed, at-your-own-pace, transformational program that will show you how to develop deep psychological strength and the peak performance that goes with it.
I recommend spending at least 3 hours a week on this course for maximum benefit. You can also download the material to listen to on your phone, or read the transcripts — whatever’s easiest for you. 3 hours is my guideline, but because it comes with lifetime access, you can go faster or slower if you want.

If you’re ready, you can learn the secret to unbreakable focus and motivation so you can calmly, consistently, successfully work through your goals. And from now on, whenever you’re feeling stuck in a rut or overwhelmed, you’ll have an ally with you for the rest of your life.

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