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Melyssa Griffin – Pinfinite Growth

Melyssa Griffin – Pinfinite Growth

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Pinfinite Growth
Infinitely grow your traffic and email list with your new secret weapon: Pinterest.

What if your blog attracted droves of engaged fans, increased your income like whoa, and gave you the time and independence to enjoy your dream life?
Here’s a secret: It can.
Don’t you shake your head (I can sense your head-shake).
Does any of this sound familiar?…
Hustling like crazy with little result. You’re throwing all your time and money into advertising, social media, and blog posts. Heck, you just don’t know if you have another guest post in you!
Unsure how to attract and reach your ideal audience. You know they’re out there, but how do you get them to notice you? You feel like you’ve tried every strategy on Google, but haven’t seen the community or growth that “big bloggers” seem to find so easily.
Losing your motivation. You worry that there are just too many “experts” online already. You find yourself asking, “how many travel blogs does the world really need?” You’re worried you won’t be able to stand out and make a difference above all the noise.
Frustrated by all the conflicting information. You’re sick of wasting time trying to research how to make your blog bloom. You keep hearing the same outdated, lame-sauce advice. You want something that will work NOW (not in 2009).
Sick of working at a job that doesn’t fulfill your true purpose. You spend 9-5 thinking about your creative passion, wishing your blog was your day job instead. #BeenThere
Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of the above? Good. You are SO in the right spot.
The truth is, nothing changes if nothing changes. Meaning, if you want to hit your overachiever goals, create the life and blog you’ve dreamed of, and lead an ever-growing community of like-minded people…then you need to do something DIFFERENT than what you’ve already been doing.
I want you to take a moment and imagine a world where you could…
Dramatically grow your traffic in less than ONE hour per week. Constantly draw in new folks who are excited about what you have to say and can’t wait to come back for more.
Authentically stand out above the noise. Your blog becomes the go-to hub and resource in your niche. People see you as an online leader and you fall asleep knowing that you’re making a difference in people’s lives.
Continually grow your business in an organic way that’s totally automated and free (say whaaa?). Say goodbye to spending hours on promotion or thousands on ads. You’ll see consistent growth fo’ free.
Have extra hours in your day to create amazing content, engage with your audience and spend time enjoying life away from your blog, knowing it will continue growing even in your absence. Since your marketing is automated, you have time for the stuff that truly matters (and that you enjoy!).
Feel confident in your strategy. No more second guessing or spending hours on pointless research. You know that what you’re doing is efficient and effective and you have the numbers to prove it!
Turn your blog into your full-time career. You’ve achieved what most people aren’t willing to do: start your own successful business by leveraging your new audience and potential.
Yep. F’real.

Get this, bud — you can achieve ALL of this success by simply using Pinterest more strategically.
I want to introduce you to my secret weapon: Pinfinite Growth.
Pinfinite Growth is my step-by-step course and community where I’ll teach you my highly effective Pinterest SYSTEM, so you can stop spinning on that hamster wheel and start growing your blog organically, authentically, and QUICKLY. #InNoTimeFlat.
Discover ALL the strategies I’ve taught to over 1,500 other Pinfinite Growth students — strategies that will dramatically grow your traffic and email list, fast.
This is the same system I used to grow my monthly pageviews to 300,000+ and expand my email list to over 75,000 subscribers.
And the best part? I’ll show you how to attract the RIGHT kind of visitors — ones who subscribe, leave comments, and become engaged readers and customers. We’re not just trying to “grow your traffic” here. We’re growing your traffic and audience with intention, yo.


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