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Jay Abraham & Rich Schefren – Maven Home Study (Full Collection)
AVI | MP3 | BONUS SOFTWARE | Manual | RAR = 44.3 GB

– Jay Abraham – Private Strategic Partnership
– Rich Schefren – Marketing Maven Bootcamp
– Manual

YES, Jay and Rich! I want to get the 4-phase, hands-on, personal training home-study system you outlined for me on your call. I want you to transform me into the supreme maven of my market. The person others see as the “go to” authority, the expert and thought leader whose views are taken as “definitive”.

I want to join the ranks of Jay’s Maven Client List. I want my name to be on your list of Maven clients like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Cory Rudyl, Fran Tarkenton, Tom Hopkins, Guthy Renker, A founder of Fed Ex, The founder of Home Shopping Network, Loral Langmeir, Chet Holmes, Harv Eker, Bob Allen, Russ Whiney, Carlton Sheets, Vic Conant, Yanik Silver, Armonda Montegnegra, Ken Varga, The founder of Entrepreneur Magazine, The publisher and editor in chief of Success magazine, Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Proctor and many, MANY MORE!

I want to the same results Rich has delivered to his client like Agora … Brad Fallon … Mike Filsaime … Jim Edwards … Marlon Sanders … John Carlton … Joel Comm … Tellman Knudson … John Carlton … Jeff Paul … Alex Mandossian … Yanik Silver … Gary Ambrose … Keith Baxter … Carl Galetti … Jeff Walker … Ryan Deiss … Keith Wellman … Stu McLaren … Tim Knox … Chris Carpenter … Don Crowther … Sterling Valentine … Yaro Starak … and many, many others.

It’s obvious the opportunity to get personal hands-on training from the only two maven makers on the planet is simply too valuable an opportunity to miss. And even though I can’t make the live event, I know that I simply have to get one of the limited home study packages you are currently making available.

Plus I want to get my hands on the core curriculum components you blitzed through on the call. Essential business building material like:

* Brian Tracy’s program on how to start paying yourself everything you’re worth, how to think strategically, manage time … set, achieve and exceed lofty goals
* Fran Tarkenton’s interview where he reveals the true meaning of business life
* Stephen Covey’s private interview series that tells me how to find true passion, purpose and joy in whatever I do
* Stephen Covey’s private interview series that tells me how to find true passion, purpose and joy in whatever I do
* The system developed by the world’s top effectiveness coach revealing how I can get the highest and best use out of anything and everything I ever do
* Jay’s complete short-course on converting more prospects to buyers
* The Reports that reveal…
o The 21 great ways to add instant profit to any business
o 7 mistakes every business makes on-line, and profits you can mine by stopping them from doing it
o How to multiply your personal effectiveness three times over
o Sales scripts you can use to increase any company’s sales performance instantly by 10 to 500 percent more
o How to be paid everything you’re worth now and forever
o How To Grow Rich in Your Niche
o Michael Levin, the Author Of Over 50 Books, showing me the fastest and easiest ways To Write MY OWN Book to Further My Maven Positioning.
* The GOAL Program that reveals the secrets to setting and achieving extraordinary goals that’ll show me how to always achieve the dreams you set for myself
* Jay’s exhaustive course on Joint Ventures “Mediocrity to Millions”
* Jay’s new profit manual, “Your Secret Wealth”
* The DVD and transcripts where Jay reveals The strategy of becoming preeminent and having everyone see you as the only logical source they can turn to, trust, and depend on.
* The Creativity Switch, the creative thinking course that’ll walk me through the very same process responsible for million dollar breakthroughs.
* The Optimization DVDs or CDs that show me how I can follow in Jay’s footsteps and extract every valuable lesson from my own life experiences (I realize that this will fast-track my development of my own propritery technology)

* Hot seats with training people, authors, consultants so I can leverage the very same strategies that have proven to catapult others to Mavenship.
* Modeling For Millions – Jay’s $25 million swipe file of emails, sales-letters, and landing pages
* The Executive Summaries of Jay’s $5,000 Singapore event
* Rich’s Complete Blueprint/Swipe File Of Every Marketing Piece Responsible For Taking Strategic Profits from zero to over 7 million dollars in less than 12 months.
* Rich’s Maven Acceleration System consisting of his two must have pieces of software:
o Faster Audio – the software the automatically re-records any and all audio programs up to 500% faster.
o Accelereader – the speed reading training system that I can use to blitz through any pdfs, word documents, websites, etc….
* Rich’s Maven Creation DVD Series that walks me through: Erasing Information Overload, Research Secrets That Produce His Reports, His Mindmapping Strategy To Organize Everything I Ever Learn So I Can Easily Access Any Nugget Of Knowledge I Have To Wow My Market, His Productivity Secrets, And Much, Much More
* and too much more to list here.

I understand that this is only a beta release of the home-study program so there’s only a few and they’ll be going fast… so please RESERVE MY COPY NOW when I fill in the order form below.

I further understand that I’ll get 60% off the live training program price and still get two no-binding, doubly protected and doubly guaranteed payment options:

(1) I may pay in full right now for just $2,000… or

(2) I may pay only $250 now, and get everything the live attendees receive and agree to pay 12 monthly payments of just $200.

On top of that I get Jay & Rich’s…

1. All of the DVDs/CDs of Jay’s Most Recent 5 Day $25,000 Event Conducted For His Top Clients. I understand that NO ONE has ever seen these without paying $25,000 and it’s an incredible gift to reward me for having a prejudice for action.

2. Rich’s Complete Blueprint/Swipe File Of Every Marketing Piece Responsible For Taking Strategic Profits from Zero to over $7 Million in Less than 12 Months.

Delivery Method

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– Since it is a digital copy, our suggestion is to download and save it to your hard drive. In case the link is broken for any reason, please contact us and we will resend the new download link.
– If you cannot find the download link, please don’t worry about that. We will update and notify you as soon as possible at 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM (UTC+8).

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