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Matt Ward – Amazon Copywriting Bible

Matt Ward – Amazon Copywriting Bible

Price: $97

Is your conversion rate on Amazon low?

Is your business on Amazon not effective?

Nothing hurts sellers more than buyer inaction. Your goal is a 100% conversion rate. Odds are you are nowhere close. You are leaving money on the table and sacrificing your rankings. Let me explain.

Amazon wants sales. They reward sellers that convert. Every visitor that does not buy your product hurts your rankings. They make Amazon less likely to show your product in searches because you are not making them money. It is a numbers game. The more you sell, the more Amazon makes. That is not all though.

Strong Copy Saves You Money

You are throwing money down the drain. Spending on ads without converting customers costs your business. You could be more efficient. How much is your conversion rate costing you?

But what if your ACOS is okay, below 50%? You are in the clear right? Wrong. Consider this – increasing your conversion rate increases your sales without increasing ad spend. You can bid more, sell more and rank higher, all without spending a cent more on advertising. But …

Isn’t My Listing Good Enough?

Sure. If you are happy with your business income and not interested in earning more money, this book is not for you. If however you are serious about FBA and want exponential growth, you NEED better conversion rates. Here is why.

An Extra $1000 a Month

That is just a 2% boost in conversions for a $50k seller. That is twelve grand a year, probably much more if you reinvest it. What would that mean for your business? And that is just 2%. Most listings can see jumps of 5-10% just implementing a handful of the techniques in the book. That is a lot more than 1k a month.

It Is Not All About Conversions Though

We cover a lot more as well. From advanced SEO tactics and keyword research for more traffic and sales to off-Amazon copy and advertising strategies to expand, there is ton of value. Most applies to ecommerce growth, email marketing and more as well. And according to the DMA, the leading data driven marketing organization’s (Direct Marketing Association) survey, email marketing is the most profitable channel for businesses with ROIs up to 4300%. Plus all this makes customers more loyal to your brand. But wait a sec, what if you are not a good writer?

You Don’t Need to Be Good at Writing

English class was my BIGGEST weakness. I was not a good writer. I am a good copywriter. I have learned the system. Sales copy is not hard. It is a formula for manipulating desires. It is a formula ANYONE can do. And I will teach you – the psychology, the strategy, the tactics. We go step-by-step through my easy to follow, easy to replicate sales formula. And it works.

Here Is How It Works

It is a step-by-step process. We find important keywords, we research customer wants and then we write. First, a tested headline formula designed to sell well and rank better. Then bullet point strategies and writing styles proven to convert. We make a sales letter for your product and optimize the description. We cover all the bases on increasing conversion rates. Each chapter boosts your conversions. Each helps you rank higher. Everything is important and together it takes average and above average Amazon listings to the next level. Plus it is streamlined to save you time, and therefore money. Could your business use more money?

Why Write a Copywriting Book ONLY for Amazon?

I write copy. I sell on Amazon. Clients and sellers wanted a short, straightforward strategy to increase conversions, sales and rankings. This book shows you how. It is my proven, easy to follow process on writing effective sales copy. And I love copywriting. Helping sellers sell more and succeed is a passion, hence the podcast.

But my time is limited. And most cannot afford $700 for me to write their listing. It is expensive and delivers big results but I wanted to be able to help more people. This book does that. It is my method to writing high converting, strong sales copy for Amazon. I cannot wait to hear your success story. Email me after, I love that.

And yeah, this page is basic. I’d rather focus on a writing kickass copywriting book. My goal is a minimum of 2-4% jump your conversions. Translate that to dollars.

Besides, if you cannot see the value of increasing conversions, increasing sales, earning more, scaling faster, ranking higher and decreasing ACOS costs, this book is not for you.

Special Deal For Limited Time

Get the entire proven, easy to follow Amazon Copywriting Bible for just $97 and for a limited time, get the 7 step Amazon growth guide FREE. That is seven intensive, Amazon growth audiobooks just for ordering TODAY. You should easily make your money back in a month, probably much less. That means just at only $5000 in revenue, a 2% boost in conversions makes your money back in a month. For most it is much faster.


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