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Before we build, we’ve got to lay down the foundation.

We will begin by setting goals, developing a plan of action, and cultivating the mindset necessary to become a successful 6-figure earning real estate investor.
Setting a solid foundation and building upon the right habits from the start is one of the most important aspects of becoming a successful real estate investor. 
Perfecting good habits now will save you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly mistakes over the course of your career.
You’ll learn how to properly set up your business so you can start making deals! Most people spend 3+ years on this phase and still get it WRONG! This is the foundation of your real estate investing business and it is fatal if you don’t get it right.


Find out how to expand and leverage your network AND build your own dream team that will send your business straight to the top.

How to properly generate purposeful leads that will give you the best chance of finding a deal.
How to build the perfect lead generation model that will continuously generate leads and how to properly funnel them through a proven system.
Become a local market expert by understanding your market and how to appropriately market in your area.
Create great relationships within the real estate investing community to ensure your longevity within the industry.
If you mess this part up you may still generate leads but you will be leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table. 
I’ll train you how to find quality leads within 14 days of starting.


No Leads = No Deals = No Business

Understand the blueprint and start putting the final pieces together to create your own lead generation model to finding the perfect deals.
My proven “tried and true” methods of every stage of prospecting.
List of my favorite platforms to market a flipping business and how you can make them work for you and your business.
How to build an impeccable brand where deals start to come to you – rather you searching for them.
Most people take 6 months to 1 year before they find their first potential property.
 I want you to secure your first potential deal within 30 days of starting this training program before starting the evaluation and finance stages.


The low-hanging fruit isn’t always what’s best.
Discover how to properly analyze deals and independently figure out whether or not they are worth pursuing to ensure that you are always gaining profitability.
Download the same Repair Walk-Through Checklist that I use in all my deals to make sure that you never miss a single feature.
My 4 step formula to analyzing the property to make sure that it’s an intelligent investment of your time, money, and energy.
How to use my Repair and Meeting Prep Checklists during the walk through and take a dive into my strategies from looking at the property as a whole to determine if it will make or break your investment.


How to properly use comparative properties when estimating your potential pricing and investment gains.
My advance comp strategies that will prevent you from losing big bucks on things that you might have missed.
How to create a scope of work that will map out the entire process with the least amount of friction.
Advanced strategies on how to get your scope of work down to an exact science and template that you can continue to use throughout your whole career.
Build a portfolio of templates.
My Custom Investment Calculator which will let you determine what your offer price is. It’s hands down my favorite tool. It maximizes the offer you can make and helps assess the due diligence at the highest level to rake in the maximum profit you can make.


In lesson 6 – this is where you are ready to step up and start closing on your first deal.

Whether you are representing yourself or have an agent on standby to represent you, it’s important to understand the anatomy of a competitive offer to ensure that you get the properties that will turn profits for your business!
How to customize your offer based off the type of financing that you are walking into the deal with and the pitfalls to avoid.
Learn how to focus on strengthening your skills and position as a negotiator in order to submit strong offers that will enable you to secure and close the deals.
The BEST way to increase my conversion/closing rate when negotiating.


Whether you’re a construction guru yourself or will be hiring one to serve you, I’ll be taking you through the entire rehab process to ensure that your projects will earn you top dollar.

How to properly understand and nurture the construction process moving forward.
How to run your rehab like a rockstar focusing on the 4 main areas:
 – pre-construction phase
 – project review and hiring process
 – how to manage the project like a pro
 – the final finishing touches
How to become a hands on project manager without becoming a micro manager – leading the project into the final lesson.


Professionally market your property to maximize return and profit
Learn the 4 stages to selling your deal for top dollar
Ensure your property grabs attention and makes the best first impression


Learn the systems to leverage, scale, and master the different areas of your business
How to continue growing as a flipper, business owner, and individual
The ‘LCA’ approach to becoming an expert in this field and any other area

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