Mark Bowden & Michael Bungay Stanier – Be A Presentation Genius


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Mark Bowden & Michael Bungay Stanier - Be A Presentation Genius

Mark Bowden & Michael Bungay Stanier – Be A Presentation Genius


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Get unlimited access to all 5 hours of our flagship facilitation and presentation training videos!
Included with the video training are: downloadable workbooks and worksheets; bonus videos; links to follow up learning; and Mark and Michael’s written commentary on the training as you work though it. This is our most comprehensive and detailed training program to date, and undoubtedly one of the best in the world!
Imagine how much more successful you and your business would be if your presentations were off-the-charts engaging!
What if your meetings were truly high-impact? If your training workshops grabbed people’s attention and compelled them to learn?
This radical new online video training program on how to knock your presentations and facilitations out of the park has 23 episodes each lasting 15 minutes, in total just over 5 hours of training! This series brings together unique modules on:
  • How to beat your anxiety through superior self-management
  • Ways to set up any room a successful meeting, workshop or presentation
  • The neuroscience and practice of how we effectively engage others
  • Building trust, credibility and Influencing others through body language


  • Masterful facilitation tips for getting the most out of a group with the least effort
  • Creating the most useful materials, and avoiding “Death by PowerPoint”
  • Dealing with disruptive behaviors and presenting through teamwork and facilitation
…and so much more!!
Crafted and presented by sought after expert trainers Mark Bowden and Michael Bungay Stanier, this program allows everyone to become a Presentation Genius!


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