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Katusa’s Resource Opportunities is a research service that focuses on resource firms with


Marin Katusa – Katusa Resource Opportunities

Price:  $3500
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How to start profiting with
Katusa’s Resource Opportunities

Katusa’s Resource Opportunities is a research service that focuses on resource firms with the potential to massively grow in value.

Although popular high-tech firms like Uber and Apple get most of the press, our civilization is built on a “low-tech” foundation of oil, steel, coal, concrete, copper, lumber, and aluminum.

Feeding, clothing, and housing billions of people requires enormous amounts of agricultural products like corn, wheat, soybeans, rice, cotton, sugar, coffee, and livestock.

Our cars, trucks, and airplanes consume millions of barrel of fuel every day.

Mankind’s constant demand for raw materials ensures the resource sector will always offer some of the biggest investment opportunities in the markets.

Katusa’s Resource Opportunities will equip you with the knowledge and research you need to profit from such opportunities.

Marin and his readers, just for example, have scored over 30 triple and quadruple digit winners over the past 15 years. They’ve scored 4,160% gains in Prophecy Resources… 2,440% gains in Lithium One… and 1,050% gains in Copper Mountain Mining… to name a few.

But I’ll be very upfront. This research is not for everyone.

You won’t find any blue chip stocks or conservative bond investments in Katusa’s Resource Opportunities.

To make large returns in the resource market, you must be willing to seize opportunities that lie outside the comfort zone of most investors.

Grabbing big opportunities often requires taking a risk…

…which often means buying stocks with very small market caps… the kind you’ll never see in the mainstream news or mentioned by a financial advisor.

But that’s why the gains can be so hugely rewarding for resource investors.

The reason this approach is not right for most people is the very reason is it so incredibly rewarding for those of us it IS right for.

What’s the Value of a Great Idea?

Top hedge funds happily pay $50,000 for “deep dive” research that can produce large capital gains.

And also consider that in the past, people have paid $25,000 annually for access to Marin’s ideas.

We’re not charging anywhere near that much.

For a small fraction of what people have paid in the past for Marin’s ideas, you’ll get full access to his best resource recommendations for the next 12 months.

One full year of Katusa’s Resource Opportunities costs $3,495.

Please realize: If we have too many folks responding to this offer, we reserve the right to close it down at any time. We simply can’t have too many people getting in on the small cap ideas we typically cover.

So if you’re interested, act now… and get a price that may NEVER be this low again. We’re confident that you’ll find it’s more than worth it.

What You’ll Receive

 ***Access to Katusa’s Resource Opportunities for 1 year (12 monthly issues, $3,500 value)

Like the investments Marin has made and recommended throughout his career, these investments will give you the opportunity to make a lot of money in the natural resource market. You’ll receive your monthly issue on the first Wednesday of every month.

You’ll also receive urgent alerts from Marin any time he spots an opportunity to buy or sell an investment that simply can’t wait days or weeks.

***You’ll also receive a digital copy of Marin’s book, Resource Market Millionaire: How to invest like an insider and make a fortune in the natural resource market. ($300 value) 

This is a short, easy-to-read book on how to profit in natural resource stocks. It acts as an “owner’s manual” for the service.

Resource Market Millionaire details how Marin approaches the markets… the real key to resource investment success… how he analyzes businesses… how much money to place in any given investment… how to always buy and sell for the biggest potential gains…and a dozen other useful tips that will help you make money.

We believe it’s the single best educational manual you’ll ever find in this space. It will also show you how to get the most out of your subscription.

If you’re not totally satisfied with our research and our extensive educational materials, simply let us know within the first 7 days and we’ll refund your membership fee, minus a $500 “tire kicker” fee.

We employ this “tire kicker fee” policy instead of a 100% refund policy because unfortunately, some people out there will buy a membership, access our proprietary, extremely valuable research that costs us a lot time and money to produce, get all of our best ideas, and then ask for a refund… all the while having no intention to actually participate in a mutually beneficial transaction.

We’re not interested in doing business with those people.

By employing a $500 tire kicker refund fee, our work gets a measure of protection and we attract high-quality members who are interested in long-term relationships.

If you’re such an investor, we’re confident the money you’ll make with Katusa’s Resource Opportunities will pay for the cost of the service many times over.

To get started, continue to the order form below…


Brian Hunt
Managing Partner, Katusa Research


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