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Mariah Freya – Yoni Massages

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Only a few lovers are able to unlock the deep, mystical orgasms that all women are capable of…

The state of female orgasm in our society is dramatic. Only 57% of all women are able to orgasm on a regular basis. And the remaining 43% mostly orgasm from clitoral stimulation only.

And there’s so much more than stimulating the clitoris… There’s an entire mystical, spiritual, soul merging, orgasmic realm to be discovered. It lies deep within the woman’s vagina.

The sad fact is, that the majority of women and men have no clue about this. And they don’t have the tools to get there.

Access unknown, mind-bending, orgasmic territory

These ancient and long kept secret techniques are no longer hidden. We are very grateful and proud that we can make them accessible for everyone now.

Take your woman on a journey, from wherever you are right now as a couple, to deep, soul connecting satisfaction. Study Yoni Massage, an ancient Tantric practice, and activate her ecstatic pleasure.

Learn Yoni Massage, unleash ecstatic pleasure and find true connection

Yoni (pronounced Yo-nee) means, ‘holy temple or space’ in Sanskrit. Yoni Massage refers to a traditional Tantric practice of massaging the whole body, including the vulva. It’s a dedicated healing practice that is intimate, deep and not necessarily sexual.

Start your journey to deeper pleasure today!

Your Instructor

Mariah Freya

I am Mariah, your Sexual Empowerment Coach. I thrive by helping you grow through pleasure into fulfilment. And I love my job!

My juicy mission is to sexually empower humanity, with a contemporary view on Tantra, Taoism and modern science.

With 6 years of experience in the field as a licenced social worker and life coach, I train and educate people from around the world to connect more deeply with their sexual selves.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the powerful experience of Yoni Massage. Today I am a sexually confident woman, having great orgasms whenever I want to; I feel more and I know what I want. That wasn’t always the case.

In the past I had a tendency for frigidity, and sexual encounters were more for the benefit of my partners than for my own pleasure (let alone spiritual evolution!). I didn’t get much out if it. I felt numb. I was disconnected. Sexually sad.

Yoni Massages awakened my pussy. Yoni Massages awakened my spirit.

I realized that, in a similar way to a stiff neck, a pussy needs attention and massages too. Many Yoni owners store a lot of emotional tension inside their vulva. When we don’t take care of those tensions, the Yoni tends to become numb over time.

I found that the best way of releasing this tension is through the practice of Yoni Massage. Afterwards you feel holistically relaxed and fulfilled, totally at ease and deeply connected, with your self, your sexual self and your partner. A Yoni Massage syncs us right into our body and fills us up with lots of nourishing energy, for both the giver and the receiver.

Why every woman should experience regular Yoni Massages

Many women experience times of sexual withdrawal and frustration. In those moments sexual encounters feel as if they are more for the benefit of their partners than for their own pleasures (let alone spiritual evolution!). Many don’t get much out of it. Due to numbness. Disconnectedness. And sexual sadness.

Yoni Massage is the perfect practice that enables every woman to connect with her sexual being, heal deep traumas, unlock her powers and open up towards her partner.

What you will get out of this journey

This course is for couples, who want to take their intimacy to the next level. This course is for single men who want to learn the mystical secrets of female pleasuring and worship. This course is for women who want their partner to learn how to fulfill them sexually and connect on a soul level.

You will be taken on an empowering journey:

  • You will learn all you need to know about practicing Yoni Massages.
  • You will learn the most important fundamental concepts
  • You will learn how to set up the space and what to prepare.
  • You will learn how to warming up the physical and energetical aspects of the giver as well as the receiver.
  • You will learn basic methods of a full body oil massage.
  • You will learn Pussy Shiatsu – External and internal massage of the Yoni, in ways that you haven’t seen before.
  • You will learn how to find and how to stimulate the G-Spot. This may or may not include female ejaculation (squirting). It’s exciting in any case ?
  • You’ll be taken even deeper – literally. Cervical orgasms are very mystical, and only Tantrics and Taoists seem to know more about them. You’ll be introduced into those esoteric practices.
  • You will learn about the spiritual and meditative effects of Yoni Massage. They can be used for healing, spiritual evolution, and also for the sake of pure joy.

The main benefits of Yoni Massages are:

For the Receiver:

  • Learn to let go and surrender in front of your partner.
  • Develop deeper full body orgasms (or orgasms at all!)
  • Fuel your sexual energies
  • Establish a Heart-Yoni Connection

For the Giver:

  • Learn to invoke her sexual energies
  • Learn to push the right orgasmic buttons
  • Ramp up your lover skills
  • Feel more confident

For both:

  • Reach a new era of intimacy with yourself and towards your partner
  • Achieve sexual healing and overcoming traumas
  • Increasing awareness for more body sensations & pleasures
  • Enjoy an abundant amount of energy that manifests in all parts of your life.

Class Curriculum

The Foundations

  • Learn the foundations of giving and receiving a Yoni Massage
  • Immerse yourself into the theoretical background
  • Get your mindset right
  • Learn how to deal with expectations
  • Find out how to prepare

Warming Up

  • Learn the essentials of warming up
  • Learn massage basics
  • Learn specific techniques for full body massage
  • Get a full preparation list of what oils, lubrication and props to use

Pussy Shiatsu

  • Understand the fundamentals and anatomy
  • Learn the fine Arts of Pussy Shiatsu
  • Learn techniques to release her tension
  • Learn Yoni Mapping for healing and awareness

G-Spot Exploration

  • Understand the fundamentals and anatomy
  • Learn different G-spot activation techniques
  • Learn to make her squirt
  • Learn to guide her energies

Cervical Bliss

  • Understand the fundamental and anatomy
  • Learn different cervical activation techniques
  • Learn to unlock her cervical bliss potential
  • Learn to guide her energies


  • Learn how to crystallize effects
  • Learn how to finish the massage harmoniously

Full Massage

  • Watch Mariah giving a full Yoni Massage on a model. Step-by-step, professional and beautiful.


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