Marcus Oakey – Charisma Installed Program

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Marcus Oakey - Charisma Installed Program1Marcus Oakey – Charisma Installed Program

Advanced Conversation Skill Mastery

Why is it that some people just have a magnetic aura about them? Why is it that they seem to get everything they want? Why do YOU feel drawn to them? Welcome to Charisma Installed, teaching you the very ingredient that lets you create magical impressions on people. In this information, technique and tactic filled course, Marcus Oakey, a foremost expert of charisma, will open your brain, plug himself in and download his lifetime of knowledge and experience. Your interactions may never be the same again.

Your Instructor

Marcus Oakey

Marcus ed out as a shy, awkward guy who cracked the code to being the type of unforgettable person everyone dreams of becoming. In other words, a man who radiates charisma, which lead to more specialised work as an author, trainer, international speaker, TV pundit and creator of the Conversation Masterclass. His strategies proved to be so effective that he spent over a decade teaching them to students, business professionals and celebrities alike, so that they could make friends quickly and advance their careers with ease. Even the biggest dating companies on the planet were soon knocking on his door, hiring him to train thousands of their clients…and even their own instructors. Marcus found that only by focusing on the fundamental skills of communication will you truly become captivating and free to talk to anyone, anywhere and become unstoppable, irresistible, and unafraid in every area of your life.

Course Curriculum

Module One – Charisma Operating System
  • Your Charisma Coach (7:25)
  • Phatic Speech Hacking (23:28)
  • The Search For Purpose (8:41)
  • Belief Genie (11:54)
Module Two: Communication System Reboot
  • The Power Of Service (10:14)
  • Play 2.0 (13:35)
  • Skill Acquisition (19:49)

Module Three: Advanced Connection Software
  • Creating Connection (29:52)
  • Mastering Your Mindset (22:05)
  • Building Relationships (28:05)
  • Conclusion (12:48)

  • Cheat Sheet PDF
  • Installation Guide PDF

Proof Content

Marcus Oakey - Charisma Installed Program2
Salepage: https://lifeloaded.teachable.com/p/charisma-installed
Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/eMoNB

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