Marco Rodriguez – 10X Your Shopify Sales


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Marco Rodriguez - 10X Your Shopify Sales

Marco Rodriguez – 10X Your Shopify Sales

Price: $397
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What you will learn in this in-depth training program:

  • How to research profitable keywords that help you sell any product
  • How to identify the most promising productsin your store to advertise on AdWords
  • How to craft compelling adsthat make people click and visit your website, looking for products like yours
  • How to strategically adjust bidsfor your most important traffic
  • How to sell your first productsas quickly as possible, sometimes within a day, following a low-volume-high-ROI framework that allows you to focus on initial sales and scaling later
  • much, much more…

Below you can find some of the results my clients and me are getting with AdWords in various industries like fashion, beauty, gadgets, electronics, toys and decoration:

  1. Beating Big Competition in Search Impression Share
  2. Achieving < $2 CPA And Over 8,000 Conversions In October – November
  3. Spending a total of $400,000 in a single account


Class Curriculum

1. AdWords Introduction

Why You Should Use Google AdWords (5:02)

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2. AdWords Essentials – Getting Started

Easy Account Structure

Setup Conversion Tracking Correctly

Conversion Tracking Codes

Linking Analytics and AdWords

AdWords Structure And Landing Pages

Understand Powerful Data to Boost Your Performance

3. Search Campaigns – Give People What They Are Looking For

The Profitable Keyword Research

Using Keyword Planner Perfectly

Find Out What to Bid Upfront

Increase CTR and Relevance with Extensions

Optimize Your Ads with Best Practises

Dynamic Search Ads – High Results, Low Work

Experiment With Your Campaigns


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