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Maps Liftoff - The Maps Lab

Maps Liftoff – The Maps Lab

Price: $1997
Sale Page: www.mapsliftoff.com/maps-lab-1997
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Introducing: The Maps Lab

We’ve heard you loud and clear!

Local digital marketers are tired of struggling with not only getting their clients to the top of maps, but also keeping them there.

Lead gen experts can’t get enough leads because they can’t figure out the 3 pack.

Constant Google changes make it seemingly impossible.

But there really is a method to this madness.

We’ve told you about the importance of having your client in the 3 pack-they keep you around, you get more clients, you charge premium fees.

What if we told you there was a way you could almost guarantee your client or your lead gen sites a listing in the 3 pack?

Now you can.

The Maps Lab cuts right to the chase of what to do…step-by-step to get and stay in the Local 3 Pack of maps or fix your current maps issues preventing you from ranking.

More importantly, when you know how to rank maps consistently, you can to land high dollar clients happy to open up their wallet every month because you are the one person who could make their phone ring.

In fact, we think you’ll see that you are able to easily and quickly earn back your modest investment in this one of a kind program.

What Is The Maps Lab?

What Is The Maps Lab?

The only program designed to get you ranking every maps listing so that you command premium fees every time and become the ONLY person someone wants to hire.


Follow it and you make the phone ring. And that’s a big deal to local businesses.

It’s the only deal to local businesses.

Make the phone ring and they will never go anywhere else. Period.

But This Is Not For Everyone. 

This is only if you are ready to seriously up your game.

Ready to stop playing small ball.

One of my mentors who makes millions of dollars a year told me something 6 years ago that stuck with me.

What he said that day ended up skyrocketing my income very quickly.

He said:

“If you want to play at a higher level, you have to invest in yourself at the level you want to be at…not where you are now..”

Let that one sink in because it’s so important.

You simply can’t keep investing yourself at the level you are at now and expect to magically explode your income.

That will only ensure you never grow. Never scale your business.

But when you invest in yourself at a much higher level-the level where you want to be-the results can be astounding.

For Years, You Could Not Get This Kind Of Expert Maps Instruction Unless You Paid One Of Only A Handful Of Experts ALOT Of Money.

In fact I’m routinely paid $1000 per hour for my private 3 Pack consulting service. No that is not a Typo!

Only a select group of local marketers have been granted access to this system in secret, and many have had to sign air-tight, non-disclosure agreements before they did.

But now…

For a very limited time, you can learn exactly how to get your client sites or your own lead gen sites a 3 pack listing for the top keywords in almost any niche or city…

…all at a very reasonable price.

This means more leadsmore phone calls and more closed business for you or your client.

They are thrilled with your service and you look like a hero and start charging future clients absolute premium fees for this one service.


Here’s What You’ll Get When You Invest In The Maps Lab Today

Part 1: The Maps Lab Core Training ($1797 Value). 

Called “The best maps training ever. Period,” The Maps Lab is an over the shoulder, video training course walking you through exactly what it takes to rank even the most stubborn maps listings in the 3 pack.

There are over 40 videos the minute you log in to guide you through what we, and hundreds of our clients have used to rank thousands of listings in the 3 pack.

It has become the industry standard when it comes to what actually works to rank in the 3 pack of maps, leading to many new clients and keeping them from ever wanting to go anywhere else!

Nearly 1,100 people have gone through this system and their maps skills have skyrocketed from what they learn!

Part 2: The Maps Lab Bonuses. The “Secret Sauce” Of What Makes Maps Tick. ( $6,270 Value)

Bonus #1

Geo Location On Site Domination Training. $497 Value

In this bonus, I’m going to walk you through the secret sauce so to speak.

You’ll learn exactly how to structure geographically relevant supporting pages, where to put them, where they should link to and more for total maps domination.

No one except my top paying consulting clients have seen this set up before and they love it because it’s one of the fastest ways to just crush maps!

Bonus #2 

My Secret Maps Keyword Multiplier Training. $997 Value

You’ll learn my exact method to getting dozens and sometimes hundred of keyword variations ranked on maps.

Here’s the thing. Maps is where it’s at and if you aren’t there, your phone is  Most likely not ringing.

Most people settle for 1-3 keywords ranking on maps, and call it a day.

In this exclusive bonus, I show you how to literally force rankings for dozens to hundreds of variations Of keyword terms.

Once you learn this, you or your client’s phone will Literally ring of the hook-leading to big paydays.

Bonus #3

My On-Site Supporting Page Super Structure. $597 Value

Why do most sites fail to get ranked? They don’t prove it to Google as I mentioned in the training.

I’m going to show you how to build out monster sites in a short period of time using my exact supporting page structure.

In this bonus you’ll learn how I tap into geo, niche and suburb pages to not only “prove” it to Google but get ranked in every surrounding area possible!

Bonus #4 

My Services Site Complete Set Up. $597 Value

Work in the services niche? Having trouble showing up in Maps because you set a radius?

In this bonus, I’m going to walk you through my exact process for crushing service niches every time, plus my proven, previously not revealed “reverse” method for making GMB believe you service everywhere you tell them you do in your radius.

This is some seriously powerful stuff.

Bonus #5 

My Complete Possum Unfiltering Strategy. $297 Value

Possum hit in September of 2016, and it hit hard. The so called “Hawk” update really didn’t relieve this issue. Yes even in 2018 this is still a big issue.

Many sites are now “filtered,” which means they are still sort of there, but they are hidden.

And hidden = as good as not there. I’ve cracked the code on how to stay unfiltered, get unfiltered if you’ve been filtered and more.

Top level stuff only taught to my high end consulting clients is yours in this bonus.

On a side note, I pulled in a $4k client just from being able to identify that he was filtered and then correcting it for him. See below where Eddie did the same!

Bonus #6 

My 3 Pronged Network Set Up For Massive Relevancy And Fast Maps Rankings. $997 Value

You’ll get bonus videos walking you through my exact set up that I use for every site, every time as well as a easy to understand diagram of exactly how to set these up.

Almost no one sets up these networks and they are completely missing a golden opportunity to conquer GMB rankings with this simple but dead on effective approach.

Bonus #7 

High Converting Maps Service Sales Page. $397 Value

Tired of cold calling?

I’ve never gotten a client in my life from cold calling. I’m not saying it’s bad, but I market and get clients reaching out to me.

Get people on a list and then market to them.

Once you do, you’ll be able to swipe the copy of this high converting sales page and sell maps rankings as it’s own service.

It’s a great foot in the door or stand alone service.

Bonus #8

The FULL Lab Member’s Only Facebook Group ($997 Value). 

Get access to the FULL Lab member’s only Facebook group.

People have had to pay $2,500 previously to get into this group. It’s yours a bonus when you join the Maps Lab today.

Our coaches and members will not only help answer your questions quickly, but give a ton of other great ideas you can use on your way to maps rankings success!

Bonus #9 Library Of All Past Ask Me Anything QnA Sessions! $497 Value!

Have questions about the material? You’ll probably find it covered in one of the many Ask Me Anything sessions I did. There is a library of these the minute you login!

Bonus #10- Eavesdrop On A Private Webinar Done With My Exclusive, Members Only Accelerate Mastermind Group! ($397 Value)

This is your exclusive chance to hear some of the best client getting techniques only taught to my highest level students!


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