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Watch Over My Shoulder, On How I Get Dirt Cheap Likes For $0.01, For My Facebook Pages, For Any Niche, In Any Market

Manny Hanif – Penny Likes Academy

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Watch Over My Shoulder, On How I Get Dirt Cheap Likes For $0.01, For My Facebook Pages, For Any Niche, In Any Market

Hey, my name is Manny Hanif, and I am finally going to show you how you can pay 1 cent for Facebook Likes in any niche, in any market without having to spend lots of money on Facebook Ads.
I discovered this method by accident and it has worked time and time again for me. No matter which niche I go into – I am paying literally pennies for Facebook Likes.
It has taken me over 3 years to finally reveal my complete blueprint on paying pennies for Facebook likes…especially since most people think it is no longer possible to get cheap “Likes” on Facebook….which is a HUGE lie and a BIG MYTH…I am about to change that…
I Pay Pennies For Likes From Western Countries – United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia…

And I build up Facebook pages extremely fast within days, with high engagement and lots of organic traffic!

Facebook Ads Guru And Million Dollar Consultant David Schloss was even blown away…

PROOF: Here Is A Page Where I Was Getting “Likes” For Dirt Cheap, And Managed To Build This To 10,000 Likes In Just 3 Days!

As you can see this post generated over 80 shares and over it reached just over 7,300 people. Now considering this page has just over 10,000+ likes – this post hit over 70% of the people on the page. Is organic reach really dead?
Organic Reach Is Stronger Than Ever!
I create Facebook pages for fun and get a ton of likes for dirt cheap. Here is PROOF from one of my Facebook pages where the organic reach nearly hit 1.5 million people!
“This is all down to my Penny Likes Strategy Loophole Method”
The fact of the matter is that this strategy is so powerful that you can build an entire business from scratch by simply leveraging the power of Facebook Penny Likes, which means no need to spend money on Facebook Ads!
                             Here is more Proof On My Successful Penny Like Campaigns!
As you can see I am paying 1 Cents to 2 Cents Per Like!
The Complete A-Z Blueprint On How To Get Dirt Cheap Penny Likes Without Having To Target Third World Countries!
Step-by-Step Training Videos
Cheat Sheets
So what is included in this course?

This course contains 4 Modules that comprise of step-by-step training videos on how to get Penny Likes From Your FB Ads.

  • Complete 4 Step-by-Step Modules – A-Z Step-By-Step Videos
  • 5 Exclusive Bonus Videos – I talk about hidden loophole strategies you can use you can use to get cheap Penny Likes
  • Cheat Sheets – 5 Cheat Sheets you can follow that will make the process easy for you.
There is not a single course on Facebook Penny Likes out there that can compete with this – I have 100% faith in this course because this method works.


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