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Video Guide To Profits

“Making Money Online Has Never Been Easier. Internet Marketer of 8yrs Shows How To Make 200-400% ROI With Adsense. He Takes You Through The Steps From Building A Website, Creating Graphics, Keyword Research, Finding High Paying Keywords in the $2-3+ Range, Basic Onpage SEO, Offpage SEO and Advanced Tactics of SEO and Much More”

The First Video briefly takes you through the inital steps of how to use Keyword Elite nothing too difficult, and in later videos that I will upload after the new year will be more focused just on Keyword Elite.

The Second Video explains how to make graphics with Adobe Photoshop CS3 with the novice in mind, as with all videos and later we get into the nitty gritty hard core stuff. If you would like to see more videos on how to do other things, please by all means let me know so I can prepare them for you.

The Third Video takes you into the workings of Dreamweaver, if you do not have Dreamweaver, that’s perfectly fine, any Web Authoring tool is good for the job. If you’re not familiar with Dreamweaver and you have it installed, I basically take you through the steps from start to finish, creating tables, alignments, adding images, cascading style sheets, etc, plus some Onpage SEO Factors that you should learn and apply to every single web page you do. If you create enough of them, this will become second nature and do it on the fly as you blast through making these pages. Incidentally, I’ve got a treat for some of you who are tired of creating Web pages from scratch. I’ll be creating some templates for you that you can choose to use. I have a software project under development that does ALL of the Onpage Elements for you and uploads the articles and creates the pages for you, EVERY DAY! All you need to do is just supply the articles. Sweet eh? You’ll see why this is more than just a life saver when it’s announced.

The Forth Video talks about saving heaps of your time, literally hours worth of time savings here. instant Article Wizard, if you do not have it – it’s a must buy now item. It’s the back bone to creating highly focused, keyword rich content. Totally UNIQUE content. It’s a very easy to use piece of software. Create unique articles in less than 3 minutes flat. Even if you’re a beginner.

The Fifth Video refers to using Dreamweaver again, and using the articles we created using Instant Article Wizard and some other Onpage SEO factors that you should be made aware of that many people do not even care to reveal – the tight so and so’s…lol

The Six Video refers to a recap of Onpage SEO and the workings inside a Pay Per Click Site where we can purchase very cheap keywords to pull in some large leverage as much as 1000% in earnings per click.

The Seventh Video takes a look inside some Web 2.0 methods used to get one way back links.

The Eighth Video takes you into the world of RSS Feeds. A lot of people do not use this method and to be honest, they are missing out big time. I created a RSS Feed PHP Software that you can freely download, you can locate that at the top of this page under “PHP Software”. It also contains some templates for mulitple links and single pages as well, and some methods that I hardly see anyone use and that’s to stuff even more anchor text keywords into the description areas to double, triple, even quadtruple the one way back linking process.

The Ninth Video just takes a look at how the system is working. And boy does it work. 

The Tenth Video briefly takes you inside the software called Link Directory Submitter – awesome way to get your pages indexed quickly, amongst some other ways too that I will discuss in further vids. The Link Directory Submitter has over 2,600 sites to post to, some free, some paid sites. Worth checking out. They also have another piece of software called Back Link Submitter another way to speed up the back linking process.

If you’re looking for some free alternatives you may wish to try out Brad Callen’s Directory Submitter, it only contains a few hundred directories unfortunately but it’s not as powerful and userfriendly as Link Directory Submitter that has a free software script that comes with the software and updates your link pages automatically if you’re doing reciprocal linking. The software does come with an optional upgrade for a moderate fee that has LOADS more sites that you can post to.

The 10th Chapter also talks about how to use Brad Callen’s SEO Elite briefly as well, and in later videos that I’ll upload after the new year will go into SEO Elite in much more detail on how you can analyze your site and even your competitors site – coincidently, I was the person that created the PDF Manual for it. I gotta tell ya though, I’m blown away by the absolute brute force power SEO Elite has, talk about a time saver and watch everything from a birds eye view on what your competition is doing. A Must have to add to your SEO Arsenal. As they say with American Express… “Don’t leave home without it”… 

The Eleventh & Twelfth Video again updates you on how the system is working in our “Live” example. This was not pre-rehearsed, I’m not that organized…lol there will be another video to show you how things are progressing, and boy the earnings have almost doubled in just 3 weeks on 5 initial pages we used. I have added two more pages that I am yet to track.

The Thirteenth Video takes you into using Article Post Robot. Now, I gotta say right off the bat. You NEED this. It’s also another part of the back bone to kick some real royal butt in the art of one way back linking. I also briefly explain how we can use Instant Article Wizard with it as well. A free alternative if you prefer, is once again, Brad Callen’s Article Submitter, not as powerful as Article Post Robot mind, but all the same it works ok if you have the spare time to do these manually, it also has an upgrade feature that will list even more Article Directory sites to submit to.

The Fourteenth Video Takes a look inside Website Content Wizard by David Watson – nice guy.
I will start to say now though, this software is not for the weak hearted, it does take some time getting use to, so if you do get it, be patient with it. It took me about 3 weeks to learn it myself, but boy, does it work great! This software will literally turn all your other PLR Article Content and spin it over and over and over again. As you add more sentences inside blocks which are used to create your article content it stores it into an internal database file on your PC so you can come back to it another time and add to these blocks as you import more PLR Content. So save your Instant Article Wizard articles to a note pad and import them as PLR content by checking the box.

The Fifteenth Thru Eighteenth Video takes you through Parts 1 – 4 of Keyword Elite. This is my main backbone for all my Keyword Research. If you do not have it, it’s highly recommended that you grab yourself a copy as soon as you can.

The Nineteeth Video is our first Monthly Q & A; it’s not very long, if you have any questions please feel free to ask any questions about anything that we have discussed or raise a question about something different and I’ll create another video at the end of the month.

The Twentieth Video is the start of a NEW LIVE EXAMPLE – Offpage Optimization. Before I start getting to the Nitty-Gritty stuff, I take you through the elements of the preparation needed – a road map if you will. This Video is Part 1.

I’ll go into more detail in other videos in the very near future as well. I also show you how easily it is to create literally thousands of Bio Sections that we can use for article directories. And point out some of the mistakes that 99% of these article directory owners let the authors of these articles do.

The Twenty First & Twenty Second Video is another Website Building Project to help Krista with her website and graphic creating.

The Twenty Third Thur Twenty Seveth Video is about how to use SEO Elite. In later projects we’ll move on how to use SEO Elite in our live SEO Projects.

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