Lonnie Scruggs – Deals on Wheels – Workshop Audio

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Deals on Wheels

by Lonnie Scruggs

A Complete & Comprehensive Course That Teaches You How To Buy,
Sell & Finance Used Mobile Homes For BIG PROFIT$ & CA$H FLOW

8 Hours Of Audio Plus A Workbook!

Topics Covered…

  • How to make 50%-75%-100% & more creating notes on mobile homes.
  • How to quit that job & become financially secure with notes.
  • What kind of home to buy & how to find them.
  • What priced home to buy for the biggest profits.
  • Why “cheapo” homes are the best money makers.
  • How to negotiatethe purchase price & structure a note for the highest yields.
  • The two most important words you can use in negotiations.
  • How to start in your spare time with little or no money.
  • How to do a little work one time & get paid for years.
  • How to turn cash from short term deals into long term income for financial security..
  • Should you rent, rent to own, or sell?.
  • Should you sell “as is” or fixup?.
  • How to eliminate tenants, management & maintenance, & still get a check.
  • What to do if your buyer stops paying.
  • How to make money work for you instead of you working for your money.
  • Working with a partner & splitting the profit.
  • What you need to know if you move the home.
  • Copies of all the paperwork needed.
  • & Much More!

You’ll Learn How Just “One Deal A Month” Can Make You More Than Your Full Time Job Pays!

You get 8 hours of money making facts, figures & case histories. Tought by Lonnie Scruggs, the “Father” & “Master” of buying, selling & financing used mobile homes. This complete & comprehensive easy to understand course teaches you one of the best kept money making secrets in the country. Also includes an easy to follow handbook. Order your copy NOW & start making money. Remember, when you do nothing, you’ve made a decision to stay where you are financially.

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