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Ultimate Online Swipe File

At last! You can have unlimited access to the minds of the greatest direct response ad writers of all time.

“Research Geek Stumbles Across
Secret Backdoor Way to [Legally] Get Inside the World’s Largest Swipe File of Direct Response Display Ads

You can now “legally steal” an unlimited supply of the greatest ad copy written by the world’s best copywriters, including:

Eugene Schwartz, Max Sackheim, Claude Hopkins, John Caples, Joe Sugarman, Ted Nicholas, Gary Bencivenga, David Ogilvy, Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, John Carlton, Mel Martin, Victor Schwab, Bud Weckesser, Robert Collier, Dan Rosenthal, Christian Godefroy, Dan Kennedy, Ben Suarez, Joe Karbo, E. Haldeman-Julius, Rosser Reeves
and many more…

Discover what could be your ultimate shortcut to true money making power

Let me swing open the secret doors to multi-million dollar
resources you can start cashing in on next week

I didn’t create this product because I’m an Internet marketer trying to fill a product void. I did so because I first proved myself as a research expert by helping companies large and small on three continents. 

I feel I’ve earned the right to show you how to capitalize on these hidden multi-million dollar resources. And to my knowledge, there isn’t another product on the market that’ll reveal even half of what you’re about to discover if you decide to take me up on my simple, risk-free proposition.

We don’t live in the age of the hoe and plow any longer. 

Everything we see, hear and touch, is information driven. I’ll show you not only how to extract the information gold that’ll coat your copy but show you how to systematically profit from it in every area of life and business.

Here’s some of what you’ll get:

  • How to compress the authority of 3,409 subscription and research publications into any ad you write

  • The easiest way to dominate any market (or even the fiercest competition) with superior research and proof

  • How an equities or financial writer can search every single article of every single issue of the leading financial publications from today back twenty years

  • The easiest way to build a world class swipe file in lightning quick weeks instead of decades

  • How to search thousands of direct response print ads by headline, offer and guarantee as well as by product, market and ad writer

  • How to use a forgotten direct response device from the 1970’s to automatically convert extra website traffic every day. It’s on this page. Did you notice?

  • The easiest way to track down any corporate officer, capture his attention and compel him to respond to your proposal

  • How a health writer can search a secret storehouse stuffed with a half-million dollars of authoritative subscription publications…without leaving her desk

  • How to build a massive swipe file of the strongest pulling direct mail packages. Penned by the top royalty writers and it’s all online. No, it isn’t what you think.

  •  The easiest way to put together a super saleable information product (and ad) in a weekend of fun research

  • How to cram undeniable proof into your ads from publications costing several thousand dollars a year to subscribe to offline. Free and legal but a crime if you’re not using these.

  • Secret for loading more benefits into your copy than lights on the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree

  • How to “search the internet” 150 years before Google was a glimmer in its founders’ eyes. This one will astound you.

  • How to automate it all so you’re on top of your game and insured against ‘information overload’

  • A totally unknown publicity system you can use to grab front page press in any major newspaper or magazine. I’ll show you how I got $88 thousand (and counting) worth of front page press in a major state daily. No fax machine required. (Instant Bonus Video #2)

  • And much more…

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