L2ST – NLP for Traders: Practical Methods for Enhanced Trading Performance

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NLP for Traders: Practical Methods for Enhanced Trading Performance

Join Kam Dhadwar of L2ST a Certified Master NLP Practitioner and Full Time Professional Trader, as he shares some of the most powerful proven Practical Methods for lasting change and Enhanced Trader Performance. In this session Kam will cover the following:

– Understand Discipline and it’s importance for a successful trading career.
– Know what breaks a trader and their Discipline to follow a Trading Plan and their Trading Rules.
– What Traders fail to be aware of, that drives their success in Life and their Trading Business

– Learn why the Unconscious Mind is already Pre-Programmed to stop you from succeeding!
– Understand how what you experience in life and in your trading is a direct reflection of your Beliefs and Attitude.
– Learn the most powerful proven techniques to shift your Beliefs and Attitude to build the foundation for a Major shift towards Successful Enhanced Trading Performance.
– And Much Much more!

This is a must for traders serious about reaching their highest potential in Trading and in Life in general! Do not take my word for it, just take a look at these testimonials:

“Just finished another meditation session and I feel incredible (not to mention a beautiful trend day). I couldn’t describe what I was feeling earlier but I feel like my unconscious mind has become self-aware. Your matrix metaphor has more merit than I originally thought.”

“With the beautiful collapsing right/left into Oneness. It was a deep and powerful experience for me!”

” I already feel empowered, even though we’ve just begun to tap into our unconscious mind. The future looks bright, keep up the good work.”

“I can say without a doubt that yesterday was the most significant breakthrough of my life. I am more than excited to unlock my true potential.”

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