Kim Klaver – Authority Marketer

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Kim Klaver – Authority Marketer

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Who Else Wants to Be the Go-To Person
for What You Sell?

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From the Desk of Kim Klaver

I just found out…

86% of MLMers say they wouldn’t buy a high-end
product from a friend – unless
the friend were an ‘authority’ on what they’re selling.

Of 173 readers on my blog,  86% said they’d rather buy an upscale product from a stranger than a friend.  That is, if they thought the stranger was an authority and their friend was not.

“This puts a whole new light on the subject. Ignorance on fire
just doesn’t cut it, especially in the health & nutrition market.

“Sure, I would like to give my business to a friend, but first
they must be knowledgeable.” Paul Kemp

Bad news for network marketers trying to sell tony products to friends.

Many mlm products are specialty and carry a higher price tag than the run-of-the-mill alternative.   There’s more risk in a specialty product one doesn’t know much about,
which is often 3-10 times more expensive than the cheapie versions. Ergo the authority
wins the business.  The fact that the majority (86%) of networkers themselves say,
out loud in a public forum, that they would buy from an authority over a friends is especially telling:

“I was recently in an “awkward situation”. A long time family friend
recently became a rep. for a nutritional mlm company.  My husband & I experienced his excitement and saw some results from his own personal
use of the products.  But. We opted to become customers of an
“authority” (with the same mlm company as our friend).  Reason, we do not see our friend making a commitment to be in it for the long haul and not practicing what he is preaching.” – Barb.

Without authority, she felt her friend was likely not committed either. So why sign up with him?

What’s is this authority I’m talking about?

No, it’s not to play doctor or scientist for your product.  And it’s not about getting
academic credentials and letters behind your name.  While those things have their
place, I’m going to show you a more useful type of authority – for establishing trust
and confidence in your buyers from the moment you open your mouth.

In this 6-week intensive “authority” course you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify and find your niche market
  • Present your thing so that you’ll never be perceived as “one of those
    people selling one of those things” again
  • Learn the two most effective types of authority to become
  • Know how to instill confidence in any audience that is interested in
    what you’re selling (your niche audience)
  • Have total confidence in yourself, that you know what you need to
    know to present with confidence and authority
  • Do all this without having to play doctor or scientist or
    cram for any academic credentials
  • Conduct super fast authority research online and off
    in any area you wish
  • Outsource authority research for $3/hr so you can
    focus on marketing
  • Be an authority on leads. Learn how to tell the crappy leads from
    the good ones – before you buy.  (Special leads guru guest.)
  • Compete against hype from others who exaggerate to steal
    your prospects (special industry analyst guest).
  • Much more…
  • 6 Week Program


    Recordings of all webinars and calls available to all members online and for download

    Module 1: Two types of authority. How to choose which one you’ll be.
    Discover the secret authority sources you can tap into for no cost.
    The authority questions.

    Module 2: Selecting your info. How to know what will give you immediate authority status. How to present your authority info online or off. Including in one-liners. How to show off and market your new authority self.

    Module 3: How to outsource the authority research for $3/hour. How to choose the best people to help you and organize it all for you.

    Module 4: How to compete against exaggerated hype some people use to steal
    your people. Special guest and industry analyst, Len Clements

    Module 5: How to become an authority on leads. Tell the junk leads from good ones. Industry leads guru, Peter Mingils

    Module 6: Putting it all together to present your new authority self.

    PS. No one is teaching this.  You have a chance to be totally the go-to-person for what
    you’re selling once you learn this.  And it’s not hard.  I’ll surprise you.


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