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Katelyn Bourgoin – Golden Nugget Review Mining System

Online reviews are a goldmine of insight

You don’t need to guess what buyers want (or don’t want) from products like yours.

My review mining system helps you learn from real buyers so you can drive sales (and look like a genius)

Face it—your client (or team) doESN’T have the answers you need to do great work

They may think they understand their buyers but…

When you press them to explain who they target or what motivates people to buy their solution over others, their answers are surface-level at best.

They usually spout off generic stuff like, “People love our [random feature]” or “We’re cheaper than the competition” or “We offer good value at a fair price”.

If you wanna figure out how to cut through the noise and attract people who are gung-ho and ready to buy, these aren’t the kind of answers you need.

If you’re lucky, the team will share some demographic info about their buyers or talk about the size and sector of the companies they sell to.

That’s a start. But even if you can get in front of buyers like those ones, what will you say to them?

After all, none of that actually tells you what you need to know:

What triggers people to seek out and buy products like theirs?

Sadly, the team probably doesn’t know.

(Chances are they don’t even know that they don’t know.)

And even if they’re willing to admit that they’re missing critical information…

Persuasion isn’t a guessing game

Indifference kills more companies than the competition. But you already know that.

If you can’t figure out how to get people to stop and pay attention…

And how to craft messages and offers that drive traffic, conversions, and sales…

You’re sunk.

The days of just throwing money into Facebook and Google ads and letting the algorithms figure out what works are long gone.

There are a million different things you could try, but without real customer insight to guide you, what should you try first?

In a perfect world, you’d start each project with heaps of upfront customer research.

You’d interview past buyers and run multiple surveys. You’d invest time analyzing this rich customer data and extract useful insights to guide your entire marketing strategy.

You wouldn’t have to guess what works with buyers because you’d have real customer intel to guide your every move.

In a perfect world, the team would happily invest in upfront research and give you time to do it right because they’d understand the value.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world.

We live in the real world where budgets are tight, timelines are short, and stakeholders expect you to work miracles every day.

You know what you’ll hear before you even ask…

“There’s no time or budget for in-depth buyer research.”

That means you need to get scrappy…


“Review mining” is the process of gathering and analyzing online reviews from real buyers—your own or a competitor’s—and mining those reviews for golden nuggets to inspire super smart marketing campaigns

You’ll love review mining if:

1. You’re a smart marketer who feels like you’re under constant pressure to drive results

2. Your client or team is unclear on who their best buyers are (and may not even realize it)

3. You want to present ideas that you’re confident will work AND make you look like a badass

Sale page: https://customercamp.co/reviewminingsystem/
Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/vmMcj

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