Justin Ward – The FX Swing Trading Blueprint

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Justin Ward - The FX Swing Trading Blueprint1Justin Ward – The FX Swing Trading Blueprint

This course covers everything you need to know to profitably trade the Forex Market

What is included in this training?

This course offers 20 hours worth of training, teaching exactly to trade like a professional trader. The education doesn’t end there, after course completion you will be able to join the main group where you can ask questions and collaborate with others. You will also get access to the fundamental analysis group where Justin shares his fundamental analysis and thoughts to speed up your learning curve!

How long will this course take to finish?

There is about 20 hours worth of video, however you get to watch it at your own pace and as many times as you want! Some might complete it in a week, others might take a few months, its up to you and your time constraints!

Is this training for beginner traders?

This is an advanced training for intermediate traders looking to elevate their knowledge of the currency markets and learn a profitable swing trading strategy. This is not a course for brand new traders.

Training Contents:

  • What to expect from this course and how to get the best results(7:43)
FX Market Basics
  • Forex Pairs(10:58)
  • Forex Sessions(6:47)
  • Pips and Lot Sizes(10:10)
  • Market Liquidity and Spreads(14:59)
  • Forex Brokers(12:42)
  • Why Most Traders Fail(24:48)
Fundamental Analysis
  • Introduction to Fundamentals(25:58)
  • What drives the price of a currency?(15:20)
  • What Forex Pairs are best to trade and why?(11:16)
  • Where to find real time Forex news and data?(12:08)
  • How to create a fundamental bias(19:15)
  • Fundamental Themes(32:14)
  • Market Efficiency(35:28)
  • Trading Risk on/ Risk off sentiment(40:14)
  • Central Banks Part 1(55:51)
  • Central Banks Part 2(35:13)
  • Price Action Part 1(20:34)
  • Price Action Part 2(15:20)
  • Fundamental Bias Part 2(25:19)
  • Fundamental Themes Part 2(23:59)
  • How to be more selective with your trades(28:26)
  • Daily Process(14:34)
  • Why I Don’t Recommend Newer Traders Trade Gold(10:04)
Technical Analysis
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis(15:52)
  • Setting up TradingView(5:23)
  • Market Structure(18:25)
  • Support and Resistance(59:27)
  • Trendlines(43:30)
  • Moving Averages(19:14)
  • Fibonacci(27:38)
  • Tying it all together(25:52)
  • Entries(29:47)
Trade Management/ Risk Management
  • Trade Management Part 1(30:29)
  • Trade Management Part 2(33:49)
  • Risk Management(24:18)
  • Hedging your trades(31:28)
Trade Examples/ Breakdowns
  • GBP/JPY Trade Breakdown #1(14:58)
  • EUR/NZD (LIVE) Trade Breakdown #2(15:48)
  • GBP/AUD Trade Breakdown #3(9:55)
  • EUR/USD Trade Breakdown #4(16:21)
  • ECB Interest Rate Meeting/ Speech (LIVE) #5(13:32)
  • GBP/NZD Trade Breakdown #6(23:36)
  • GBP/AUD Trade Breakdown #7(17:52)
  • AUD/JPY Trade Breakdown #8(20:14)
  • GBP/AUD Trade Breakdown (Trading Interest Rates) #9(13:08)
  • GBP/NZD Trade Breakdown #10(21:59)
  • GBP/JPY Trade Breakdown #11(8:01)
  • RBA Interest Rate Meeting (LIVE) #12(10:33)
  • Introduction to Psychology(9:23)
  • Playing the long game(15:45)
  • Meditation(6:30)
  • Avoiding Drawdown(11:41)
  • Risk Mindset(16:47)
  • Less Screentime(19:07)
  • The Formula for staying consistently profitable(28:23)
  • Managing Emotions Part 1(24:40)
  • Managing Emotions Part 2(20:41)
  • How to journal your trading(32:21)
(BONUS) Getting Funded by a Prop Firm
  • How to get more capital with a Prop Trading Firm(11:01)
Wrap up
  • Wrap Up(5:12)
  • How to join the Swing FX telegram groups

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Justin Ward – The FX Swing Trading Blueprint2

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6 reviews for Justin Ward – The FX Swing Trading Blueprint

  1. Jessica Ward (verified owner)

    The course was very thorough and detailed.

  2. James Rodriguez (verified owner)

    The examples provided were very helpful in understanding the concepts.

  3. Charles (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

  4. Christopher Campbell (verified owner)

    In-depth coverage of the topic. I learned a lot!

  5. Hayden (verified owner)

    The instructor was very knowledgeable and approachable.

  6. Eric Howard (verified owner)

    This course provided a solid foundation. Highly recommend for beginners.

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