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Starting From Absolute ZERO Get Started TODAY, After You Join Our “Convert Academy Family” With Just A Few Dollars To Spend On Ads

Justin Taylor – Convert Academy

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How You Can Create Consistent Sales For
Any Store In Any Niche In 30 Short Days
Starting From Absolute ZERO

Get Started TODAY, After You Join Our “Convert Academy Family” With Just A Few Dollars To Spend On Ads

Secure a future for yourself and your family.

Build an eCommerce Business with certainty.
Beyond reselling AliExpress items.Create a brand that’s an ACTUAL ASSET.. Something you can pass along in your family.
All-Inclusive System.Every single training, tool, app, and resource you need to have a successful store.
FREE ACCESS to our two U.S based fulfillment centers.Automatically links to your Shopify store & we ship your products every time you make a sale.

We Turned Million Dollar Businesss Building
Into 3 Simple Steps

Follow all the steps laid out in Convert Academy. 
Apply all the instruction &
resources included.
Enjoy your stable, profitable


“Can I Really Build A Sustainable Business With A Few Dollars & Some Effort?”


YES. Let Our Student’s Results Below Prove It To You
Now, We’re About To Reveal Things You Can’t
Afford To Miss:
Why 99% of eCommerce marketers are shooting themselves in the foot selling products anyone else can access.
The easy way to avoid downfall and build an eCommerce business that’s unique, life changing, and with the potential to span generations of your family.
How to receive over $10,000.00 in tools, training, and resources for over 75% off.
And as you’ll see time and again, we keep our promises. You’ll learn a LOT of incredible stuff just by reading this page – so pay attention.
First, I would like to share an important lesson with you.
Why Just “Copying” Others Success Is A
Model For Your Business…

There is no doubt that you can turn a profit by finding some items from Alibaba (and marketplaces like it) and reselling them in your own Shopify store.In fact, We’ve generated millions of dollars in sales this way, and so have my business partners and students. (we even teach it)But that doesn’t change the fact that this is NOT a complete business model.

The truth of the matter is, it is very DANGEROUS territory…

…and if you’re relying on this model exclusively…
then you are setting yourself up for great disappointment.
Maybe, in the pit of your gut, you’re already
starting to notice that this model is unstable.

A supplier can disappear at any time.

A Competitor can come in at anytime and cause big headaches for your already limited margins.

Plus – all it takes is one comment on a Facebook post that exposes your item for a cheaper price, and your sales plummet.

With the Alibaba (or any supplier) reseller model, you surrender your business to outside forces that do NOT have your best interest at heart.That’s why…
Your goal must shift from re-selling products to
creating your own unique brand with your own assets.

This is something I had to learn myself the hard way earlier this year.

Let me make sure you’re in the same category.
Can you say yes to the following:

Do you want a true business? Do you want a moneymaking asset you can rely on for life?

Do you want an asset that business moguls will want to BUY and INVEST in?

Do you want a legacy you can pass on to your children and family?

Of course you do.

So you MUST move beyond finding stuff on Alibaba and re-selling it. That’s just another way of “throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks,” anyway.

It’s time to be more calculated.

Time for you to generate income more dependably, reliably, and in much larger quantities.

Because the joys of having your own branded assets are incredible. Imagine selling products that people can’t get anywhere else. Bringing something truly unique and in high-demand to the marketplace.WITHOUT relying on shady suppliers who are thousands of miles away.Being able to know how much money you’re making next month, with certainty. And operating a business you can be proud of.

You Can Have a business that your friends and family actually understand, one that catches the eye of investors,one that you can pass on to your children, we’re making it EASIER to do than ever before.

If the thought of creating this sort of business scares you – I understand.

If you have questions like, “How do I brand my own products?” or “Isn’t that really expensive?” – I understand. And I couldn’t be more excited to put those fears to rest for you right now.

Because hundreds of our private students started from exactly where you are right now.

With NO experience. NO huge budget. NO knowledge. and NO connections.

And they were still able to do create this type of business – some in as quickly as 2 weeks.


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