Juliana Crispo – 2X Your Close Rate (Sell To The Enterprise)


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Juliana Crispo – 2X Your Close Rate (Sell To The Enterprise)

Juliana Crispo – 2X Your Close Rate (Sell To The Enterprise)

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Has someone recently told you…

“Thanks! Sounds great. Can you send me more information so I can think it over?”
“Can you send me case studies or references?”
“Very cool–can you circle back with me next quarter?”
“I like your product, but it’s not in budget.”
“I see the value, I just don’t see it for us right now.”

If you’ve heard this, you’ve already lost the sale.

The biggest two reasons we hear these responses is because we didn’t identify the right people to sell to OR haven’t asked the right questions in our meeting.

I’ve made a form of these two mistakes countless times. In the past 5 years, I’ve gone from thinking I could sell (and realizing I couldn’t) to a top 5 contributor out of over 800 sales people at Meltwater. There, I quickly moved into hiring, training and coaching new salespeople into the top team out of over 50 others.

Later, I worked with tech startups at companies like Ghostery, where I helped take their consumer brand to the enterprise and go from scratch to working with more than half of the largest 25 ecommerce companies.

All along these past few years, I’ve gone through a study that’s involved learning from the highest producing startups in the world. In my study, I went through countless hours of figuring out what makes their sales people and processes so successful and how to replicate the formula.

Since then, I’ve taken everything I’ve learned into a step-by-step online training program that’s unlike anything on the market today. It’s called Startup Sales Bootcamp and it’s designed specifically to get new b2b startup sales teams up to speed in record time.

Who Should Join

Startup Sales Bootcamp is for time-strapped teams selling “nice to have” products or services into businesses. You are a:

Entrepreneur or Founder and the idea of selling freaks you out. You have no clue how to convince customers of your value or without being “salesy”. You need to prove you can sell yourself and then you plan to hire sales people and grow your team but you don’t have the time to train them.
Startup Executive in Charge of Revenue You’ve got 800+ other things on your plate to do instead of train new sales people. You focus on what you need to do and give them this training. It’s got everything needed to get them up to speed selling to businesses.
Sales or Business Development Rep who want to get promoted to closing roles. The skills you learn in this program will take you to becoming the top rep at your company.
Account Executives who aren’t getting the support needed to navigate and close complex buying processes today.

How it works

This program includes a series of modules to take you to selling twice as much as you are right now.

Module 1: How to identify your lowest hanging fruit and create your outreach list

Borrow the process I’ve used to identify and close 6 figure opportunities from scratch within a few months at a new company.

You’ll learn:

  • How to find prospects most likely to close right now so you focus on capturing ripe opportunities before they pass you by or you lose them to competitors.
  • How to identify new pockets of customers based on your offer.
  • You will create 2+ different “customer hypothesis” at this step which will focus and lead your efforts with the rest of the steps and setup a strong foundation for you to grow twice as fast.

Module 2: Outbounding and modern best practices to get meetings

This is about all the fastest and best ways to build your outreach list. I’ll walk you step by step through how to find the most valuable people to reach out to using some advanced list building tactics as well.

At minimum, you’ll create:

  • The right kind of outreach list (filled with prospects that will talk to you)
  • A scraped list from the internet (without doing any coding)

Module 3: Don’t sell, get Buy-in

In every b2b sale, your buyers are making 7 decisions subconsciously. Top 1% sellers ask questions to get these buy-ins instinctively. If you can ask questions to help them make those decisions with you, you dramatically increase your chances of getting them to buy.

  1. Rapport – these are the questions you ask to get buyers to trust you.
  2. Agenda – these are the questions you ask to get buyers bought into make a decision so you don’t get screwed in maybe land.
  3. Pain – these are the questions you ask to make the pain real and impossible to ignore.
  4. Change – these are the questions you ask to get your buyers committed to actually changing from their status quo.
  5. Solution – these are the questions you ask to get them bought into your solution or offer.
  6. Investment – these are the questions you ask to get your buyers to see that the purchase is a smart business investment.
  7. Process – these are the questions you ask to motivate your buyers to move their process forward.

Most of these things, buyers decide on subconsciously because sellers fail to lead them through this process. But when you explicitly ask questions to get these buy ins, you can dramatically increase your chances of closing a deal because you’re guiding these mini subconscious decisions on the way to a yes and buyers need you to do that because they’ve never decided on your product before.

This module teaches you the EXACT questions you can ask to get explicit buy in around these 7 things to increase your chances of closing the deal.

Module 4: Make the pain real and impossible to ignore.

B2b deals will not close without your buyers being in some kind of pain. The challenge is that most buyers are numb to their pain (since they’ve lived with the status quo for so long) so this step is about making them aware of it and how much that pain is hurting their business. This increases their chances of buying from you. In this module you’ll create your own pain finding questions that open up the conversation and make your buyers realize the costly consequences of not taking action.

Module 5: Navigate closing.

This module is all about getting in front of key issues that happen in closing because I’ve run into all of them- tough negotiations, requests for pilots and POCs… you name it. So this module teaches you how to handle those red flags that come up so they don’t end up killing your deal. I want you to be ready for them, because they’re going to come up and I don’t want you to lose deals because you’re not ready.

Module 6: Technology to scale.

This is where we go into technologies you’re going to need to scale and put parts of the process on autopilot. For this module, I went to sales leaders to get an inside look at what they’re using and how they’ve used technology to make parts of their process more efficient. I also got discounts in place with technologies I recommend to save you up to $9,000/year in cash and help you move faster. Even if you decide to use just one of these products, you’ll save at minimum a few hundred dollars per year per user.

Bonus Modules:

  • Time Saving Systems To Get More Results in Less Time
  • How to think through the outsourcing vs. insourcing challenge of growing your sales team
  • How to hire great sales people and what to look for and test.

What you will CREATE:

  • New habits and systems that will save you a ton of time.
  • A system for prioritizing your low hanging fruit and identifying new pockets of customers.
  • Segmented outreach lists with the right companies and people that are going to buy from you.
  • Emails and cold call scripts that convert to quality meetings.
  • Your own pain finding questions that get your buyers talking (and feeling) pain points you can actually solve.
  • A unique advantage in your business by knowing how to control the conversation and build value using the Buy-in method questions.
  • A repeatable system of closing 2X as much business as you are right now. A system you can carry with you for life.

What you will GET:

  • The complete online training & onboarding system.
  • 100% Online video based training system taught by Juliana Crispo and other startup sales experts.
  • 60+ Training videos.
  • 8 Expert Interviews.
  • Scripts, templates, and role-plays.
  • Cheat sheets, worksheets and exercises to guide you.
  • Members only discussions below each lesson.
  • Members only private Facebook group.
  • Up to $9,000 in product discounts to help you put the technology step on autopilot.


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