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This module will tell you a little about how I got started, and why regular home cleaning is the best opportunity for building


Jonathan Kearsey – Cleaning Business Mastery

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“Who Else Wants The Exact

Recipe For A Money Making

House Cleaning Business?”

More Customers – Staff You Can Trust – Consistent Quotes

Cleaning Business Mastery is a home study course consisting of 6 Core Modules.

Module 1 – Getting Started
Module 2 – Lead Generation
Module 3 – Quoting and Conversion Rates
Module 4 – Staff and Training
Module 5 – Systems
Module 6 – The Clean

The course is made up of:

11 audio CD’s
Complete workbook for follow through with the CD’s
3 extra manuals to be used in your cleaning business

Let’s have a closer look at each module…

This module will tell you a little about how I got started, and why regular home cleaning is the best opportunity for building a business with no money into a self running machine within only years of starting. You will also know the 7 destinations that you can aim for with your cleaning business, whether that is to work in the business yourself, be a manager of the business or retire from it!

VIP+: 2 weeks
PU+: 7 weeks
User: 26 years (or become Power User)

Amongst learning about the types of customers you’re going to encounter and how to choose the right area to setup your cleaning business, you will learn the greatest lesson on getting more customers, with this knowledge your competition will have no chance of keeping up with you.

Module 1 will show you:

How I fired my boss at 22 and retired at 24
The types of cleaning opportunities
Why regular home cleaning is the greatest opportunity available today
The 7 goals for growing your cleaning business
The quickest way to get started
The five types of customers
Choosing an area
The formula for more customers

After completing this module you will have a new way of looking at lead generation. I will show you lead generation strategies that can add 10+ customers to your business every single week without spending any money on marketing!

That’s $20,000 worth of annual business added to your company every single week without having to sink money into untested marketing campaigns. You will also come out of this module with a proven long term plan for your lead generation.

Module 2 will show you:

Purchasing customers
How to know a good customer purchase
Proactive marketing vs reactive marketing
The 8 top lead generation options
A detailed look at the 8 top lead generation options
My top 3 lead generation options

Module 3 will set you up to not only be an expert on how to quote a house, but also how much to charge, how to train others to do quotes, and the system that I used to make accurate quotes every time. You will also know proven ways to get more people accepting your quotes.

Module 3 will show you:

Hourly rate or per job rate
How to make consistent quotes and train others to quote for you
Walkthrough of a quote
Bid on jobs confidently
Why you shouldn’t treat a quote like a quote
How to give exceptional quotes
2 ways to improve your conversion rates
3 skills to learn for quotes
8 tools that will boost your conversion rates through the roof

The Staff and Training module is jam packed full of information and manuals. I will not only teach you how to find staff, but will show you the best way to put staff on, as you definitely don’t want to be putting them on as employees!

I will also teach you my proven training system that I used, as well as giving you the training manual which you can use for your cleaners. And if that’s not already enough I’m also giving you my 18 page operations manual which you can give to ever cleaner who comes on board with your company.

Module 4 will show you:

Why staff is not the biggest problem with your cleaning business
Staffing structures
How to find workers
Managing the interview process
Creating loyal and happy workers
Training cleaners how to clean
My 8 page cleaner training manual
Quality control of cleaners
My 18 page operations manual

Systems and Setup is full of information to help you setup your business to run smoothly with or without you. You will learn 7 systems that you need to implement straight away into your business, as well as 9 more areas that you must be always working on.

You will also know how to make sure your business is growing, and how to spot problems in your business before the effect of the problem even reaches you. This module is designed to help you create a business that will run without you, and therefore give you freedom from the business.

Module 5 will show you:

Business, the living breathing organism
20% strategy, 80% you
7 systems to put into your business straight away
Receiving payments from clients
Paying cleaners
Being the information hub
Purchasing equipment and chemicals
Governing cleaning rosters
Updating records
Communicating changes in rosters to cleaners
9 systems you must always be working on
Keeping track of your business
16 statistics that will tell you the health of your business
Testing and measuring

This module will give you a list of all the equipment and chemicals you will need to make an efficient and effective clean. It will also give you a step by step process for cleaning a house.

This system has enabled my cleaners to be able to clean consistently at every clean, as well as teaching them how to clean a house very while providing a more than satisfactory clean.

Module 6 will show you:

Equipment and chemicals
My 8 page cleaning procedures manual


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