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Jon Morrow – Your First 10k Subscribers

Jon Morrow – Your First 10k Subscribers

Price:  $897
Sale Page:boostblogtraffic.com/courses/your-first-10k-subscribers/offer-expired/
Archive: archive.is/NnWBE

This is quite possibly best deal I’ve ever offered.
Actually, I take that black.
I know it’s the best deal I’ve ever offered
Here’s why :
Once upon a time, I taught a course called Your First 10k Subscribers where I covered every tiny little detail of building a popular blog,
everything from setting up WordPress to build your email list to writing and promoting your posts. In total, it’s over 30 hours of video instruction, and there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind it’s the most comprehensive course about how to build an audience that likes and trust you
The problem is, for a long time , it was CRAZY expensive
Originally, Your First 10k Subscribers was a year-long $10,000 mentorship program. I worked with small groups for an entire year. personally guiding them through every little step of the process, not just answering their questions, but reviewing their work and making sure everything was on track.
And the results speak for themeselves. A Fine Parent, one of the biggest parenting sites online, came out of this program. So did Making creativity Pay, quite possibly the largest site for creatives


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