Jon Loomer – Power Hitters Club 2018


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Jon Loomer - Power Hitters Club 2018

Jon Loomer – Power Hitters Club 2018

( Power Hitters Club Elite ) ( PHC 2018)

Price: $873
Sale Page: www.jonloomer.com/phc/
Archive: archive.is/MuBi5


The Power Hitters Club was started in 2014 with the goal of bringing together like-minded individuals around the complex topic of Facebook advertising. Thanks to the power of the community, I wanted to concentrate the diverse experiences of advertisers into one group.

Those who are serious about maintaining their sharp skills with Facebook ads join the PHC. We support one another, share strategies and case studies, and alert one another of new features and how to use them.

Consider the PHC the helpful Facebook ads rep you never had. Even better, the equivalence of hundreds of reps in one place!

Power Hitters Club – Basic is a scaled-down version of Power Hitters Club – Elite. Basic focuses on the power of the community, providing exclusive access to a private Facebook group for PHC – Basic members only. Basic members will also get access to my Quick Video Tutorials as well as recordings to my weekly webinars that are otherwise provided live to Power Hitters Club – Elite members.

Power Hitters Club – Elite is the full package for advanced Facebook advertisers. It includes access to an active and helpful community for PHC – Elite members onlylive weekly webinars, more than 180 weekly webinar replays, a collection of training program replays ($147 – $497 value each), and access to all future LIVE training program webinars ($147 value each).


Stay On Top of Changes

  • One of the primary challenges for Facebook advertisers is that the tools are constantly changing. Keep up with the changes, thanks to a weekly 30-minute webinar (available live and recorded for PCH – Elite and recorded only for PHC – Basic).

Quick Access to Help

  • Within your community, there are hundreds of advertisers with experience in Facebook ads covering, providing a diverse representation of industry and country. Whatever your problem, someone else has already dealt with it.

Sharpen Your Skills with Training

  • If you need to get yourself caught up, you’ll have immediate access to replays of training programs that Jon has conducted in the past (PHC – Elite only).


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