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John Forde – Writing Great Leads

John Forde – Writing Great Leads

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Writing Great Leads —

Erase Your Copywriter “Blank Page Panic” for Good!

Yes! I want a step-by-step lead-writing blueprint I can turn to, time after time, to craft the perfect headline and lead to successfully reach anykind of audience I am writing for.

Please give me online access to Writing Great Leads today … complete with:

  • 9 step-by-step lead-writing videos — Each video builds on the next, outlining the process for writing 6 types of leads that’ll win the heart of my prospect each time …
  • Writing Great Leads Pop Quiz — I’ll get to test my skills! I’ll identify the right lead and see if I’m on my way toward becoming a master lead writer …
  • A personalized checklist on buying triggers — How to tap into the natural instincts of my prospect and get them to say, “YES”!
  • Targeted exercises and worksheets to sharpen my lead-writing skills …

I’ll also get extra resources like …

  • 25 Secrets Behind Promotions That Sell — These are the moneymaking secrets that come from billion-dollar advertising genius, David Ogilvy!
  • Creative Prompts for Accelerated Brainstorming — I’ll get a complete “kit” of creative prompts to stimulate well-targeted creative thinking …
  • John’s Reading List for Writing Great Leads — I’ll build on the Writing Great Leads foundation by digging deeper into ALL the concepts of lead writing — written by more AWAI top-level copywriters …
  • The 5 Things Your Reader Really Wants — Targeting desire is the soul of the Big Promise — this article will teach me how to reach the heart of my reader to make the sale fast!

I’ll also get the special report — 11 Simple Rules for Giving Your Letters a Winning Tone … and Writing Better Conversational Copy as a FREE gift!

In this report, I’ll learn tips on how to artfully weave conversation through my copy to keep my reader intrigued and persuaded to make the purchase. And if, for whatever reason, I decide to return Writing Great Leads during the 90 days — this report is still mine to keep!


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