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Joerg and Kai – Master Selling On Amazon: Starter

Joerg and Kai – Master Selling On Amazon: Starter

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The Master Selling On Amazon course is designed to give you our KAVAJ blueprint for selling on Amazon. Through our series of seven modules, we give you every detail of how we went from nothing to an eight-figure business. We will cover what we learned from working at Amazon, what we learned making mistakes on our own with KAVAJ, and how we overcame those mistakes to build a successful company. If you follow our guidelines, in no time you’ll see your revenue increase and customers raving about your product.

Module 1:
Optimize your product page

Optimizing your product page is key to your success. Even some of the biggest brands on Amazon miss out on this obvious and simple opportunity. This module focuses on understanding keywords and how to properly use them to guide customer traffic to your product through Amazon search..

Module 2:
Drive all Customers to your Product Page

This next stage is all about making your marketing efforts as cohesive and effective as possible. If you are like us, you don’t have resources to waste on marketing strategies that will not yield big returns. Module 2 focuses on our tried and true approaches to marketing that bring customers to products.

Module 3:
Get & Manage your product Reviews

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to get and manage product reviews. In this module we share our four strategies on contacting existing customers to request feedback or reviews. You will learn that a simple email can go along way. So get ready to get to know your customers!

Module 4:
Maximize your Amazon conversion

Now that you’ve successfully directed people to your product page, you need to convert them into paying customers. The good news is that everything you need to maximize your conversions is already available on your Amazon product page. In this module, we share our four strategies for conversion.

Module 5:
Build your Brand

It’s time to move beyond the Amazon marketplace and build your brand. In this module, we teach you our keys to incentivize customers to shop with you again and to share your brand with their friends. This customer interaction is essentially a free marketing strategy, so make sure to take advantage.

Module 6:
Watch Your Amazon listings

In this module, we stress the importance of watching your Amazon listings closely. We learned the hard way that once your product is live, it’s possible for it to be removed, hijacked and as well as many other problems. We want to make sure you are aware of anything that can happen once your store is up.

Module 7:
Sell Your Products Worldwide

Finally, once you have your page up and running in your own country, its time to go big. In this last module, we will show you how easy it is to sell your products worldwide on Amazon by covering the countries with the biggest marketplaces. It’s time sell in the US, the EU, Japan and China.


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