Joe McCall – Leads in an Hour

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Joe McCall - Leads in an Hour

Joe McCall – Leads in an Hour

Joe McCall’s Leads In a hour

Read This Page For Instant Access To The Secret Formula Being Used By Only A Handfull Of Real Estate Investors
Leads In An Hour Works!
Let me ask you a question…
Are you looking for a way out of the rat race?
Would you like to make more money?
…and would you like to work less?

If the idea of a life where you’re free to do what you want, when you want, sounds good to you.
Then, pay close attention to EVERY WORD ON THIS PAGE…
Because the information you’re about to learn will help you get 100’s of MOTIVATED SELLER LEADS…absolutely FREE.“Rated 100%”
Emilee P, Real Estate Investor

Whether you want to replace your current job by making money in real estate or are just finally ready to take your existing REI business to the next level you need to know this information.Here’s the long and short of it. In real estate, you control your own future when you know how to get leads.That’s why everyone that’s even half serious about getting 100’s of FREE “motivated” seller leads in as little as the next 60 minutes needs to pay close attention.What you’re about to learn is BRAND NEW.The techniques you’re about to learn are being used by only a very small group of real estate investors because of changes in today’s real estate market.In fact, the information I’m sharing on this page just PAID Joe a whopping $45,451.00 just last month.And…
Everything You’re About To See On This Page Is 100% Real.“This training was excellent and Rob Swanson is a great teacher. He answers all of your questions in a way that is understandable”Jeff These are Joe’s actual results using the simple formula you’ll learn by reading for just a few more minutes.
Best of all the results he got are nearly instant. Within minutes of implementing this system just yesterday, Joe received 13 leads by phone. Not only that, he got countless text replies from people motivated to sell their homes.
And in less than 1 hour, he had dozens of leads who were ready to sell to him.
:: Take A Look
225 motivated seller leads
:: Within minutes Joe received 13 Leads By Phone…
Leads From Phonecalls

:: Countless Text Replies With Motivation…
Motivated leads from texts
:: And In Less Than 1 Hour, He Had Dozens of Leads READY TO SELL…
Tons of leads in 1 hr

:: And It Gets Even Better Because…
Tons of leads in a day
::Here’s what you need to understand leads like that, produce deals like this…
… All In just 1 month one
Broadway St made $7,122
Canaan Ave made $2,512
Elias Ave made $6,807
Belfore Drive made $7,688

::And it get’s better because the month’s not over…
Hanley Road made $4,517
Haywood Drive made $5,023
Mammoth drive made $7,133
College Ave Made $4688
8 Deals :: 1 Month :: $45,451 CASH Profits :: 100% FREE…Can You Match Those Numbers?

“I trust Rob and appreciate the detail that he gives you in his training. He really desires you get it.”Ken O Let me say this upfront, the government is very clear that I’m not allowed to make income claims. It’s important to know the system you’re about to learn is so new it doesn’t have typical or “average” results. And the truth is since I don’t know you or how hard you’ll work, and heck, I’m not even sure if you’ll follow the system follow the system, so, I can’t honestly say whether you’ll make money or not…BUT…If you’d like to know the secret formula that is helping a small group of real estate investors get more leads in an hour than most investors get all year…then what you’re about to read could finally give you the career you’ve been dreaming of. You’re about to learn about a rarely discussed technique that’s proven to bring in as many as 300+ leads in a single day… Best of all the leads are 100% FREE!
When you follow the techniques I’m about to reveal, I can make you one HUGE promise.

I GUARANTEE You Will Find 100’s Of Leads For FREE!

NEVER Struggle With Finding Leads Again…Get These Secrets By “Rob teaches that you are your greatest asset and his programs open up a world of opportunity that show how you can control your future.”

Corbin O
First, let me ask you a question.Are you tired of waiting to build the real estate empire you desire? Does the idea of getting more leads in an hour, than what most people get in an entire year sound pretty good to you?Unless you don’t know how real estate works, you know getting more leads is how most real estate investors make a ridiculous amount of money.
The good news for you is the formula I’m about to reveal works no matter where you live, no matter how much experience you have and…it won’t cost you a dime.
Listen closely.
These leads are:
NOT Internet Leads. You don’t have to be techy and you don’t even need a website to get FREE leads.
NOT from Direct Mail. Making this system work for you doesn’t require a large budget to get started
(It’s all 100% FREE)…
NOT from Bandit Signs. Don’t worry about getting calls from code enforcement, plus you won’t face the
risk of huge local fines.
NOT REO or HUD Leads, so there are NO bidding wars, NO large earnest money deposits and NO proof of funds required.
Pay Attention!
If there’s one thing you need to take away from this page it’s this.
Fact :: There’s A Reason You Don’t Have The Leads You Need To Succeed.

The Proven Path To Success Is Available HERE

“Rob gives you great material! He covers everything in detail and nothing is held back. Thank You Rob!”Dan H Wondering what that reason is?
You believe the all the wrong thing about how to get leads.The fact of the matter is all the regular “lead getting” strategies are too expensive & access to the best free leads (that you should be using) hasn’t been shared with you…yet.Listen, getting leads is normally pretty expensive & exhausting.The few real estate investors that already have money, are the same few that get all the deals. And until now, if you didn’t have a serious bankroll you simply couldn’t compete against these “Fat Cats” making all the cash.
Take a look at this and ask yourself if you think you’d stand a chance competing against this guy using letters or a postcard campaign…
Direct Mail Spending
WOW! $5,000 a month on direct mail alone.
It doesn’t matter if you’re just trying to get started or are already closing 2 to 3 deals or more a month, because the fact is right now you’re not bringing in 100’s of new, motivated seller leads…ABSOLUTELY FREE.Picture yourself doing this without competition & without paying thousands of dollars every month hoping it works.If you follow the simple system I’m about to show you, you’ll be able to collect tons of FREE leads…and more than a of those leads will into deals.And deals… are what turn into fat stacks of cash.
You’re starting to see why this is so important, aren’t you? Imagine life lived on your terms, cash that goes into your pocket instead of into your next expensive marketing campaign. Imagine a life where you’ve got more money & more time to do what you want, when you want.Now let me break it to you, the reason you don’t have everything you want already isn’t your fault.
Truth is, the difference between me and you is very small.
The only difference is…

I Know A Way To Get 100’s Of FREE Leads You Don’t Know

If You Want To Know How I Get 100’s Of FREE Leads A Day, You Need To Click This Link

“You helped me unblock my thinking so I can continue to move forward. Your teaching helped me achieve my “Ah-ha” moment in only a few words. “Sharon K But…when you get the information I’m sharing on this page…you’ll have the exact same advantages as me to beat the “Big Boys” & get 100’s of leads.With this information, you won’t have to worry about where you’re next deal is coming from.Best of all, you can get started today even if you have a ZERO DOLLAR marketing budget.You see there are plenty of people who claim they have techniques and make promises they can help you bring in more leads.However, the majority of them fail you because of high costs, taking up way too much of your time, or weren’t ever really qualified to bring in good results.The truth of the matter is when the market changed, a new “secondary source” of motivated seller leads flew wide open for anyone that knew where to look and what to look for.Which brings me back to Joe, the guy who made $45,451 in a single month this year.He’s one of only a small number of real estate investors (including myself) that know how to get these leads. And, as you’ll see, Joe and I have a very good reason to share this important information with you today…
But, I realize that right now you’re probably wondering if this secondary market is so good, and we can make so much money using it, why would we ever share our secrets with you?
I’m right, aren’t I?
In just a bit, I’m going to show you exactly why it’s in my best interest to let you and a few others in on what we’ve learned.
So stick with me.
Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Rob Swanson.
I’ve been a full-time real estate investor flipping houses for nearly 14 years.
I’ve gotten leads, done deals and made money in 16 states and 26 cities all across the country.
Let’s just say, when it comes to finding motivated seller leads I know what I’m doing…
And, I learned a very important lesson early in my real estate investing career that continues to
prove true to this day.
If You Don’t Know How To Get Leads, You Won’t Make Money

Want 100’s Of Leads A Day? Click Here To Get These Exclusive Secrets

” Very practical information presented very clearly. “
Phil L
It’s as simple as that.
If you know you’re business isn’t where you want it to be, getting more leads, fixes everything.My guess is you’re probably responsible for “bringing home the bacon” and providing for your family.I know I am.That’s why I when I get started in real estate, I knew it was on me to do everything I could to make sure my business has leads.Fact is, that pressure is on you too.There is one thing, and one thing only, that separates you and your business from failure. That is your knowledge to bring in new motivated seller leads every day.
I was fortunate to learn this years ago, and I did everything I could to master the art of getting more leads. YOU need to do everything you can to learn how to get as many leads as possible too.While Most Real Estate Investors Struggle To Find Their Next Deal…When I put my first $10 million dollar real estate fund together, I needed leads, deals & profits. I was personally responsible to get enough leads so the fund had deals to close every single day.I was suddenly forced to find and close 10, 15, 20 (NOT LEADS) but “deals” every single month.The bottom line was I needed a lot of good quality leads that I could turn into deals.Fortunately, years earlier I had made it my #1 priority to learn everything I could about getting motivated sellers to call.I’m glad I did too, because when my big opportunity came…I was ready.Don’t you want to be ready when your big opportunity comes?I knew exactly what to do & how to get as many leads as I needed, instantly.Thousands of my students have made me one of the most trusted voices for real estate investors…And, I’m always on the prowl for the best “lead getting” strategies I can find.It’s my dedication to constantly improving & learning new things that makes me successful.It can make you successful too.Truth is, if you’re read this letter, then we’re a lot alike. Like you, I don’t want to settle for a mediocre life and that’s why I zig when everyone else zags…When everyone else follows the same set of rule, I profit by looking for simple techniques that are proven to work every time. A few years ago I decided to scour the country looking for the smartest real estate investors.I wanted the “best of the best“…I was looking for new ways to grow and make my business even more profitable. My investment paid off and if you act on the information shared on this page, yours can too.Let me bring Joe back into this…All the leads, the simple system and the big money you saw earlier in this letter was all Joe. The reason I connected with Joe is because he’s developed an incredibly simple lead getting system that anyone can follow. Joe spends ZERO on marketing and just last month alone put $45,000+ CASH in his pocket…And every single deal came from just one of the FREE motivated seller lead sources I’m about to share with you in just a second.When I first met him, despite the fact that I had been a full-time real estate investor for nearly 7+ years longer than Joe…it became clear that he has information every real estate investor, young, old, new or experienced needs to know.I’m glad I was willing to learn.You’ll be glad too.Unfortunately This System Isn’t For Everyone.

Only A Lucky Few Will Get This Amazing System, Jump On This NOW!

The information you gave was amazing. This would have taken MONTHS of my time to try and put together on my own. “Bootcamp attendeeIf you’re convinced you already know everything & are unwilling to learn anything new…If you think that what you’re doing today is always going to work…Then, you can just close this page and pretend you’ve got everything you’ll ever need.If you can’t spare an hour or two to learn what Joe taught me…But I have to warn you, real estate markets change. So…when you come back to this page and find it’s been pulled down, you’re on you’re own.
If you’re like Joe and me, you won’t make that mistake. Joe’s system can bring in more new leads in an hour than you probably got all last month, or even all last year.You see…bank listings have become more and more difficult as competition heats up nationwide…once dependable MLS listings are creating smaller and smaller profit margins every day. Real estate investors that just keep blindly doing the same things, are scratching their heads wondering what’s happened.Don’t You Want To Know The Information These “Stuck-In-Their-Way” Investors Will Never Know?Consider yourself lucky because this is your shot to gain the upper hand.The system Joe uses is so simple that you can use it to get motivated seller leads in ANY market…I’d imagine you’d like to know the secret that helps Joe rake in 100’s of leads wouldn’t you? Well, the secret is sneaking in the “back-door” when everyone else is crowding through the front.For you, it’s time to level the playing field & show these fat cat investors that your party just started. It’s time you work smarter and start getting the results you know are possible.It’s time for you to get…
Leads In An Hour.

The Leads In An Hour System

Leads In An Hour teaches you how you can quickly and easily “reverse engineer” traditional motivated seller strategies that most “gurus” are still teaching. Forget spending hundreds of hours learning this system.We’ve made everything so simple you’ll be able to get through all the short tutorials quickly & easily. Each technique is broken down into short, easy to follow video modules so you’ll be able to pick a strategy & use it right away.Just watch each strategy as your time allows, follow the step-by-step instruction and you too can get leads in an hour.
Imagine your business 30 short days from right now when you finally have the skills. Imagine what it’ll look like when you have the real world instruction and everything you need to bring in motivated seller leads in under an hour. Any time you want.Listen Closely. Before I go any further I need to tell you this…Since Joe and I have decided to join forces & expand our team…the Leads In An Hour system is only being released on a limited basis and only to a small group of investors.Leads In An Hour is only available on a limited basis.What we’ve done is broken the country down into regions and territories.And, when you invest in Leads In An Hour today, you’ll be locking in your license to use the entire system in your area.BUT…
You’ll be free to use your license and the entire system anywhere so you can dominate nationwide.If you already know this is for you and you know you want your license before they’re all gone…

“Excellent presentation. I appreciate you sharing the details of using marketing, scripts etc, to facilitate our start-up “
Gary H

I’m sure you’re probably wondering what your investment in the Leads In An Hour system is going to be.
Joe and I considered releasing this as a high end, exclusive system and charging $985+
We also talked about industry standard prices from $297 to $697
But, we both agree that our goal isn’t to charge top dollar…
You see, we both know the money is in the deals in each territory.
So, we decided to give everyone an equal shot & chose to release Leads In An Hour at the incredibly low price of…
Just $97.
That’s right. You get the entire Leads In An Hour system TODAY for just $97.
But, you have to act fast, because when all the spots in each territory are gone; they’re gone.
This is truly first come, first served.

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Joe McCall - Leads in an Hour

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