Jim Kane – Four New ABCD Pattern Variations

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Four New ABCD Pattern Variations

*Ebook (PDF)

Four ‘New’ ABCD Pattern Variations is designed to satisfy Critical Element number one of the ‘Plan for a Trade’, the potential trade area (PTA). This book lays out four new ABCD pattern variations developed here at Kane Trading. These new patterns have become a predominant method for trade entry at Kane Trading. This is far, far more than a book that simply shows some new setups, though. There is extensive discussion on the nature of corrective structures, and how that information is of practical use in the Kane Trading methodology. As always, the focus is on the trading aspects of the patterns, and not on theory. There is extensive discussion on the superficial resemblance of some of the pattern structures to Elliot wave based corrective structures, with detailed explanations about how they differ, as well as discussion on the variations that have no analogous patterns anywhere. The book goes into great detail on how the Kane Trading methodology is applied in a step-by-step manner to these patterns, with a lot of discussion on a very key, critical aspect of the methodology, and that is harmonicity. This book goes into the uppermost level of detail about the Kane Trading concepts on harmonicity that has been put into writing to date. The book also introduces yet another new Fibonacci-derived number which is crucial to the methodology, and includes discussion on the method of derivation of this number and what the motivation was for quantifying this number. This book is the first ‘official’ release of this new number. Four ‘New’ ABCD Pattern Variations was written in conjunction with Median Line and Fibonacci Synergy, and the book integrates some of the techniques from that book, just as Median Line and Fibonacci Synergy integrates the patterns from this book into the techniques shown there. These two books are heavily intertwined, as the concepts of synergy become a predominant theme at Kane Trading. In the author’s opinion, along with Median Line and Fibonacci Synergy, these two books take the Kane Trading material to another level.

Book Level: Advanced
196 pages (including front matter), 130 charts, 4 diagrams

Prerequisites: The level of material in this book assumes a full knowledge of the entire Kane Trading methodology. Since this book is only sold as part of a full book set, this requirement can be fulfilled by reading the rest of the books before starting this one.

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