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Jim Cockrum and Brett Bartlett - Proven Audience Formula Course

Jim Cockrum and Brett Bartlett – Proven Audience Formula Course

Price: $349
Sale Page: provenaudienceformula.com/pafcourse/
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The strategies in this course are creating a revolution in online marketing

The demand for our incredible PAF strategies is overwhelming!

We teach brand-owners and online marketers how to create an audience of raving fans that can’t wait to hear from them and buy their products.

This looks and feels like an infomercial.
We estimate a six-figure budget 
to get only a few comments and handful of shares.

We spent a few dollars and launched a massive wave of organic shares and interaction. We turned this toy into a top 100 seller on Amazon in about three weeks.

We will show you exactly how we create our shareable content that predictably goes viral on a very small budget

  • No professional graphics skills needed
  • No video editing of any kind (includes audio & lighting)
  • And it works over and over again..

The PAF Course Is Packed With Actionable Content Like…

  • How to create shareable stories over and over from scratch using only your phone camera with no extra equipment needed
  • Which products are ideal for the PAF strategy
  • How to set up Facebook ads the PAF way step by step
  • How to test your Facebook ads on a low budget every time
  • How to read the data to know quickly if you have a winner
  • How to get the most valuable subscribers and build an audience with a 90%+ open/response rate
  • How to build a simple, fully automated funnel on Facebook
  • Numerous examples of how we built our videos and what products we launched with them
  • How to get your first consulting clients. They’ll be beating down your door.
  • An inside look into our exact Facebook ads and strategies

Is our Course right for you?

  • Do you have inventory that you are struggling to sell? Even small quantities of retail inventory can be sold this way PROFITABLY!
  • Are you wondering which products are perfect for the PAF strategy?
  • Are you interested in launching your own brand on Amazon or online?
  • Do you have a cause, a service or a product of your own?
  • Are you restricted on Amazon in a category that you’d like to sell into?
  • Do you know anyone who has the above challenges or opportunities?
  • Are you able to spend a few dollars ($5-$10 will do) to test simple video ads knowing that many or most will result in a positive ROI and rapid audience growth once you apply our strategies?

You get:

  • All 12 PAF training videos with over 4 hours of in-depth content and strategies
  • PAF resource documents
  • PAF videos from CES V and the Proven Growth Workshop
  • Access to our PAF community Facebook group
  • Ongoing live training in the PAF Facebook group
  • Our #1 best selling book on the topic of this strategy (we are writing it now for 2018 launch!)
  • The “unfair” competitive advantage of being one of a few people anywhere who is trained in our powerful PAF process

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For The Proven Audience Formula Course

Are you ready to…

  • Apply our proven audience-building strategies to your own business, service, product, or cause?
  • Use PAF to sell your products on Amazon, on your own site, or even directly on Facebook?
  • Market your services to other businesses as an expert in online marketing?


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