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Jesse Elder – Entire Library of Courses

(Reality Hacker – 2 day live event)

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If You’re Willing To Fly To San Antonio Tx Feb. 3rd and 4th and Spend Two Days With Me Personally

You Can Get All The Same Tools I Use To Live A Virtually Stress Free Life And Still Wake Up To High Five and Six Figure Months, The Freedom To Travel The World At Will And Live A Fulfilling Expression Of Life While Rarely Using Anything But A Smartphone and Without Needing Complex Online Tech Or The Stress Of A Big Team…

YES! Jesse, I am ready to STOP missing out on the income, time freedom, and relationships a Crystal Clear Vision provides. I’m READY to Self Author my life with the Vision Training you’re sharing over two Days in San Antonio Tx and experience money, purpose, time freedom and relationships w/OUT friction EVER again. Give me access to the 2 Day LIVE weekend so I can launch 2018 MY way along with you. I understand with the Vision Strategy & Implimentation weekend I need to show up ready to “receive” with an open heart and I WON’T be required to sit through hours of boring or non-useful info. AND, as a BONUS I also realize I’m going to receive your entire online body of work which is ALL of your previous high level online trainings.

Here’s What You’re Getting:

Two days with me personally where you get the same mental model and blueprint I’ve trained my “Elite Private” clients on who are making millions of dollars, have fulfilling relationships, EXTREMELY Purposeful work and the time freedom to fully express themselves doing it…while having FUN.

In Two Days You Will:

“Download” and Design an irresistable vision of your life and the very same inner and outer tools I use to pull in high-five and six figure months w/ease and relies on only your natural talents, draws deep fulfilling relationships to you like a magnet, the time freedom to travel the world and explore it on YOUR terms and the emotional freedom to trust yourself and lean into it all in the next 30 days…

…using my proven 5 Freedoms Formula along with psychological and spiritual “tools” you need to get results w/OUT friction…even if you feel you’ve lacked the motivation, details, or conviction of a deep rooted purpose till now.

Together, you and I will cover…

#1 Confident Cashflow Creation:

Wake up with cash flowing into your business or bank account daily, weekly and monthly while feeling GOOD recieving it on a deep level…

This is the same approach I use to create consistent high five and some six figure months consistently and experience the freedom to travel, grow and experience LIFE the way It’s meant to be lived using a “silly-simple” system for making peace with money without you having to worry whether you can keep it going or not.

#2 Time Taming:

Live everyday frictionless and with spontenaity in your relationships, your business, and your free time and only doing projects or activities that give you the fun, energy and results you want…using my Time Taming Formula…all without a “packed” calendar of “to do’s” you despise EVER owning you again.

#3 Location(s) You Love:

Wake up in exotic locations and experience the enjoyment of NEW settings that inspire and delight you on demand whether it’s a highrise, simple log cabin, a sprawling estate or the sweet intrigue of the NoMad life…even if you feel like it’s been impossible before based on your busiess model, finances or lifestyle.

#4 RICH Relationships:

Finally choose WHO is showing up in your life. From, friends, lovers, clients & co-workers. Because your connection to your fellow humans can be the source of your greatest joy…or a living hell. You get my proven method of how to design close relationships that work FOR YOU instead of against you even if you’re on the introverted side.

#5 The “Purpose” Process:

You no longer have to “wait” for your purpose to show up…Instead, over our two days together you get to CHOOSE your purpose and how you apply yourself to life so you feel “in flow” and wake up energized…using a simple approach almost no one uses. Designing your purpose is easier than you’ve been led to believe so you won’t ever have to ever feel like you have to “wait” for it to show up or try to manipulate your direction.


Together over two days, you and I are going to walk though how you can magnetize everything you want and FULLY express who you are through the clearest vision you’ve ever experienced.


SPECIAL BONUS: The “Messengers Momentum” Package…

I’ve spent the last 20 years of my Life learning how to hack my own Vision and Reality…and I have spent the last few years packaging and teaching these strategies and concepts to private clients and elite groups in high value online trainings.

So as a never before offered BONUS when you attend the two day Vision, Strategy, & Implementation training you get my entire online body of work valued at $9556.00 called the Messengers Momentum Package to help keep you focused and supported after our time together:

Here’s what you get…

The Legacy Package – Mindset & Self Mastery:

Prime Light Meditation ($197.00) – My 4-Phase Meditation Framework. It’s designed to help you stay in alignment with your Purpose and help you “pre-save” the achievment of your goals and the arrival of your desires adding predictability to your creations.

The 12 Rituals ($1111) – My twelve personal “rituals” created for getting clear (and staying clear) on your life’s Purpose, finding a PATH that will lead you toward the greatest expression of that Purpose, and developing a PLAN for following your Path even if you’ve tried before and failed.

Journal Secrets ($397) – Journaling is the link between your conscious, subconscious and “The Superconscious.” Failure to understand and use this connection with intention causes massive suffering.The Journal Secrets program not only guides you step by step through the exact system I use for manifestation, health, energy, creativity and just good old fashioned luck but


The Upgraded Life 4.0 ($997) – My Flagship personal mastery program for shifting your beliefs, moving through your Fears, and developing a mental framework that is in alignment with your Values, Goals, and ultimate Vision for your Life regardless of your past history.

Messengers Momentum Package – Marketing, Business & Entrepreneurship + (includes Legacy Package)

The Upgraded Entrepreneur ($1497) – My personal systems and practices for managing a business from client/customer aquisition, value creation, strategies for continuous growth and more…

360 Mentor Academy ($2500) – My systems and business model for building a $30k per month coaching/consulting practice. “Lighthouse” style client attration and my exact framework for closing high-ticket coaching clients with the “one call close.”

Ethical Cult Building 5.0 ($2500) – My ELITE system for building a heart centered, message driven online coaching business that’s responsible for many 6 figure months — the exact model that I used to create and enroll students in every single course I’ve listed here. You get my Strategic “6 Message Strategy” for social media that pulls in sales, course creation using my C.A.S.T. sysem, the Spiritual Salesmanship system, and much more…

Pocket Video Mastery ($397) – How I’ve literally generated 5 and 6 figure months with nothing more than a cell phone and wifi connection. Discover how you share your expertise and develop a multi 5 or 6 figure per month business for yourself using only your smart phone and wifi…even if you’re not a techi kind of person.


Ethical Cult Building ALONE can generate 10x’s your investment back or more…

But you get my entire online body of work, over $9556.00 worth of my VERY best high-level strategies as a BONUS and included to guide you after our two days together…

So in short…

To help you wake up everyday to your own deep meaningful vision of life…

…you get me, a room full of visionaries, and toolbox of down-to-earth techniques for completely upgrading your experience of money, intimate relationships, time freedom to travel, and the feeling of a DEEP grounded purpose to make it all happen in a matter of two days along with my ENTIRE online body of work to support you afterward…

…so you will NOT have to go through the next few months bouncing from idea to idea and wondering what to do.

Many of my clients make their investment back in a matter of 30 days or many times…LESS.

If all you got by attending was ONE idea or ONE connection that generated you an additional 6 even 7 figures or your next BIG idea with ease wouldn’t it be worth it?

Let’s do this…together.

I look forward to spending the weekend with you.

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    I found the lessons to be very practical and applicable.

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    I was impressed by the quality of the content. Well done!

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    In-depth coverage of the topic. I learned a lot!

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    I was impressed by the quality of the content. Well done!

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    The course was very comprehensive and thorough.

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